Struggle Maintaining A Healthy Diet? Use These Healthy Eating Affirmations!

Eating healthy is a simple concept, yet so many of us struggle to create and maintain healthy eating habits. We fail to plan healthy meals in advance, we incidentally skip a meal and hit the drive through, we choose blink of an eye gratification ( doughnut day at the office ) over the results that are actually most important to us- like beneficial health and a good body ! legal companion ? According to MindBodyGreen, these are the TOP 5 Reasons people fail to maintain healthy eating habits : 1. not by rights nourishing your body : choose for unsustainable starvation diets or good not making the time to plan healthy, balanced meals. 2. Eating emotionally : Using food as a coping mechanism during times of stress and sadness. veto thoughts and feelings that turn some to compulsive consume.

3. Self-loathing : Harboring negative subconscious mind thoughts and beliefs about yourself. Beliefs that you are not worthy of love and adept things, which can lead to self-sabotaging decisions. 4. lack of consistency : Starting impregnable, but not sticking with a program. not making “ goodly ” a *lifestyle as opposed to a impermanent finish. 5. Setting unrealistic goals : Expecting excessively much excessively flying, getting overwhelmed and impatient in the procedure. The estimable news program is that many of these “ solution causes ” can be addressed and resolved with day by day affirmations. They can either be prevented or overcome with a health-oriented mentality and cocksure self-talk ( i.e. affirmations ). That ’ randomness because your decision make process occurs in the brain ; the choices you make in life are directly influenced by the thoughts you ’ re having every day. Want to take control of a certain sphere in your life ? It starts by taking control of your mentality ! here ’ s another room of looking at it : · THOUGHTS that are repeated precede to FEELINGS. All feelings can be traced back to an initial opinion ! · FEELINGS largely determine our DECISIONS. Most choices are emotional, not coherent. example : gorge eating.

· DECISIONS that are repeated over time become HABITS. · HABITS over time create the RESULTS in our life. Are your thoughts leading you to make capricious decisions- like eating debris food at midnight 5 days a week- or are they leading you to make conscious decisions- like healthy eating 5 days a week ? If you ’ rhenium struggling with healthy eat, it ’ second time to get your heed aligned with your torso, so it works FOR you rather of against you ! Let ’ s talk a small more about what affirmations are. An affirmation is a think you consciously *choose* to think and repeat day by day, until you ’ ve achieved the goal they are designed around. You can read convinced affirmations, write them, listen to them on audio, or say them aloud. Working with health affirmations is about priming your mind to make good choices throughout the day ; choices that are in conjunction with your health goals ( like opting for a green juice rather of a chocolate mocha ice ) . Repeat these daily, ideally EACH MORNING, for optimum results !

25 Affirmations for Healthy Eating
  1. I love to eat healthy foods that give me strength and energy!
  2. I am empowered, motivated and capable of making my health a priority.
  3. Every meal brings me closer to the body and the health I want.
  4. I feel radiant and full of vitality when I consume fresh, organic, seasonal fruits and vegetables.
  5. I eat the rainbow and my skin glows because of it!
  6. I am obsessed with the results I feel and see when I eat healthy.
  7. I am joyful in planning healthy meals that taste delicious and make me feel good.
  8. My fridge is my medicine cabinet.
  9. Every day I *GET to fill my body with fresh produce, superfoods, greens, and juices that make me even more vibrant, energized, and beautiful.
  10. I am worth the time, the care, and the money I invest in my health and nutrition.
  11. I am becoming more and more in tune with my body and its signals.
  12. I am growing more and more confident every day!
  13. I am honoring my body with the healthy food I choose to eat. Eating healthy is an act of self-love.
  14. I make healthy eating easy by preparing in advance and getting satiated with every wholesome meal I make.
  15. I am creative in the kitchen.
  16. I am proud of myself and encourage myself each time I choose to eat a healthy meal or drink a healthy juice.
  17. Salads make me sexy.
  18. I am consistently feeding my body with the fuel it needs to THRIVE.
  19. I am consistently choosing healthy, nourishing foods and nutrients over junk food.
  20. I am craving healthy wholesome food way more than I crave junk food.
  21. I am forgiving and compassionate with myself when I get off track, and gently guide myself back on course with my next healthy meal.
  22. I am a goddess. I treat my body like a temple and my kitchen like a sanctuary. My kitchen is a positive place.
  23. My body heals and strengthens with every bite of healthy food I take.
  24. It’s a pleasure and joy to take care of myself and my health by nourishing myself with a variety of nutritious foods every day.
  25. I am safe, I am worthy, and I am deserving of all good things.

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