Body Composition and Body Fat Percentage

ACE Body Fat Percent Norms for Men and Women


Essential Fat
10% to 13%
2% to 5%

14% to 20%
6% to 13%

21% to 24%
14% to 17%

25% to 31%
18% to 24%

Over 32%
Over 25%

Athletes tend to have lower body fat, which may be beneficial for performance in sports such as running and cycle. But having an extremely gloomy body fat percentage is a health problem. For model, the female athlete trio increases the gamble of injury and health issues. It includes eating disorders, amenorrhea, and decreased bone mass with an increased risk of stress fractures and osteoporosis .

If you are fleshy or corpulent, you have an excessive total of body adipose tissue and a high body fat percentage.

If your body fat share is besides high, you can improve your body composing by gaining lean torso bulk through construction brawn and bones and by losing excess body fat.

How to Measure Body Composition

There are several ways to get an estimate of your body fat share at base, at the gymnasium, or from your repair .

Bioelectrical electric resistance

Bioelectrical electric resistance can be measured by hand-held units and by BIA body adipose tissue scales that you step onto like a unconstipated scale. These tools pass a little electrical current through your body. Fat, body of water, and thin weave impede the current differently to give the reading .

many scales are sold for home use and no special trail is required. Some scales, like the Fitbit Aria 2, tied sync with your fitness tracker so that you can see how changes to your daily bodily process and diet affect your weight .

Skinfold Measurements

Taking skinfold measurements is a method frequently used by fitness trainers or as part of a weight loss course of study. Calipers take measurements at different parts of your soundbox and then a calculation helps translate them into a soundbox fat percentage .


A DEXA scan, or dual-energy x ray absorptiometry scan, is performed in a medical set and can besides be used to check for bone density.

hydrostatic Weighing

hydrostatic weighing   is a method that requires you to be in full submerged in water.   This gold standard for body fat measurement involves being dunked in a water tank. It ‘s harder to find a clinic or gymnasium that offers this service .

Factors Affecting Body Composition

Your consistency composition can besides be influenced by factors you ca n’t control :

  • Age: People lose muscle mass as they age  if they don’t maintain it with sufficient weight training. This results in a slower metabolism.
  • Genes: These play a role in whether you are naturally lean or have a tendency to retain fat, including where you store it.
  • Hormones: These can influence water retention and body composition.
  • Sex: Women have more body fat than men as nature’s way of preparing for pregnancy and nursing.

Should You Change Your body Composition ?

If your body fatten share is excessively high, you may want to try to decrease it to improve your health, acrobatic performance, and wellbeing. You may besides be able to lower your risk of disease. If your body fatten percentage is below the grade of essential fat, you may besides want to make changes to bring it, as that will reduce your health risks a well .

To change your body typography for better health and fitness, purpose to increase muscle mass and decrease surfeit fatten mass. You can change your diet, start an practice platform, or combine both methods .

A Word From Verywell

Your body composition and torso fat are crucial measurements when you are on a weight unit loss program. You could be successful in losing fatten and gaining muscle without seeing your weight go down. Tracking your weight loss and fitness efforts with body typography measurement is a good way to see your advance. It is easier than always with the wide handiness of soundbox fat scales .