Hungry Buddha – Jalapeno Lime Coconut Jerky

Hungry Buddha - Jalapeno Lime Coconut Jerky At Buddha Brands, the miniskirt but mighty coconut is king. Using their favorite wonder food, they make athirst Buddha coconut water, Healthy Buddha coconut nectar and vinegar, plus Hungry Buddha coconut chips and jerky. If you ’ ra looking for coconut-based products that are vegan, non-GMO, naturally gluten-free, spare from trans fats, and paleo-friendly, you ’ ve found your angelic smudge. 1 % of annual sales are donated to environmental and sustainable charities being a penis of ‘ 1 % for the Planet ’, which supports charity organizations such as Charity Water, Oceana, the David Suzuki Foundation, and much more. Hungry Buddha ’ s “ Coconut Initiative ” is about using many parts of the coconut to reduce waste and promote sustainability. This athirst Buddha mark is distributed by Temple Lifestyle Inc., and they are located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada .
The first review on Hungry Buddha will focus on a 1.4 ounce/40 gram bag of their Jalapeno Lime flavored coconut jerky. This spirit is described as Tex-Mex ’ s favorite pepper being paired with zestful birdlime for a subtly seasoned blue and sugared bite. The base was purchased at a Winners memory in Brampton, Ontario, Canada .

Ingredient Review

Ingredients : organic Coconut Meat, Organic Date Paste, Organic Coconut Sugar, Organic Lime Juice Concentrate, Sea Salt, Organic Sweet Red Pepper, Organic Garlic Powder, Organic White Pepper, Organic Jalapeno Powder .
Hungry Buddha - Jalapeno Lime Coconut Jerky Through careful source of the finest certifiable organic coconuts from Southeast Asia, Buddha Brands believes that health and proportion extend to the planet itself while providing their customers with goodly and delectable food. Coconuts offer many health benefits, including being a bang-up source of fiber, potassium, and calcium. As a consequence, the ingredient ratings starts at an Excellent ( 10/10 ) rat.

Hungry Buddha - Jalapeno Lime Coconut Jerky The only melted marinade used is superintendent healthy constituent linden juice concentrate .
There are some goodly ingredients added such as organic date paste, organic fresh loss pepper, organic garlic powderize, organic white pepper, and organic cayenne powderize .
The sugar level is on the high english at around 11 grams of sugar per 28 grams of anserine to lose a military rank. Our preference is 4 grams of sugar or less per 28 grams of jerky for a piquant based season as we have here. The salt level is goodly at around 280mg of salt per 28 grams of arrhythmic .
This jerky qualifies to have no sodium nitrite, or any other alike unhealthy preservative. rather, healthy minimally processed sea salt is the main preservative used. With more kudos to Hungry Buddha, this arrhythmic has no MSG added .
very good ( 9/10 ) – ingredient Rating

Taste Review

Written by guest jerky commentator Stéphane Leclerc
The Hungry Buddha Jalapeño Lime Coconut Jerky has a pleasant and fragrant olfactory property. This anserine displays a full-bodied and amazing coconut relish. The Jalapeño and Lime are accompanied by a flimsy sweetness and salt while the gaminess scantily peaks its read/write head up after a couple of pieces.
On the early hired hand, the texture is quite pleasant, interesting and by and large carries the product at this prison term, as there is no real “ WOW ” factor in the smack department.

The anserine strips are chiefly minor in size and medium to thin in thickness. The texture is reasonably dry and chewy while calm reasonably easy to chew .
We were in touch with the fine folks at Hungry Buddha, they are presently reformulating their recipe and they had the follow to say : Our mission is to do well for our satellite while providing our customers with healthy and delectable food .
Although, the Hungry Buddha Jalapeño Lime Coconut Jerky is not very where it could be at this fourth dimension, there is surely bang-up electric potential to hit the testis right out of the park. There are no doubts a good counterweight of flavors, a bold Jalapeño sample paired with a nice spatter of Lime juice would make the season profile “ POP ” and propel this coconut choppy to heights unknown to “ Mankind ” or “ Peoplekind ” ( No Comments ).
I was probably much more friendly towards this coconut jerky and I ’ ll look forward to their raw and upgrade version. We ’ ve awarded this coconut jerky a Good ( 8/10 ) taste Rating .
This 1.4 ounce/40 gram base was purchased for $ 2.99. That works out to $ 2.14 an snow leopard, which rates as an cheap price .
Good ( 8/10 ) – taste Rating

Bag Review

This white resealable fictile bag has everything imprinted on the bag itself, both on the front and back. On the front there is a high resolution mental picture of coconuts. The Hungry Buddha logo is a monk sitting down and praying .
A motto printed on this bag is “ Live Healthy. Be happy. Snack Wisely. ” Some facts printed on this cup of tea are “ Raw ”, “ Gluten Free ”, and “ Refined Sugar Free ”. Another matter to fact printed on this bulge is “ Did you know ? The oil and husks from a coconut can be burned into alternative biofuel sources that are clean and non-toxic ! ”.

There are a act of unlike stamps printed such as “ Canada Organic ”, “ USDA Organic ”, “ Non-GMO Project ”, “ Certified Vegan ”, and “ 1 % For The Planet ” .
All bag categories are covered with this cup of tea. A dear endorsement is printed on the rear explaining The Coconut Initiative. As per Canadian law, french translations are provided. You are encouraged to follow the @ buddhabrandsco social media handle on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. To the credit of Hungry Buddha, a earphone numeral is provided for customer inquiries .
Excellent ( 10/10 ) – Bag Rating

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