Healthy Alternative to Processed Chips

Beets, although not the lowest carb in the category of vegetables, are a tasty means to get a set of nutrients. Dried beet chips can be baked or made in a dehydrator. They make an comfortable, alimentary good afternoon snack- and the hardest part is keeping your pantry stocked with them !
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Beet chips made in dehydratorBeet chips made in dehydrator
*Note : This is a post from Tesla Stainbrook ( my millennial daughter ). Her video tutorial is at the end of this post .

Beginner Dehydrators

A few months ago I downloaded the NextDoor app- not in truth having any idea how I ’ five hundred consumption it. Well I found the “ complimentary ” section, and I was hooked ! not even a week into using the app, I found myself the gallant new owner of a dehydrator .
Of course, I scoured Pinterest and thoroughly ol ’ Google for recipes. The lone thing I knew you could dehydrate was apples- and I ’ thousand not very adoring of exsiccate apple chips myself .
If you are good starting dehydrate, go for something cheap until you see whether you will like the taste of dehydrated food. If you find you ’ re very into it, I would recommend one of the Nesco dehydrators, like the Gardenmaster below. My ma has tried a number of them and this one lasted the longest and produced the best chips .
Nesco Gardenmaster dehydratorNesco Gardenmaster dehydrator
merely make sure you get one with a temerature control that allows a range of temeratures. Caveat: stay away from Ivation brand….doesn ’ thymine last and frightful customer service .

Adding Dehydrated Vegetables to a low carb lifestyle

After a super promptly search on Pinterest I realized you can pretty much dehydrate anything ( dehydrated watermelon, anyone ? ! ) I found a number of options on Pinterest and decided to make my manner through the massive list. Well, that didn ’ metric ton work extinct very well since I got to the Salt & Vinegar cucumber chips and fair made them over and all over again .
I did get around to trying the beet chips however, and although this was the first gear clock time I made these beet chips- it will decidedly not be the last !
Because my parents typically follow a gloomy carb diet, we are going to have to explore all the unlike low carb vegetables in the dehydrator .
adjacent up, I plan on getting my parents as hooked on the salt and vinegar cucumbers as I am, and then possibly some of the cauliflower popcorn. I ’ m besides curious to try the choppy recipes ! The possibilities are endless !

How to store Dried Beet Chips

prior to working remotely during the 2020 quarantine, I loved to take bite type items to work at the high gear school. These days, they don ’ metric ton travel as far, but the beet chips are still the arrant nosh in between my many work from home meals .
One other nosh I rely on heavily ( although not made in the dehydrator ) is these roast harissa chickpeas .
I typically store my dried items in a large mason clash, though I know many people will store them in Ziploc bags. We are trying to reduce thriftlessness, formative and unnecessary trips to the storehouse, so if I was going to store the chips in a cup of tea, I would probably get fabric, breathable bags like these that my principal swears by .
however, for the beet chips I prefer using a freemason jar or other looking glass container so they don ’ triiodothyronine get squished or broken up in the bags .

Are Beet Chips really healthy?

Beets are chock full of nutrients such as fiber, Vitamin C and folates. They are besides depleted calorie and have been proven to lower blood pressure .
then yes, beets are identical healthy, but if you are on a low carb diet, they don ’ thymine work good as a compliant vegetable. They are considered a starchy vegetable, as are most root vegetables, and that ’ s a no-no on abject carb diets .
Although you can buy beet chips in the store, as with other processed foods, there are many additives and preservatives added to the packaged versions. With fair beets and salt in the component tilt, these beet chips are a tasty, crunchy alternative to the memory bought versions and much healthier than potato chips or processed vegetable chips .

How to Serve Beet Chips

tied though there are so many bang-up ways to serve beet chips, I think my darling is just straight out of the dehydrator !
If you ’ re not a fan of them straight up, here are some other great options for serving these beet chips :

  • With a side of hummus or baba ghanoush
  • On a cheese board or with charcuterie
  • For all my fellow Midwesterners, ranch or french onion dip would be a “taste treat” (as my dad says)
  • Beet chips would be a great lower carb alternative for croutons in salads
  • As a topping for a cold beet gazpacho/ soup

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dorothy stainbrook


  • Dehydrator
  • Mandolin (optional)


  • 4 medium- large beets
  • 1 tbsp salt or to taste


  • Peel and slice beets using the mandolin (or thinly slice with a knife).

  • Lay beets out on dehydrator trays in a single layer.

  • Sprinkle salt on beets.

  • Turn on dehydrator to 135 degrees Fahrenheit and leave the dehydrator on for 8-10 hours.

















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