Diet Chart For Indian Working Women And Housewives

Women may be caretakers of the integral family but they much end up ignoring their own health. A balanced diet is something that a woman frequently forgets to have and this has a bad long-run impact on her health. Whether she is a housewife or a professional, a woman has a distribute of responsibilities that frequently take her attention aside from eating well. While she has to be on her toes about 24×7 managing work at home and outdoor, a womanhood needs to have a diet with foods that keep her full for a long time, and give her the energy that she needs and does not gain undesirable weight. The time of meals is besides identical crucial as keeping long gaps in between grabbing breakfast and lunch or lunch and dinner can wreak havoc on health. Scroll on to find out the right time to eat a meal and foods you should what the meal timings that you can follow and foods you should have to stay healthy, read on .

The Ultimate Diet design

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Breakfast Before 8 AM

eat 1 medium bowl of porridge/corn flakes/oats/ sugar and muesli with milk
Mid-Morning Meal At 11 AM
Have eggs / French goner or 1 egg with pledge followed by two spinach or mix vegetable parantha / two vegetable mix salted pancake, spinach-corn-cheese sandwich one piece, two piece besan cheela with one bowl of yield chaat
Lunch At 1: 30 PM
One bowl of Rajma / Chana / Soyabean curry with two multigrain rotis, one bowl of curd and one bowl of brown rice. Buy Daawat Brown Basmati Rice, 5kg here at a dismiss price of Rs 680 .
Evening Snacks – Protein Milkshake 200 milliliter, roasted gram or mix nuts, with a handful of rice flakes ( murmure )

Dinner Till 7 PM
One bowl of chicken /mutton/paneer/ dekaliter, cauliflower and potato vegetable / seasonal vegetable 1 bowl, 2 multigrain bread rotis and a glass of yogurt or mattha
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Healthy Diet Mantra

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  • If you don’t have time to grab breakfast before leaving for work then at least carry something like a sandwich or milk and cornflakes that you can quickly have after reaching office but don’t ever start skipping the most important meal of the day. If you don’t have cornflakes at home, buy Kellogg’s Corn Flakes here at a discounted price of Rs 310.
  • Try to adhere to the meal timings so that you can work up your appetite for the next meal. Eating on time ensures that the digestive juices and enzymes are released in your body accordingly and there is less scope of indigestion. It also means that you sleep well and feel rested.
  • Remember, everything that you are doing is to nourish your body and to keep it healthy is your first and foremost task. Everything else can wait.
  • Whether you get caught up in a meeting or guests come over, don’t make it an excuse to skip meals. Don’t let your hunger pangs go out of control and carry makhanas (or any healthy snacks) with you, otherwise, you will end up binging on something unhealthy. Buy Rajbhog Regular Lotus Seeds here at a discounted price of Rs 254.

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