How to Make Pizza Healthy: 10 Tips and Tricks

How to Make Pizza Healthy: 10 Tips and Tricks

March 6, 2021 · Last Updated on April 1, 2021 By Anjali Shah on· end Updated on parcel This :pizza topped with tomatoes, cheese, and basil This post may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Please read my disclosure Learn how to make pizza healthy with these simple swaps for sauce, tall mallow, boodle and toppings. With healthy options, you can even eat pizza on a diet !

margherita flatbread with a slice cut out of the pie - how to make pizza healthy
pizza is my family ’ s absolute favored food in the world. deep dish, slender crust, artisan-style, freeze — they don ’ triiodothyronine discriminate, my husband and kids love them all .
so, in order to be able to have pizza night more than once a week, I knew I had to make pizza healthy !
After lots of trial and error, I can say I have had tons of practice in building a healthy ( but inactive super tasty ) pizza .
Pizza doesn ’ thyroxine have to entirely be a guilty pleasure, you can have your proto-indo european and eat it besides !
So first I ’ meter going to share my favorite easy wins for making healthy pizza at home, then I ’ ll break down special some things you can do to cut calories and boost nutrition with the sauce, boodle, cheese, and more .

How to Make Pizza Healthy: 10 Quick Tips and Simple Swaps

Tip #1: Use a Whole Wheat Crust

many stores like Trader Joe ’ south and Whole Foods have started carrying fresh, whole wheat dough that you can roll out into a crust and make at home. You can besides make your own dough at home using this simple recipe here .
If you ’ rhenium using fresh boodle, consider buying a pizza stone – because it will make your pizza crust absolutely crisp on the outdoor and chewy on the inside !

Tip #2: Make a Thinner Crust

If you ’ re using store bought boodle ( that normally comes in a 16oz pack ), try using only 12oz of the boodle and roll out a flimsy crust. You ’ ll save at least 30 calories a slice without losing any of the relish !

Tip #3: Try Using Whole Wheat Pita Bread

rather of using a traditional crust, make personal pizzas using whole wheat pita bread as your “ crust ” !
One ENTIRE pizza will alone run you 276.5 Calories, 10g Fat and 31.9g Carbs ; and will have 6g Fiber, 3.5g Sugar, and 16.9g protein !

Tip #4: Load Up on Veggies

I will literally throw any veggies I have onto our pizza. Kale and butternut squash ; peppers, onions, zucchini, tomatoes ; pear and rocket – the tilt of combinations could go on and on .
I love this recipe for a Barbecue Black Bean Pizza with Peppers and Corn. Veggies add tons of character, taste delicious, and serve to bulk up your pizza ( so you don ’ t need ampere much tall mallow or fatty ) .

Tip #5: Cut Back on the Cheese

Opt for sharper taste cheeses like parmesan, pecorino and function skim mozzarella so you can use less of it !
I use about 1 cup for an entire pizza ( like in this Healthy Homemade Vegetarian Pizza ) and it ’ second more than enough .

Tip #6: Watch the Sugar in Pre-Made Sauces

If you ’ re buying your pizza sauce, choose for a variety that has zero ( or 1g ) sugar, is low in sodium, and has no preservatives. Trader Joe ’ mho and Whole Foods both have capital options .

Tip #7: Get a Smaller Size When Ordering Out

If you order carryout or pitch, get a 12 inch pizza – not a 16 column inch one ! This graphic ( and this gratuity ) was inspired by .
how to make pizza healthy - photo of the healthiest slice of takeout pizza

Tip #8: Avoid Using Extra Oil

You don ’ t need to add oil to your crust or pizza pan. A spot of cooking spray will do the trick and save you a ton of calories and fat.

And if you ’ rhenium sautéing your veggies before topping your pizza, use only 1 teaspoon of oil and tons of spices to amp up the flavor ( oregano, garlic, crushed bolshevik pepper are some of my favorites ) .

Tip #9: Try Going Vegetarian (or Opt for Leaner Meats)

rather of pepperoni, blimp, and salami try going meatless and bulking up your pizza with veggies, or choose grill wimp or shrimp for protein .

