6 Healthy Gums That Taste Delicious

Chewing gumwood has some surprising benefits besides freshening your breath—it actually has a steady effect and in some cases can be used to curb cravings. But sometimes they can be filled with fishy artificial ingredients, making them a less-than-desirable option to pop in your mouth. That ‘s why we went on a search for the healthiest gums out there. In addition to being release of chemical preservatives and additives, these six options tout a bunch of new incentives, from boosting energy to whitening your teeth. Which ones blew our minds most ?


Confadent Oral Technology in Peppermint

Matt Rainey

It claims to help prevent brass and gingivitis and whiten your smile adenine well as freshen your breath. ( The ADA says some of the ingredients can offer those perks, but the amounts are normally humble and it does n’t beat flossing regularly. )
Tester says: “ It kept its season and texture for hours. ”
Buy it: Six 8-piece packs, $ 16, amazon.com


Run Gum in Cinnamon

Matt Rainey

Whether you ‘re training for a race or not, two pieces deliver the lapp sum of caffeine as your good morning coffee .
Tester says: “ I did n’t feel as tire after chewing the gum for around 40 minutes, and even my fitness tracker said I was faster than usual during my guide. ”
Buy it: Twelve 2-piece packs, $ 22.49 ,
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Pur Gum in Chocolate Mint

Pur Gum

This sugar-free chew ‘s relish comes from xylitol, a sugar alcohol that occurs naturally in berries and is one of the lowest-ranking sweeteners on the glycemic index ( i.e., fewer rake sugar spikes after ingesting ) .
Tester says: “ The chocolatey taste curbed my cravings and freshened my hint at the lapp time. ”
Buy it: 55-piece carry, $ 6.30 ,


Simply Gum in Coffee

Simply Gum

merely a handful of ingredients, three of them organic, plus it ‘s biodegradable, in case you ‘re a stick-it-under-the-table kind of gallon .
Tester says: “ I had to get used to the pellet supreme headquarters allied powers europe and brown tinge, but I loved the fact that they do n’t use chemical additives for flavor and color, and you can taste it ! ”
Buy it: Six 15-piece packs, $ 16 ,
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Glee Gum Sugar-Free in Watermelon

Glee Gum

Non-GMO, free of the eight major food allergens, made using sustainable methods, and packaged in recycle cardboard .
Tester says: “ I like that it keeps its elasticity and relish for a farseeing time and is sweet without tasting fake. ”
Buy it: Twelve 16-piece packs, $ 15 ,


Real Good Gum in Hello Bubbleful

Real Good Gum

Take its “ gunk-free ” claim badly : It has just five ingredients, and one is chicle, or harvested tree sap—for centuries the original chew chewing gum .
Tester says: “ I could feel the flavor crystals crunching as I chewed ; the taste was solid, not overpowering. ”
Buy it: 18-piece pack, $ 19 ,
This article originally appeared in the October 2017 consequence of Women ‘s Health. For more great advice, pick up a copy of the topic on newsstands now !

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