Be Happy, Be Fit, Be Strong, Be Healthy!

Be Happy, Be Fit, Be Strong, Be Healthy ! Be Happy, Be Fit, Be Strong, Be Healthy ! Be Happy, Be Fit, Be Strong, Be Healthy!

Are you ready to make a change? Have you struggled with balance in health, fitness, career, family and YOU time? (I know you mommas are laughing about the YOU time.) Do you eat well? Does your family eat well? What do you want in this life? What makes you happy? How are you sleeping? What do you see in the mirror? I am asking all these questions for you to make the decision on what you want and need to change to be happy?   LET’S make a change, LET’s make 2013 YOUR year! WARNING: I will motivate you to make changes and you will have more energy, more positive thoughts, more good, clean, wholesome food in your house, stronger bodies, more pictures of yourself, better self image and you will feel empowered! 

Here we go! 1. agenda at least 2 hours that are yours for every week. 2. Decide on the seaworthiness class for you. My fitness Classes are fun, creative, cocksure and sweaty ! 3. talk about it with class, friends & register or schedule with family your 2 hours per week. 4. Get your exercise gear in decree. 5. Think about your nutrition program and what you need to change. 6. Decide to eat better and pass it on to friends, family, children so that you all benefit from a healthier life style. 7. How ? My nutriment Program 42 Day Eating Clean Challenge starts January 6. Ask questions. No gimmicks here, barely a ma who has done the research for libra in her own life sentence and who followed through with education and certifications. It is veridical food, for substantial people looking for balance wheel, goodly life style, family time and long term health benefits. 8. Surround yourself with cocksure people and energy that you enjoy. 9. Create convinced thoughts through commit casual. Change your ‘ Don ’ metric ton ’ to ‘ Dos ’. Listen to your words. Say ‘ Please ’ and ‘ Thank You ’ ! 10. Find your passion and tell people ! I impart health, health & happiness in my seaworthiness programs. The experience is a travel and it happens in small steps. I have added a yoke below to show you some of my perplex ladies who took the eat Clean Challenge along with their fitness programs. They made changes they thought impossible in December 2012, the most difficult time of the year ! Be Happy, Be Fit, Be Strong, Be Healthy! Make the change ’cause YOU are worth it!

Watch this clip of amazing ladies on their journey to healthier lives.  FarOut Fitness Rock Stars. Sincerely with the passion that rocks my world, Cindy

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