The 2-Ingredient Breakfasts Doctors Eat Every Day

newtono doubt a lazy morning in your PJs lingering in the kitchen is time well spent. You can’t beat a fresh batch of o doubt a lazy morning in your PJs linger in the kitchen is clock well spend. You ca n’t beat a fresh batch of pumpkin spice pancakes Mediterranean diet-approved eggy tortillas, or zucchini and cheddar keto waffles on a Sunday dawn. During the week though, coming up with healthy, easy breakfast ideas can feel like more of a job. But we found a few doctors who want you to know that breakfast does n’t have to be an complicate affair to be good for you—and that, yes, it is important to eat something.

“ breakfast is the perfect opportunity to ensure you start your day off with a alimentary basis, ” says Jaclyn Lewis Albin, MD, the director of the culinary music program at UT Southwestern Medical Center. She recommends including a serve of fruit or veggies at the dawn meal, as it ‘s then significant to get enough of them. “ Research shows longevity and many health benefits from increasing the number of servings of fruits and veggies we eat in a day. While there ’ s an increase in health benefits for all the way up to eight servings a day, I advise patients to aim for a more virtual five to six servings, ” she says. “ even that takes intentionality and design, so it ‘s crucial to start at breakfast. ”

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You’ll love these doctor-approved easy breakfast ideas with just two ingredients

1. Apple slices and nuts

This is one of Dr. Albin ‘s go-to breakfasts when she wants to something crunchy. “ Try a handful of pecans or walnuts, ” she suggests. “ They pair particularly well with apple and are full moon of goodly fats and nutrients. ”

2. eggs and salsa

This is another one of Dr. Albin ‘s fave breakfasts—another means to get a good service of goodly fats in the dawn. “ scramble an egg or two and crown liberally with your favorite salsa, ” she says. “ Salsa wholly counts as a vegetable ! ” just be certain to choose one first gear in sodium.

3. overnight oats with alt-milk

If you have more time, Dr. Albin recommends this make-ahead breakfast. “ Simply mix a half cup of oats with half a cup of your darling milk, whether dairy or plant-based, ” she says, adding you can make it in bulk to eat all week.

4. Eggs and avocado

ChefMD laminitis John La Puma, MD, recommends this two-ingredient breakfast full of healthy fats. You can either make your eggs scrambled and mix in the avocado or get creative and cook the avocado with the egg cracked and cradled inside it. Think you know all there is to know about avocado ? Think again :

5. Celery sticks stuffed with almond butter

For a quick hit of protein that will keep you full moon for lunch, Dr. La Puma recommends slathering a few sticks of celery with almond butter. It takes into account Dr. Albin ‘s recommendation of getting a serve of veggies in the dawn, besides.

6. Guacamole toast with a seeded rye bread

Dr. La Puma recommends this power jazz band for the mix of fiber ( from the seeded rye boodle ) and healthy fats, from avocado. Guac is n’t just for your taco ! Want more? We’ve got easy ideas for healthy lunches and dinners, too.

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