7 Healthy Directions supplements pass quality test

goodly Directions, a top source of natural health advice and doctor-formulated nutritional products, nowadays announced that seven of the nutritional supplement formulas that it submitted for testing through ConsumerLab.com ‘s Quality Certification Program in 2013 were certified as “ Approved Quality. ”
The Quality Certification Program allows manufacturers and distributors in the health and nutritional accessory market to have their products undergo ConsumerLab.com ‘s rigorous quality test and is designed to help consumers identify the highest timbre products on the market. This is the sixth year in a quarrel that Healthy Directions has submitted products to the program .
ConsumerLab ‘s testing course of study is an adjunct to Healthy Directions ‘ rigorous quality standards—which include a trio Testing Philosophy™ that exceeds industry Good Manufacturing Practice ( GMP ) and FDA requirements—that are applied to every supplement the ship’s company produces.

“ Given the recent nutritional supplement backlash in the media, it ‘s crucial for people to know that there are companies and brands like us that they can trust to provide superscript quality products, ” said Healthy Directions CEO Connie Hallquist.

As partially of the ConsumerLab plan, each Healthy Directions product was tested for identity ( does it meet recognized standards of identity and does it meet the level of quality claimed on the label ), military capability ( does it contain the sum of component claimed on the label ), purity ( is it exempt of assign contaminants ) and disintegration ( does it break apart by rights then that it may be used by the body ).

The seven Healthy Directions products ( grouped by testing category ) that were certified as “ Approved Quality ” by ConsumerLab.com include :

  • Dr. Sinatra’s Omega Q Plus and Dr. Whitaker’s BioActive Q in the category of coenzyme Q10 – One of Healthy Directions’ flagship products, Omega Q Plus is an exclusive combination of DHA-rich calamarine oil, highly absorbable Hydro Q-Sorb® coenzyme Q10, and four other heart-healthy nutrients. BioActive Q contains the ubiquinol form of coenzyme Q10, which is the type that naturally occurs in the body, making it easier for your body to absorb.
  • Dr. Sinatra’s Omega Q Plus with Resveratrol and Dr. Whitaker’s Triveratrol Plus in the category of resveratrol – These two supplements were among 20 products that were tested for the ingredient resveratrol. Omega Q Plus with Resveratrol is a line extension to the original Omega Q Plus formula described above. Triveratrol Plus is a top-selling supplement that contains not only resveratrol but three other powerful extracts for healthy aging: curcumin, aloe vera and pterostilbene.
  • Dr. Williams’ Probiotic Advantage in the category of probiotics – One of Healthy Directions’ customer favorites, Probiotic Advantage delivers 2 billion live bacteria throughout the digestive tract via the patented BIO-tract® delivery system, which slowly releases the probiotics along both the small and large intestines. Each Probiotic Advantage caplet provides seven extremely hardy, live probiotic strains along with prebiotics to help feed and strengthen these good bacteria.
  • Dr. Whitaker’s Forward Plus Daily Regimen in the category of multivitamins/multinutrients – Dr. Whitaker’s flagship product, Forward Plus Daily Regimen is a high-potency daily multivitamin and mineral supplement formula.
  • Dr. Whitaker’s Osteo Essentials – This comprehensive bone health formula was one of four supplements containing calcium, magnesium, and vitamins D and K that were tested, and was among the three that were certified.

“ ConsumerLab ‘s findings and certified quality approval of these seven Healthy Directions products further exemplify our decades-long track record of providing highly efficacious doctor-developed formulations that are recognized for their incomparable safety and quality in the consumer nutritional addendum market, ” said Healthy Directions Director of Quality Assurance Jack Fisher .

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