Feeling the Cotton Love on a Dairy Farm!

Cotton is the Fabric of Our Lives guest series It has been a while since I have had a node post in my series of cotton being part of our daily lives. I love that Ashley Messing Kennedy took me up on the offer. She ’ s a long-time ally who got me out of my quilt zone and into Michigan in the dead cold of winter. not lone did I get to see ice sculptures while I was there, but I besides had the luck to learn a bit about dairy farming and meet some of the dairy farmers in that area. It was a great experience for me. One thing I noticed…. folks in the dairy commercial enterprise were actually matter to in the fact I was so passionate about cotton, particularly since they knew a identical different side of my front-runner fiber crop. You know that saying, “ You are what you eat ” ? If that sincerely is the case, the cows on our farm must be partially made of cotton ! That might sound foreign to you, but in a way it is the truth .
cottonseed in the barn On my family ’ mho dairy farm we feed our cows a mix. In the mix ; called a ration, we blend all of the ingredients in what we call a mixer wagon. Our finish is to provide the cow with precisely the nutrients she needs in each bite of feed she takes.

You are probably asking how this relates to cotton at all. One of our favorite ingredients is a leftover from the cotton ginning work. We actually feed our cows cottonseed.

We add the cottonseed in our ration because it has some fantastic advantages for the cows. With the type of digestive system a overawe has they can eat a draw of things we can not. ( Editor ’ mho note : Can we eat cottonseed ? may be an interest understand for you. ? )

Cottonseed in your hand
The petroleum inside of the semen is extremely healthy for cows. With the cows working hard producing milk, we need to make sure they are eating adequate energy. The cottonseed still has some of the fibers on the outside excessively. The fibers are helpful in a cow ’ second digestive arrangement adenine well. In the same way we eat vegetables to keep our digestive systems moving and goodly, the fibers help do that along with early ingredients .
Although the cottonseeds are a leftover from the ginning action, what is one farmers rubbish is another farmer ’ randomness gem. In dairy grow we have found out that cottonseed is a valuable resource to help feed our cows. If you want to learn more about our family dairy farm come see my blog at MessyKennedy.com .

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