What can I do to promote a healthy pregnancy?

During pregnancy, exposure to radiation, pesticides, some metals, and certain chemicals can cause birth defects, previous give birth, and miscarriage. 14 If you ‘re not indisputable if something might be harmful to you or your fetus, avoid reach with it until you check with your health care supplier .
If you work in a job on a grow, a dry clean, a factory, a breeze through or haircloth salon, you might be around or come into contact with potentially harmful substances. Talk to your health worry supplier and your employer about how you can protect yourself before and during pregnancy. You may need extra auspices at work or a change in your job duties to stay safe. 14
A few examples of exposures that are known to be toxic to the evolve fetus are :
lead : lead is a metallic that may be present in house rouge, debris, and garden land. Any dwelling built before 1978 may have leave key. exposure can occur when removing paint in old buildings ( or if the rouge is peeling ) and working in some jobs ( for exercise, manufacturing automotive batteries ). lead is besides present in some well water and in water that travels through lead pipes. senior high school levels of lead during pregnancy can cause spontaneous abortion, spontaneous abortion, low birth weight, and previous delivery, vitamin a well as memorize and behavior problems for the child. 15 Women who had exposure to lead in the past should have1 their rake levels checked before and during pregnancy. 15 Call the National Lead Information Center for information about how to prevent exposure to lead at : 800-424-LEAD.

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radiation sickness : radiation is energy that travels through space. It can be in the form of X-rays, radio waves, heating system, or inner light, or it can come from “ radioactive ” materials like scatter, metals, or liquids that give off energy called radiation. low exposures to radiation sickness from natural sources ( such as from the sun ) or from microwave ovens or routine aesculapian X-rays are by and large not harmful. Because the fetus is inside the mother, it is partially protected from radiation sickness ‘s effects. 14, 16 fraught women or women who might be meaning should make sure their dentists and doctors are mindful of this so appropriate precautions can be taken with checkup scans ( X-rays or CT scans ) or treatments that involve radiation. 14 fraught women who may be exposed to radiotherapy in the workplace should speak with their employer and health care supplier to make sure the environment is safe during their pregnancy. Nuclear or radiation accidents, while rare, can cause gamey radiation exposures that are extremely dangerous, particularly to the developing fetus .
Solvents : Solvents are chemicals that dissolve other substances. Solvents include alcohols, degreasers, and paint thinners. Some solvents give off fumes or can be absorbed through the skin and can cause dangerous health problems. During pregnancy, being in contact with solvents, specially if you work with them, can be harmful. Solvents may lead to miscarriage, slow the growth of the fetus, or cause preterm parturition and birth defects. 14 fraught women who may be exposed to solvents in the workplace should speak with their employer and health worry provider to make sure the environment is condom during their pregnancy. 17 Whenever you use solvents, be certain to do sol in a well-ventilated area, clothing safety clothes ( such as gloves and a grimace masquerade ), and avoid feed and drink in the ferment area. 14
many chemicals are normally found in the blood and body fluids of meaning women and their infants. however, a lot remains obscure about the effects of fetal photograph to chemicals. 18 It ‘s best to be cautious about chemical exposure when you are planning to get pregnant or if you are pregnant. Talk to your health caution supplier if you live or work in or near a toxic environment. 17

reference : https://nutritionline.net
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