5 Things I Do {almost} Every Day To Stay Healthy

We are constantly told things to stay healthy. The typical : eat your fruits and veggies, exercise regularly, drink batch of water, get 8 hours of sleep, drink alcohol in temperance, and the list goes on. While I do my best at keeping all of those tips in mind I besides wanted to plowshare my personal day by day tips. This list I put together is not anything you haven’t heard before – it is to just serve as another reminder for you. These are things that work for me and my body, not everything is a cure all!
Green tea : Yeah, I practice yoga and drink green tea. I ’ molarity pretty basic when it comes to that ! I fair feel better when I drink park tea, don ’ thyroxine you ? I drink 1-3 cup during my exercise day and 1-2 cups of decaffeinated coffee in the evenings. I ’ ve been systematically included green tea in my diet since about October 2016 and I can honestly say I ’ ve seen such an improvement in my peel. My front has been clear and I ’ ve been lOooViiiinnG it ! Tea contains antioxidants – primarily flavonoids ( which may help prevent heart disease ). green tea is decidedly touted for having the ‘ greatest health benefits ’ but all teas contain antioxidants. sol, if you like black tea better then pinky ’ s up !
Slow down : In this fast paced life we live in, slowing down is so critical. We are always up to something and I often feel like we can never equitable focus on 1 matter or evaluate the thoughts running through our mind. I drill slowing down by some type of meditation – chiefly yoga. Another thing I have done to slow down is turn OFF notifications on my iPhone. I found I was just always picking it up every time it lit improving and HAD TO CHECK IT RIGHT AWAY. immediately, with those fiddling red numbers in the corner of the app off, I don ’ metric ton feel like I have to check it properly away. I check my social media on my on schedule time and it has been amazing. One last thing I besides do to help myself slow down is use essential oils. I have been diffusing oils at night when I sleep, rubbing lavender on my wrists before bed…and for me, it is another room to calm down.

Make Myself A Priority : Practicing self-care and doing things I love is on the clear of my list that keeps me goodly. I make myself a priority by taking time to exercise. I make myself a priority by getting regular cryptic tissue massages. I make myself a priority by taking clock to read – specially motivational reads. I make myself a precedence by cooking healthfully for myself. I make myself a priority by paying attention to my oral hygiene – being mindful of floss, and yup, silent wearing those retainers ! I make myself a precedence by doing things that make Tawnie glad. I challenge you to be a little selfish and do the same !
[ Tweet “ 5 Things I Do { about } Every Day To Stay Healthy ! — krollskorner.com ” ] Write things down ON PAPER : For me, writing is about like meditating. Getting all my thoughts down in a notebook gives me a sense of gratitude. not lone writing thoughts down, but writing simple things down like my disturbance list for example. I feel this keeps me level headed and constantly have an action design. I ’ ll grab 3×5 cards and write down recipes and blog posts I need to get done, errands I need to run over the weekend, or bare things such as, “ Drop off that perspirer at moms. ”
Calcium : I make sure to include at least 1-3 servings of calcium in my diet every day. I eat a short ton of yogurt ( siggis, duh ), bungalow tall mallow, milk ( cow, almond, and soy chiefly ) …and not only dairy products but besides I love broccoli, dark leafy greens, and snacking on almonds. I know as a woman calcium is extra important and it is just sol great for our bony health and a whole batch of early essential functions in our body !

then those are the things I do ( about ) casual to stay healthy. They are not very extraordinary or mind float things, but you ’ vitamin d be surprise how much they can improve your day to day living. I hope my tips can inspire you in some way to take a mistreat towards better health .

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What is one thing you do every day to stay healthy?

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