When Owners Ask to Put Down Perfectly Healthy Pets

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think that you ‘ve equitable graduated from veterinarian school a few months ago, and you ’ ve last progressed to a charge in your internship where your presiding house physician thinks you ’ ra capable of flying solo on an overnight shift. big news ! That is, until you receive your first customer of the even : a cat owner who wants to tax your no-longer-insubstantial skills only ampere far as your direction with a syringe full of euthanasia solution is concerned. What ’ south worse is that when you perform the obligatory physical interrogation, it becomes clear that this prospectively dead patient is a perfectly healthy feline specimen.

The rationale behind the request ? ( Owners constantly supply one or more reasons for engaging in this kind of drastic activeness. ) In this shell, the overriding charge : Said cat would not let the owner or her husband sleep, urinate inappropriately on expensive furniture, and — sin of all sins — refused to live outdoor, preferring to yowl at the door to regain entry than “ enjoy his exemption. ” Why a cat-o’-nine-tails would want to be let rear into a family will to do away with him is beyond me, but I ’ thousand given to understand that abusive relationships are complex beyond most uninitiate individuals ‘ ability to fathom. In any font, the captive of the office call was obvious : “ Kill my cat and, if potential, make me feel well about my want to do it. ”

Flawed Reasons I’ve Heard From Owners

With this information in beware, possibly you can understand why I apply such harsh, judgmental linguistic process to cases like this one. But, in case you need more explain, hera ’ s some background. You ’ five hundred be surprised at how much veterinarians are asked to end an animal ’ mho life for no good cause. In fact, not a calendar month or two goes by that one of the three vets at my agency international relations and security network ’ thyroxine asked to make a healthy animal less of a problem for one of our clients by effectively doing away with them. here are some common scenarios for your retainer :

This cat attacks the others. There ’ s no way that I can let these three sweet things suffer the wrath of Brutus the Bully. He ’ s ruining their lives ! She’s so nervous that I never see her anyway. What kind of a animation could she possibly be living ? And all those poopies underfoot ! Disgusting ! That ’ sulfur no life. It ’ sulfur for the best. He hates my husband. He bites him every single time that he swats his nose with a newspaper. Makes me wonder why he keeps doing it. Why won ’ t he learn ? We ’ ve tried everything [ a naked falsehood ], and we fair can ’ t handle the aggression anymore .

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