Chris Freytag Launches Get Healthy U TV

After 25 years in the industry, nationally recognized fitness adept Chris Freytag has developed a chopine to take away any excuse for not getting moving. Freytag, who lives in Wayzata, has been starring in exercise video for 20 years, and is locally known for her adept spots on KARE 11. She writes columns and books for Prevention Magazine, and she calm teaches group seaworthiness classes at Life Time Fitness. Two years ago, she expanded her fitness blog, Get Healthy U, into a wax platform for all kinds of high-grade seaworthiness message, and she recently launched a stream service to help women well access great workouts affordably right on their mobile devices .
“ We offer free workouts, tips and nutriment advice. The workouts are either written workouts or inadequate videos, ” says Freytag, who now employs three full-time and four half-time employees. “ We ’ ve spent the concluding two years curating quality, amazing contentedness. We ’ ve created a huge community through our newsletter deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as our social media, ” says Freytag. Get Healthy U reaches over 2 million people a week on sociable media and over a million people a month via the web site and emails. The locate besides now sells e-books, adenine well as sports bras, headbands and motivational bracelets. “ I besides do lots of corporate address events, ” Freytag adds .
end January, Freytag launched a new feature on her platform : Get Healthy U TV ( ) is an on-line seaworthiness membership, providing full access to a catalogue of over 200 full-length workouts for a $ 59 per class subscription .
Members enjoy workouts from dance to cardio, high-intensity interval training ( HIIT ) to kettlebells, yoga and Pilates. The video are accessible on a calculator or mobile device and can be streamed to a television using devices like Apple television receiver or Google Chromecast. All of the workouts are connected to calendars with scheduled exercise plans. Members can engage with one another via private Facebook groups, which Freytag says help encourage and keep members accountable. Most of the workouts do n’t require any extra equipment, although Freytag says a set of hand weights or resistance bands can be helpful to go along with the video.

Freytag says she hears two common excuses for not exercising. “ No. 1 is ‘ I don ’ t have time, ’ and No. 2 is ‘ I don ’ triiodothyronine know what to do ; I am out of shape. ’ So we try to combat that. We try to take away [ the prison term excuse ] because, with this, you can work out anytime, anywhere, on any device, and you can be efficient : do a quick HIIT exercise and get it in. Our tag telephone line is, ‘ It ’ s not about having time, it ’ s about making time. ’ ”
She adds, “ I besides tell people to allow yourself to be a novice. We besides have a pair beginners ’ programs, and we tell people to take child steps. There ’ mho not one bad thing that gets you into shape or into seaworthiness. It ’ s a serial of little steps. ”
If you ’ rhenium looking for some motivation this modern year, Freytag suggests signing up for her free newsletter, which provides hebdomadally tips, at the web site here .

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