3 Ways to Eat Salsa Without a Chip

think this : You ’ rhenium crave salsa, but you ’ re pale of eating it with tortilla chips. stay with us hera ; it happens ( we ’ ve heard it can happen anyway… ). Or possibly you ’ d like nothing more than to tuck into a bowl of chips and salsa for dinner but you know you should probably eat real food or you have loved ones to cook for that can ’ t get down with your “ chips and salsa is wholly a meal ” vogue of philosophy. Whatever your reason for seeking another way to eat salsa, this article is for you ! These are some of our favorite ways to eat salsa without a chip .

1. Get Rid of the Chips: Use Salsa as an Ingredient

We ’ ve already published our authoritative guide to breakfast burrito, and we ’ rhenium certain you know how to add salsa to traditional Tex-Mex cuisine like enchiladas and greaser, but there are so many other ways to eat salsa !


Substitute salsa for the catsup or tomato pastes in your common recipe. This adds a small kick to your ma ’ mho traditional meat loaf and seems to be a crowd darling around a distribute of dinner tables .

Tomato Soup

Mix the salsa into heated soup, then add shred cheese and/or sour cream. Pair your tomato soup with a delectable grilled cheese and settle in to enjoy a comfort food that you will turn to time and time again.


Substitute salsa for half the water, serve as a side or use this rice as a initiation for a burrito stadium. ( You can besides mix salsa into cooked rice cauliflower and serve it the same way as rice ). This is a budget-friendly manner to add some season to chicken and rice without having to spend a fortune on herbs and spices .

Slow Cooker Chicken

This one ’ sulfur fast, easy and delicious—all things we love ! Start with boneless skinless chicken breast or chicken thighs, brown them and throw into a slow cooker with salsa and black or pinto beans, cook until the chicken is cooked through. Serve over rice or with tortillas, add avocado and birdlime for bonus points. If you like a little heat, we suggest you try our Spicy Habanero Salsa !

2. Salsa As a Topping

This section is the shortest because it ’ s besides more huge than the others. pretty much anything savory, salty, meaty, fresh, or slenderly fresh is even better with salsa on top : wimp, steak, baked potato ( red, chicken, fresh, badly all of them are good ). You can evening put salsa on a salad and call it a winning meal, particularly in the heat of summer.

3. Salsa As a Dip

possibly you ’ re just looking for a convenient delivery vehicle to get the salsa from the jar to your mouth. We know the tortilla chip is the most popular direction to eat salsa, but if you are looking to shake things up and still dip something into your salsa, we ’ ve got you covered !

Veggie Chips

If you want a means to eat salsa that ’ sulfur tortilla-chip-like without being an actual tortilla chip, you can make chips from gratifying potatoes, beets, pretty much any root vegetable, or zucchini. Start by slicing your vegetable of option into very thin slices, then spraying them with any kind of oil, lightly salting and then baking in the oven at 400⁰ until crisp. Let them cool, then devour with your favorite sugared Kickin Salsa. This is a healthy way to enjoy salsa without a chip ; it is besides a great way to use supernumerary veggies from previous meals .


Whether you pronounce it correctly ( krü-di-ˈtā ) or you insist on calling it cru-dite to annoy the people who tried to raise you right, raw veggies and dip are a classical. Serve chopped celery, carrot sticks and cucumber slices with salsa and sour skim on the side—separately or desegregate together, salsa and sour skim are a good jazz band.

Carnivore Crudité

Yes, you read that right ( and yes, we merely made it up ). Crisp fried bacon, steak, salami slices and cheese sticks can besides be lined up on a platter with salsa for dipping on the side. As an experiment, try putting one of these plates out future to your vegetable platter and see which one disappears faster, fair for fun .
We hope you ’ re inspired by these different ways to eat salsa, and we recommend that everyone besides try out the first base recipe posted by Sweet Kickin Salsa, our recipe for an evening on the deck. You won ’ metric ton regret it—and there ’ s a beneficial chance you ’ ve made this one ahead !
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source : https://nutritionline.net
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