Hacking Salt Teams Up With Healthy Heart Market for Low Sodium Savings

Hacking Salt Teams Up With Healthy Heart Market for Low Sodium Savings

I have been a customer of Healthy Heart Market for a few years now. It was a surprise to find them. I was looking for a one-stop-shop ( if that was potential ) for all things low sodium. Co-incidentally, that is precisely the reason Pete Eiden launched the Healthy Heart Market in 1998. Pete suffered from Congestive Heart Failure and was finding he had to drive all over town to chase down low sodium products. He thought that early people, like him, would appreciate a one-stop-shop. Another cool thing is that they are a Minnesota Company and fairly local to me .
Low Sodium Savings

Turning Passion Into A Business

Pete started the business and ran it from his residence. In 2003, Mike and Michelle Majerus bought the commercial enterprise, and relocated it to a business quad in Rogers, MN. They were able to streamline ship, and grew the inventory to over 400 low sodium food products .
In March 2009, Healthy Heart Market was purchased by current owners Lisa and Greg McComas. Healthy Heart Market ’ s location was then moved to a newfangled larger facility in Big Lake, MN. As of Dec. 2013, Healthy Heart Market moved to larger building in Onamia, MN where we inactive operate from today. Lisa has dietary restrictions that fuels her heat for low sodium food .
The mathematical process immediately, is inactive a little family owned business, that lists over 500 products for sale ; including their own proprietorship lineage of gloomy sodium pickles, soup mixes, and spiciness mixes. They sell direct through their web site, and through Amazon .

Heart Healthy Market Low Sodium SavingsSo What Type of Things do they Sell?

It was through their web site that I first encountered the Mr. Spice Salt Free BBQ Sauce and other sauces. Lum Taylor ’ s BBQ Sauce is another great taste barbecue sauce to get. They have some rocking moo sodium Dill and Bread & Butter Pickles, and they have sourced the lowest sodium soy sauce that has been found – Chinatown Soy Sauce .
I could go on and on, but needle to say, they have over 35 categories of low sodium foods. It truly can be a one period workshop for all of your broken sodium needs.

Low Sodium Savings on Chinatown Soy SauceA Great Resource As Well

One of the ways I use healthy Heart Market, is to do research and department of education. I would make lists and take them to my local stores and markets to see if I could find those products, or other similar products. I besides seek ingredients and staples for my pantry that I can use to hack the salt out of many other recipes. They actually helped me accelerate my journey and success on this broken sodium travel .
Low Sodium Savings


Now We Have Low Sodium Discounts at Healthy Heart Market

so I am here to announce that Hacking Salt and Healthy Heart Market will team up to offer you depleted sodium savings in the be options :

  1. For 10% off your entire order, at checkout, enter the code: HACKINGSALT10
  2. For $6 off an order of $40.00, at checkout, enter the code: HACKINGSALT6

I am so gladiolus to be able to plowshare the awareness of their business as I love to highlight the efforts of any low sodium allies for our community. Have you bought from them before ? What are some of your favored finds ? Let me know in the comments below !

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