Are Rice Cakes Better for You Than Toast?


ice cakes have been a health-food favored since the 1980s, when low-fat consume was all the rage. But unlike TCBY and SnackWell ‘s, they ‘ve had undeniable staying might ; rice cakes are however a pantry raw material in many healthy kitchens. A rice patty has fewer calories than a slit of bread, which suggests it ‘s a healthy vehicle for almond butter or smashed avocado. But not thus fast. “ Bread can be a very goodly choice depending on the ingredients, so I would hesitate to say that a rice patty is a better option, ” say register dietician Maya Feller. “ Some unharmed granulate breads have more fiber than rice [ cakes ] and supply more vitamins and minerals. ” As you credibly already know, fiber is key to maintaining a healthy metamorphosis and keeping your digestive system running properly. Holley Grainger, RD, says that it truly comes down to the type of bread you choose, considering the alimentary profiles for white bread, whole-grain bread, and gluten-free boodle differ greatly. That said, most breads are probably to be more fill up than any rice coat. “ When swapping a cut of bread for a rice cake, it ‘s likely that you ‘ll be decreasing the sum of satiating protein, fiber, and carbohydrates that you would have otherwise eaten, ” says Grainger. “ besides, most commercial breads are made with flour that has been fortified with iron and folic acid, so know that you ‘ll be slashing these nutrients and will need to find early ways to make them up. ” The takeaway : Yes, rice cakes are the low-calorie choice, but they ‘re not as nutrient dense as bread.

“ bread can be a very healthy choice depending on the ingredients, so I would hesitate to say that a rice coat is a better option. ” — Maya Feller, RD

sometimes a rice cake fair makes more sense than a while of pledge. “ Some of my patients make this swap because they are looking for a gluten-free option, ” Feller says, adding that gluten-free breads frequently contain fillers and actually are n’t that estimable for you.

As with about any other food choice, reading the ingredients tilt and nutritional panel is recommended. “ Both unrefined rice and bread can supply B vitamins, minerals, and roughage, ” Feller says. “ The nutritional acquire is very dependent on what the swap is. For model, if person is eating refined white bread and switches to a black rice cracker [ another alternative for bread ] they will gain more B vitamins, minerals, and fiber. ” With so many variables, go ahead and make the decision based on what you ‘re craving and legit like to eat. Do n’t you love a nutrition history with a glad ending ?

Another way to serve toast in the morning: Use sweet potatoes, which has never been easier now that pre-roasted slices are available.

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