20 Small Steps to a Healthier You

Thank you to UnitedHealthcare for sponsoring this conversation. The ideas, thoughts, and opinions are all mine.
20 Small Steps to a Healthier You
One of the independent reasons people put their health on the back burner is that it feels besides overpowering.

Home-cooked dinners every single evening ? decidedly don ’ t have clock for that .
An hour of drill seven days a workweek ? Never gon na happen .
Drop twenty pounds by summer ? Keep dreamin ’ !
We ’ re just besides busy and besides stressed to overhaul our entire lifestyles in one fell swoop .
But here ’ s the commodity news : major overhauls like that aren ’ t actually necessity to getting your life on the healthy track. Focusing on small, pamper steps—little changes you can incorporate one day at a time—is not only more accomplishable, but besides more sustainable for the longterm .
That ’ s the message behind UnitedHealthcare ’ randomness We Dare You to Share campaign .

We Dare You to Share Campaign

The We Dare You to Share Campaign from UnitedHealthcare is encouraging people to take one little gradation every day toward a better life .
To keep you motivated and provide some direction, they have three especial steps they ’ rhenium DARING you to take each month. For March, the steps are :
1 ) contribution a photograph of your healthy breakfast ;
2 ) Take a short nutrition quiz ; and
3 ) Share your opinion about a short video recording on food labels .
And to motivate you even more, participating in each DARE makes you eligible for some great prizes, like a $400 pre-paid gift card (the grand prize) or a $25 pre-paid gift card (the weekly prize).
That ’ s a reasonably great reward on top of the health rewards you ’ ll receive ! If you ’ re up for the challenge, just head to the We Dare You to Share web site to complete your dare and enter to win .
Need some more ideas for how you can get healthier without revamping your entire animation all at once ? Try one or more of these 20 possibilities .

20 Small Steps to a Healthier You

1. Eat regularly. Skipping meals can leave you feeling so famished that you end up overeating late in the day .
2. Guzzle H20. The benefits of drink water rate from increasing department of energy to regulating appetite to improving digestion .
3. Overhaul your dawn meal. Eating a healthy breakfast is so identical authoritative and will help keep you on track the rest of the day. ( And remember to snap a picture of it for a find to win $ 400 ! here ’ s the one I submitted : protein-packed greek yogurt mix with eminent roughage cereal and banana slices. )
Healthy Breakfast
4. Take the stairs, choose a faraway parking spot, or walk the margin of that big box store—anything to sneak in a few extra steps each day .
5. Eat out of physical crave. Take steps to stop aroused eat .
6. Learn how to decode food labels. ( Start with this dim-witted video recording and be eligible for prizes ! )

7. Get outside. now that the weather is ultimately improving, try to get some fresh air three times a day for at least five minutes at a prison term. You ’ ll feel refreshed, more productive, and better equipped to make healthier choices .
8. Keep expectations about your weight realistic .
9. Make little, healthy swaps. Substitute olive vegetable oil for butter, plain greek yogurt for sour cream, fresh fruit for sugarcoat, baked foods for fried ones, etc .
10. commit to exercising for just 30 minutes a sidereal day .
11. Stay on track evening on the weekends. Don ’ metric ton use the fact that it ’ mho Saturday or Sunday as an excuse to make unhealthy choices .
12. Get some excess zzzzzzz ’ mho. If you ’ ra not getting the recommended 7-9 hours of sleep per night, try going to bed just 10 minutes earlier each night for a week and see how you feel .
13. Sit less, stand more .
14. Improve your nutriment IQ. ( Test your smarts with the We Dare You to Share campaign and you ’ ll be entered to win a $ 400 pre-paid give card. )
15. depressurize day by day. Spend merely a few minutes praying, meditating, or taking deep, ablutionary breaths .
16. Snack wisely .
17. Use engineering to reach your goals. Check out these goodly live apps for some capital ideas !
18. Identify your true motivation. What is it about living a fitter life sentence that ’ second appealing to you ?
19. Try data-driven, research-supported solutions ( like these inspired by Google Headquarters ! ) to navigate your biggest healthy eating pitfalls .
20. Refuse to believe you ’ ve ever “ blown it ” —because you haven ’ thyroxine ! alternatively, try this prompt and easy-to-apply 5-word motto sincerely healthy people live by .

What small step will you take today to a healthier you?

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