Christmas Recipes and Menus

Christmas recipes and Christmas Menus for everyone ! ! Whether you ’ re having a summery Aussie Christmas lunch, a cozy White Christmas, a traditional Christmas dinner, or need rapid recipes that inactive have the belly laugh gene, here ’ s a solicitation of my very best Christmas food ideas !
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Christmas Recipes and Menus
I started this guided walk through of my very best Christmas recipes back in 2017. Each class, I update the stake with my latest recipes and add more suggest menu. I hope you find some divine guidance ! – Nagi x

Christmas Recipes and Menus

The RecipeTin Family is ill-famed for leaving our Christmas menu until the last minute. We like to toss ideas around, offering up suggestions, “ debating ” *, looking around to see what looks good this year .
There ’ s a big build up until 3 days before – then bam ! The Menu is Set, tasks are allocated, and everyone is dispatched to source the command ingredients .
It ’ s all separate of our annual Christmas ritual .
And now, it ’ s your turn. I hope this Christmas Recipe Index and Menu Ideas helps you to plan your Christmas Menu !
* This is code for heated arguments and requests being fritter down. such as scoffing at florist’s chrysanthemum ’ sulfur request for Crackling Roast Pork arsenic well as overact ( “ double pork is a no no ! ” we declare ), mocking my request for Fried Chicken ( “ it ’ s Christmas, don ’ thymine be so bogan ! ” ), and experimental ideas like Turdukin shot down equally “ noooo, it ’ south just a hack, it isn ’ metric ton that tasty ! ”. adenine far as I ’ meter concerned, there are no rules for Christmas and the opinions of the RecipeTin Family should be disregarded. And Fried Chicken is the perfect main for any occasion ! ?

Christmas Mains

What will be your centerpiece this year ? ? A absolutely cooked Prime Rib, the juiciest always Roast Turkey, a sticky Glazed Ham or the most incredible simple Herb and Garlic Butter Slow Cooker Turkey Breast ?

Warm & Hearty Sides

Warm and cosy, many of these are great for making ahead ! My picks :

  • Potatoes au Gratin – indulgent, tastes outrageously good ( it ’ randomness french, you can ’ triiodothyronine go wrong ) and it ’ s 100 % perfective for seduce ahead ;
  • Baked Mac & Cheese – best made newly for optimum eat experience but I have tips for near arrant make-ahead ! This is a regular at the RecipeTi Family Christmas – we splurge on very good gruyere tall mallow and it is outrageously to die for !

Salads & Summery Sides

never under appraisal the might of a actually great fresh, crunchy salad. And for those of us who have a Summer Christmas, fill your gay table with these colourful, a little-bit-show-off salads and side dishes !


It might not be traditional, but for years Corn Bread has remained as a firm front-runner in our family ! We love how soft and damp it is, that it ’ s so tasty you could eat it knit but when you use it to mop your Christmas plate uninfected ? Swooon…

Starters & Snacks

Things to nibble before the feast are mandate. Full stop !

To Finish

There is ALWAYS room for dessert. Always ! ! ! This class, I present my Pavlova Christmas Tree, featured as partially of a Christmas special I did for The Sydney Morning Herald ’ second Sunday Life pull-out, american samoa well as on the good Food web site .

And here are some more dessert suggestions to steal the show at your Christmas dinner this year !

merely a few suggestions for Christmas Menus……

  1. ? ?My Perfect Traditional Christmas Menu ( ignoring all hardheaded logistics like oven outer space and sleeping ! )
  2. ☀️ Aussie Summer Christmas lunch !
  3. ? Prime Rib Christmas Dinner
  4. ❄️ Cosy White Christmas Dinner
  5. ? Thrifty but Nifty – Budget conscious Christmas dinner ( For Australia )
  6. ? Super Easy Christmas Menu – low attempt, forgiving, make ahead recipes

There will never be a single menu that will work for everyone, but I hope these give you some ideas for different combinations that you might want to try !
Merry Christmas and Happy Feasting ! ~ Nagi x
originally published in December 2017. This post gets updated each year with the latest additions to holiday recipes and newfangled menu suggestions !

Life of Dozer

More photos from the weekend when our local cad photographer ( Kevin from Unleashed Northern Beaches ) was down at the cad beach doing a Christmas photograph day !
I might be smiling, but Dozer is never impressed…?

Dozer Nagi Bayview Christmas 2020 Unleashed Pittwater
Dozer Nagi Bayview Christmas 2020 Unleashed Pittwater
Dozer Nagi Bayview Christmas 2020 Unleashed Pittwater
And Life of Dozer from 2019:
When a gingerbread man ’ s arm goes missing, everyone is so immediate to blame Dozer…. but in this subject, it was my sausage fingers that was the induce of the amputation !
Dozer gingerbread man Christmas tree ornament

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