Healthiest Cities in America for Dining Out

There ’ s an old state that you are what you eat. With that in mind, everyone should want to eat a bite more on the healthy side. Healthy eating brings a whole host of health benefits, including weight personnel casualty, reduced cancer risk, improved sleep and much more, so it ’ second authoritative to think doubly about the foods you ’ re eat .
Because having a busy life style is the average, a set of us are grabbing food on the run. actually, according to a late CDC sketch, 1 in 3 Americans eats fast food on a day by day basis. And that food international relations and security network ’ thymine always healthy .
There are, however, healthier options than debauched food out there and we wondered if certain cities are better than others at having a more balance diet and just which cities are the best when it comes to offering healthier options for dining out .
To find this out, we used Yelp to determine the number of healthy eating restaurants per 100,000 people in each major city, including juice and smoothie bars angstrom well as vegan, vegetarian, raw food, and sushi restaurants, and we came up with some interesting results.

Map of top ten best cities for healthy eating
overall, Atlanta is the best city for healthy eat in the country with 151.97 healthy restaurants per 100,000 people located here. Coming in second and third stead are Hartford and Las Vegas with 105.35 and 76.67 healthy restaurants per 100,000 people respectively .
possibly unsurprisingly, the West dominates the healthy-eating picture. 6 of the top ten cities are located here, including Los Angeles and San Francisco .
Map of top ten worst cities for healthy eating
The worst city overall for healthy feed ? surprisingly, that award goes to Washington DC because it has just 3.11 healthy restaurants per 100,000 people located in its city limits .
Following closely behind are Indianapolis with 4.47 healthy eating restaurants and Houston and Jacksonville both with 5.32 healthy eating restaurants per 100,000 people .
From a regional vantage point, the Northeast and the South are tied for the most total of cities in the ten worst cities for healthy eating with 4 cities each .

Looking at the stallion list of cities, we can see Atlanta in truth is way ahead of the gang when it comes to healthy restaurants in a major way – well done Atlanta !
Data Tables of five best cities for healthy restaurants
If you ’ ra living in Atlanta and you can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate start the sidereal day without a delicious smoothie or juice, you ’ re in luck as this city has the most juice and smoothie bars per 100,000 people in the country with 63.34 bars .
Sushi fan ? Again, Atlanta is your best count with 61.07 sushi restaurants per 100,000 people .
If you prefer a vegetarian or vegan life style, then you ’ re leap to find a mesa in Hartford. Hartford is the best city for vegetarians and vegans with 35.66 vegetarian restaurants and 26.74 vegan restaurants per 100,000 people .
Like sensitive food ? If you live in Riverside, you ’ ll have a smile on your face as it is the best city for raw food restaurants with 4.58 raw food restaurants per 100,000 people located here .
so there you have it ! overall, Atlanta is the best city in the state for healthy eat with the most healthy eat restaurants per 100,000 people. It ’ s besides a great seat to be if you like juice and smoothie bars a well as sushi !

Eating good is so crucial, and knowing how your body reacts to different nutrients and food types is crucial to your overall health and well being .
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