I Eat 3 Eggs Every Day — Why Eggs Are a Great Breakfast

I ’ ve always liked eggs — they ’ ra fill and delicious, but for some reason, I barely can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be bothered to make them on the weekdays because I ’ thousand excessively curse busy. At least that ’ s what I tell myself as I run out the doorway for work every morning juggling multiple bags and swiping an apple or banana out of the fruit bowl for breakfast. The problem : When I do this, I am freakin ’ edacious and wholly distracted retentive before it ’ south lunch time, which sets a bad tone for the rest of the day. So I decided it was time for a change, and that change would be eating some bloody eggs. specifically, three eggs every dawn for a week .
Why eggs ? They ’ re the perfect short package. not only are they protein-rich ( about 7 grams each ), but eggs — specifically the yolks — incorporate inflammation-fighting omega-3 fatty acid ; vitamins D, E, and B12 ; and minerals like selenium. Plus, just two eggs a day fulfills one-half of your daily needs for the memory-boosting nutrient choline, which, per recent studies most Americans hard miss. And for the low cost of even local anesthetic organic eggs — $ 5 or less for a twelve — there was no excuse not to make the switch. here ‘s what I learned when I did.

Eggs have a lot of haters, but they’re wrong.

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I knew I was going to get some hate from people claiming that all that cholesterol would lead to my premature death. But, to be honest, I think that ’ s kind of a load of crap. nutrition skill has come a long way since the flower of egg white omelets, and much of the traditional advice about saturated fat and cholesterol wasn ’ triiodothyronine based upon well skill to begin with. Eggs contain all nine substantive amino acids necessity to rebuild the muscles and tissues in our bodies, according to Jaclyn London, MS, RD, CDN, Nutrition Director of the Good Housekeeping Institute. Plus, while the American Heart Association used to recommend consuming no more than 300 magnesium of dietary cholesterol a day, they recently decided there ’ mho not enough scientific evidence to stand by that suggestion. Experts now say that, yes, there ‘s cholesterol in eggs, but, contrary to what we ‘ve previously been told, dietary cholesterol does n’t seem to have a lot effect on blood cholesterol, the type that actually clogs your arteries, for the average person. calm, nutritionists emphasize that how many eggs you can safely eat per workweek largely depends on how the rest of your diet looks, which makes it a pretty personal ( and varying ) recommendation. But since I ’ megabyte active ( I walk my chase 4 miles a day ), goodly, and eat a balance, veggie-rich diet, I felt pretty great about adding three organic eggs to the mix, particularly to my protein- and fat-deficient mornings. ( here ‘s more on why you should eat the whole bloody testis ! )

I found super quick ways to get creative.

Scrambles Eggs and Avocado on Toasted Wholemeal Bread


As you can imagine, plain ol ’ eggs, while tasty, can get bore after a few days. So I decided to jazz things improving. My one requirement : This sleep together could only add a infinitesimal or two to my breakfast make act and had to add some legalize nutrition to my meal. enter : freeze veggies. I ’ ve had a few bags of these suckers sitting in my deep-freeze for months, so I decided to add them to the frying pan with a little butter before dropping my eggs. The verdict : peas and corn whiskey added some fun texture and elusive sweet while ramping up the fiber subject. The following day, I did this same jazz band plus some perfectly advanced avocado and coriander on top, which was delicious ; and the day after that, I added some almost-too-old-to-eat kale to the mix, which was significantly less delectable, but you live and you learn .

I could make scrambled eggs in under four minutes.

Cooking Scrambled Eggs


There ’ s literally no excuse to not eat breakfast — here ’ s how I know. On day two of my experiment, I was walking out the doorway, already late for work, when I realized, ” “ Sh*t, I didn ’ t make my egg ! ” So I turned around, put on the frying pan, added butter, and cracked in three eggs, scrambling them right in the pan with a pitchfork — no pre-whisking, no adding a sprinkle of milk, no fancy anything.

I finished them with some salt and pepper, and guess what ? They were great ! equitable like normal scrambled eggs, but they were done in the sum of time it would have taken to make a disgusting moment oatmeal package. We ’ ve been living a lie, people .

I could skip my mid-morning snack.

Hot fried eggs in a pan


Since my normal apple or banana breakfast before this small experiment ( eggsperiment ? ) had pretty much zero protein ( or possibly a sock 7 grams if I added peanut butter ), it was n’t in truth surprising that I was edacious by 10 a.m. With my fresh three-egg routine, though, I was consuming at least 21 grams of protein every dawn, and I was able to keep the hangry monster in my stomach tranquillity until around 11:30 ante meridiem or noon. This did wonders for my ability to focus and get things done since I wasn ’ t constantly preoccupied with what I ’ five hundred eat next, or refilling my mug of coffee bean .

The routine was both comforting and relaxing.

Cropped Hand Of Woman Cooking Omelet In Pan On Stove

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Making a commitment to one type of breakfast every individual day, particularly one that requires cooking, might seem like it would be boring or a bit of a annoyance. But over time, I can honestly say that I found the consistency to be comforting. not having to wonder what to make for breakfast — or if I ’ five hundred feed breakfast at all — streamlined my mornings and eliminated any food guilt I ’ five hundred experienced before. Plus, I was pretty much forced to sit down for at least 10 minutes each good morning and eat ( believe me, I ’ ve tried eggs in the car and it doesn ’ t work ), which gave me a moment to relax and mentally prepare myself for the day ahead. therefore yes, I ’ thousand probably going to keep up my new habit of eating eggs most mornings. Unless, of course, newly research reveals that chocolate-frosted donuts are the samara to longevity. then I ’ ll have to eat those. For skill .

Stephanie Eckelkamp
Stephanie Eckelkamp is a freelance writer, health coach, and former associate editor for Prevention covering health, food, and nutrition .
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