12 Healthy Homemade Chip Recipes

Entice your finical eaters with healthy fruits and veggies made into crunchy baked homemade chips ! These colorful and creative snacks are a stumble with kiddos of all ages .

Who doesn ’ t sexual love chips, right ? They ’ re the perfect nosh. Crispy, crunchy, portable and highly addicting .
For most of us, parcel control is actually bully when chips are round, and I ’ megabyte guessing it ’ s the same with kiddos. While we can control the amount we serve them at home, wouldn ’ t it be good if we could fair have a healthy choice that we didn ’ t have to worry about how much they ’ re eating ?
enter : healthy homemade chips !

They ’ re all made from whole fruits and vegetables, without a deep fryer. And wear ’ thymine worry, they ’ re still crunchy and satisfying ! Your kids will gobble these up without even knowing they ’ ra eating a “ goodly ” nosh. Win-win for you !
fair like traditional potato chips, without the junk ! Easy to make and great to stash in a lunch box. Your kid won ’ t evening feel left out at lunchtime because they look like the “ real ” thing !
recipe from : Super Healthy Kids

contend to get your fiddling one to eat their greens ? Try serving them kale chips and see how promptly they disappear. even if you can ’ thyroxine fool them with the semblance, the taste and texture, will decidedly have them coming back for more !
recipe from : Super Healthy Kids
The title alone on these zucchini chips has me sold ! Love that they taste like my favored kind of chip but are low-carb, low sugar and wholly goodly. I mean zucchini ! ? It ’ south ace !
recipe from : Sugar-Free ma
These are like the better version of sweet potato fries. I love how reduce and crisp they are without any component other than sweet potatoes ! I ’ thousand count you could wholly jazz them up with spices, but these, served along english your favorite hamburger or sandwich ? Sounds pretty perfective to me !
recipe from : Super Healthy Kids
There are enough of bag varieties of beet chips ( and other beginning vegetable chips ) out there, but I have to say these look evening better. not only is the color way more vibrant in the homemade variety, but since they ’ ra baked and not friend, they hold on to a distribute more season besides !
recipe from : A Spicy Perspective
How amazing do these banana chips look ! ? I have constantly loved banana chips – they ’ re the perfective blend of sweet and crunchy – and are a great addition to trail mix. But most banana chips have added carbohydrate, which make them more of a dessert preferably than a healthy bite. These on the other hand, no boodle, no oil, no nothing besides bananas. Healthy bite or guilt-free process !

recipe from : Diethood
If you aren ’ t a fan of radishes sensitive, these will surely change your mind. When radishes are cooked the resentment practically disappears and they have a mellow sweet that is just delectable. Add to the fact that these little babies are besides crisp and topped with sea salt ? They ’ re the ultimate nosh !
recipe from : Hello Glow
I had to share another recipe for kale chips because a ) they ’ ra perplex, bacillus ) they ’ re a great room to get your kiddos to eat their leafy greens and vitamin c ) these ones fair sound excessively darn good not to partake. I love the use of roasted garlic and sea salt, but besides that these pack a punch in the nutriment department ! ( and would even make an perplex alternate to movie night popcorn ! )
recipe from : Fit Foodie Finds
You ’ ve heard of carrot fries, right ? Like sugared potato fries but with carrots. Carrot chips though ? even better. I love that these are made farseeing alternatively of little rounds like most chips – they kind of prompt me bacon strips, but obviously without all the dirt and nastiness. Again, this recipe you could spice up however you like, but I ’ m think chili gunpowder and sea salt would be delectable !
recipe from : Paleo Grub
Coconut chips seem to be all the rage now. There are tons of different companies making them immediately, but I have however to find one that is 100 % natural and saturated. Most of the time they have some preservatives and about all of them have cane carbohydrate. These on the other handwriting ? wholly healthy ! And with a bunch of ideas for adding different spices so you can change them up how you see fit !
recipe from : Thriving on Paleo

I ’ ve only seen tomato chips once earlier and they were one of the best snacks I ’ ve ever had. We went through two bags in an hour and it was quite expensive. So when I saw you could make them at home…YES ! These would be great served as a nosh OR as an appetizer when you have friends over. They ’ ra classy, tasty and healthy !
recipe from : Running to the Kitchen
This is a fun way to add more fruit to your kids lunch box without having to cut fresh apples every day. just whip up a large batch of these cinnamon apple chips and have healthy snacks all week long. You could even add a tablespoon of nut butter along side ( if your school allows nuts ) !

recipe from : Sally ’ s Baking
Alyssa is the blogger and cook behind Simply Quinoa, a gluten-free web site dedicated to healthy food, always with a little quinoa flex .

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