Do You Know Your Insulin Level?

People often keep close watch on their glucose numbers, but how many of us know our insulin floor ? Dr. Joseph Mercola says fasting insulin is “ the number that may best predict your sudden death. ” Sounds crucial. But what does it mean ?
Our bodies need some circulate insulin at all times, even when we don ’ metric ton eat. otherwise, our livers keep making glucose and dumping it into the blood. Livers do this to prevent blood glucose from going besides low. ad

sol a fast insulin degree should never be 0, which it might be in a person with untreated Type 1. It shouldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate go below 3. But a high insulin level is fair as baffling. A high insulin level is a sign of insulin resistance or prediabetes. It can besides signify early-stage Type 2 .
According to Dr. Mercola, excessively much insulin promotes weight reach by storing adipose tissue. It promotes insulin resistor, lowers magnesium levels, and increases inflammation. It besides tends to lower HDL ( “ good ” ) cholesterol and raise levels of LDL ( “ badly ” ) cholesterol .
All of these increase the risk of diabetes and affection disease. It may be that high insulin levels come before insulin immunity and avail cause it .
If you already have diabetes, why should you know your insulin level ? chiefly, it helps diagnose what is happening with you. Your blood glucose may be high, but how much of the problem is besides little insulin ? How much is insulin resistance ?
A fast insulin tied examination is valuable in several situations :
• Diagnosing prediabetes and metabolic syndrome. “ Prediabetes ” is one result of insulin resistance. Insulin resistor causes high cholesterol, high glucose, and senior high school blood pressure. A gamey level of fasting insulin indicates insulin resistance and can encourage a person to make changes to lower it .

• Separating Type 2 from LADA ( latent autoimmune diabetes of adults ). A person with Type 2 might have a convention or even gamey fasting insulin level. A person with LADA is typically abject .
Why does it matter ? A person with LADA is more probably to benefit from insulin injections. He may be able to avoid years of oral medications that don ’ t help him much .
• Seeing if a person diagnosed with Type 1 is however making some insulin. A holocene learn from the UK found that about three quarters of adults with Type 1 actually produce belittled amounts of insulin. Knowing you have some beneficial beta cells can affect therapy and give some hope of improvement. So an insulin level test could show you if you have some .
This find besides calls for more research. Why do some beta cells outlive and serve normally when most have been destroyed ?

What should your numbers be?

Insulin is measured in “ microunits per milliliter ” ( mcU/ml or mIU/ml ). unfortunately, there international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine much agreement on what level is ideal. The web site Health Central says 10–20. Dr. Mercola says less than 5 .
A study in Arizona found that women with a fast insulin level around 8.0 had doubly the hazard of prediabetes as did women with a tied around 5.0. Women with a fast insulin of 25 or therefore had five times the risk of prediabetes .
University of Washington research worker Stephen Guyenet writes that “ The average insulin tied in the US is 8.8 mIU/ml for men and 8.4 for women. Given the degree of metabolic dysfunction in this nation, I think it ’ s safe to say that the ideal floor of fasting insulin is probably below 8.4 uIU/mL… [ Best ] would be 2–6. ”

How to lower insulin level

Lowering insulin levels seems reasonably like to lowering glucose. Authorities like Dr. Mercola say the key is to reduce intake of boodle and grains. Those foods stimulate insulin production. Refined grains and fructose-sweetened drinks are the worst, he says. Better to eat fats and proteins .
Writing on, Andy Jackson has a reasonably different contract. “ Increase your consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables, hale grains and lean proteins, ” he says. “ Avoid processed and fast foods, which are high in boodle, fatness, and salt. ”
exercise besides lowers insulin levels and insulin immunity .
so ultimately, testing for insulin levels isn ’ t an earthshaking idea. It ’ s chiefly important for diagnosis, particularly of LADA. It ’ second besides a powerful screen for risk of Type 2 .
Since most people with or without diabetes have never had the test, it may be worth asking for. You ’ ll get a better idea of what ’ s happening with you. But for daily monitor, glucose testing is merely american samoa good as insulin testing.

Want to learn more about diabetes lab test results? Read “Understanding Your Lab Test Results,” by Clinical Laboratory Scientist Judith Grout.

Originally Published October 23, 2013

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