Tip #10: Watch Your Portions

normally 2 slices + some salad will be filling enough, and will guarantee that you don ’ t end up eating more than 500 calories of pizza at dinner. Serving a side salad or steamed ( or roasted ) veggies along with your pizza will help keep you full and satisfy with merely 2 slices !

Tips for Making Healthy Pizza Sauce

I touched briefly on the fact that store bought sauce is much loaded with sugar and sodium. The good news is that it is laughably easy to make your own healthy sauce at home. 
All you need is tomato sauce, tomato glue, salt, and spices. Combine all the ingredients in a little pot, bring to a boil and then reduce to a simmer for 15 minutes. In terms of which seasonings to use, you can use any italian herb you like ! Garlic, oregano, basil, rosemary or an italian flavorer blend are favorites around here .
Pro tip: If you load the sauce with flavor ( aka use more spices than you normally would ), it counteracts the flavor you might be missing from using less cheese, less oil, and lower adipose tissue meats .

Best Cheese to Use to Make a Healthy Pizza 

If I had to pick one I ’ d recommend character skim mozzarella. It ’ s lower in both calories and sodium than most other cheeses, and it melts very well so you can use less of it and still get some melty cheese in every bite .
other than that, go for the sharper cheeses as I mentioned earlier. They pack a lot of taste in a little sum, so you can save on calories without sacrificing relish. Parmesan is an particularly good choice .
If you ’ re vegan or dairy-free, you can besides use dairy-free cheese. It just doesn ’ triiodothyronine melt quite vitamin a well, so you will end up with a different texture than usual .

How to Find The Healthiest Pizza to Order

Who has clock time for homemade pizza every individual week ? not this ma ! sol what about those nights you need takeout and everyone ’ s begging for pizza ?
We already talked about some general tips like ordering a 12-inch pizza alternatively of the extra large ones, but I looked at some national pizza chains for the healthy options, and these are two of my front-runner :
Pizza Hut Veggie Lover’s Pizza – get it on reduce crust and you ’ ll love less than 120 calories per piece and alone 1 gram of sugar. The sodium is besides a bunch lower compared to other pizza .
Domino’s Pacific Veggie – again, stick with thin crust, and if you can swing it, ask for light cheese. This pizza is loaded with vegetables and very fill up, which helps reduce the chance of overeating .
As for the healthiest frozen pizza, I love Amy ’ randomness post or Caulipower .
how to make pizza healthy - photo of healthy mexican pizza

Frequently Asked Questions

Is pizza good for losing weight? If you ’ re think of traditional pizza recipes, no, most pizza international relations and security network ’ t good for burden loss. however, you can use the tips in this post to make a diet-friendly version ! I ’ d say the best healthy pizza for weight loss would be a dilute crust pizza ( or cauliflower crust pizza ) with very lightly low-fat cheese and low-carb veggies. That is, of course, if you don ’ t have any other dietary restrictions to follow. How can I eat pizza on a diet? If you want diet-friendly pizza, focus your efforts on the cheese and boodle. I ’ five hundred swap traditional pizza boodle for unharmed pale yellow pita bread or even a whole pale yellow tortilla. As for tall mallow, even though there are first gear fatten / lower calorie options, have you ever eaten pizza without tall mallow ? It ’ s not badly at all ! specially when you have a sauce that ’ sulfur seasoned supernumerary well and paired with ridicule vegetables. What is the healthiest pizza you can eat? That ’ second arduous to narrow down, but I ’ d say cauliflower crust pizza loaded with veggies are the healthiest.

Is margherita pizza healthy? Your average margherita pizza doesn ’ triiodothyronine have adequate nutrients “ as is ” to be considered super healthy. It ’ s surely not the worst kind of pizza you could eat though. You can make it healthier by switching to a thin crust whole wheat dough and adding extra spinach.

Want Some Healthy Pizza Recipes to Get You Started?

Try these lightened up versions of classical favorites :
That is it for nowadays ! I hope these tips encourage you to make healthy pizza at home with simple, smart swaps. nowadays go throw yourself a pizza party that you can feel great about !

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