21 of the best wellness apps to download in 2021

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Like it or not, our smartphones have become an all-important part of our health and wellbeing. Whether it ‘s connecting with friends, building raw relationships, looking up dinner recipes or streaming music for our workouts, for most of us, our phones are a huge separate of our lives. RELATED: Struggling to get to sleep right now? This 2-minute trick is a game-changer

immediately, there are a solid host of raw ways we can use our everyday technical school to boost our wellbeing – including an categorization of apps aimed at precisely that. Track your period, manage your sleep cycle, rest stress and find health-boosting recipes with our edit of the best health apps on your call ‘s shop correct now – after all, if we can order takeaways and cab at a pat of a clitoris, why not try some meditation, excessively ? Your body ( and take care ) will thank you for it…

1. Headspace

headspace-app meditation and mindfulness is made bare with Headspace, the app that counts Gwyneth Paltrow and Emma Watson as fans. literally giving users a exercise for the genius – led by erstwhile Buddhist monk Andy Puddicombe – the premise is to take ten minutes a day to listen in and clear your mind. So what are the benefits ? Users report better attention spans, watchfulness and instant composure. And, since September 7 is an awareness day for Youth Mental Health, Headspace is offering a especial propose of 40 per cent off their annual subscription. You ca n’t argue with that, right ?

2. Clue

clue-app Swot up on your cycle with period-tracking app Clue, and learn more about how your period affects you. With the options to input symptoms such as cramps and headaches throughout the calendar month, a well as life style factors such as alcohol, sleep and sex, you ‘ll quickly build up a mental picture of how your cycle not merely affects your physical health, but your mental health besides. An all-important tool for any woman looking to get to know her body better. READ MORE: The 4 best supplements you actually need

3. Noom

noom Switch the way you think about food and diet to become fitter with weight unit personnel casualty program Noom. Based on the psychology of food, and our behaviours to it, Noom focuses on changing behaviours, quite than cutting out foods and following an acute fitness schedule – all recommended by a team of nutritionists, personal trainers and behavioral psychologists. The app has 1:1 health coach, health quizzes and articles to motivate you plus you can track your exercise, weight, blood boodle and blood pressure.

4. Exhale

exhale-app Exhale is the first emotional wellbeing app for and by black, autochthonal women of color ( BIPOC ). The app inspires self-care, mindfulness and rest through message curated by BIWOC – including meditations, coaching talks, affirmations, guided visualisations and breath work.

5. Meditopia 

meditopia Meditopia ’ s library offers over 1000+ lead meditations on topics including stress, anxiety, acceptance, happiness, motivation, concenter and hint. With over 7 million members worldwide, they offer each of these members deep-dive meditations. flush if you do n’t have your iPhone with you, you can entree all of the content from Apple Watch, and start your day off with a daily meditation or one of your front-runner practices. READ NEXT: 10 of the best Instagram accounts to follow for positivity & kindness

6. Fitness+ for Time To Walk

time-to-walk Apple Watch users, this is specially for you. Fitness+ will do wonders for your health and the service is only getting better and better. For those of you who have n’t tried Time To Walk yet- the episodes feature some of the world ’ s most matter to and influential people who parcel stories, photos, and music with Fitness+ subscribers. Each meter to Walk episode is shaped by stories about the guest ’ south personal, life-shaping moments and includes lessons learned — all recorded while the node is on an intimate walk in a location that is meaningful to them.Time To Walk is perfect if you ‘re looking to get out of the house to relax and there are some epic guests coming up, including the one and only Stephen Fry.

7. Results Wellness Lifestyle

rwl Lucy Mecklenburgh ‘s fitness app Results Wellness Lifestyle prides itself on the ability to house all your health apps in one place with 1000+ workouts, 600+ recipes, four mentality courses, 11 structured programmes and weekly populate exercise classes. We love the ‘pain clinic ‘ section, besides, which focuses on managing back pain.

8. My Possible Self

My-Possible-Self-app If your mental health is a concern, My Possible Self may be the app for you. Use the ‘moments ‘ routine to monitor your feelings and recognise any patterns or triggers in your behavior, and the self-help ‘modules ‘ to tackle issues such as stress, anxiety, passing or major life changes.

9. Deliciously Ella

deliciously-ella-app-tracker A recipe book in your scoop, cult life style blogger Deliciously Ella ‘s democratic app brings her delectable plant-based recipes straight to your call, with about 300 alimentary dishes to choose from – and with 2021 ‘s update, there ‘s enough more to enjoy, excessively. It now includes a personalize health plan and an intuitive casual tracking tool to monitor your plant-based diet, exercise, sleep, mindfulness and water system consumption.

10. The Flo App

flo-wellness-app Another menstrual cycle app but one with a peg code engage which makes those concern about privacy feel much more fasten. This app is peculiarly good for those looking to be able to plan around their periods, possibly if they ‘re booking a holiday and would prefer not to be on, or for those looking to get pregnant.

It tracks periods, ovulation and richness and gives capital insights throughout the month about how your body is working at specific times. RELATED: 7 ways to take your self-care routine to the next level

11. Sleep Cycle

sleep-cycle-wellness-app Does sleep broadly stress you out ? Do you feel like you constantly do n’t get adequate of it or, at least, your quality of sleep is n’t that bang-up ? This app could badly help. Tracking your sleep cycle throughout the nox, based on drift and sound analysis, it works to wake you up when you are at your lightest rest which means you ‘ll be a lot less dazed and crabbed rising.

12. Smoke Free

smoke-free-wellness-app Looking to give up ? Download Smoke Free. This app is genius because not entirely can you track cravings and progress, which will help deter you from lighting up, it will tell you every single penny you ‘ve saved by packing it in and the hours of life sentence you ‘ve saved excessively. If that ‘s not motivational, we do n’t know what is.

13. Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

alarm-clock Are you wanting to get more rest and stop the dateless scrolling through Instagram before bed ? sleep Cycle Alarm Clock is an intelligent alarm clock that tracks your sleep patterns and wakes you up in light rest, helping you to feel more rest and energised.

14. Viber 

viber-app Leading messaging app Viber connects over 900 million users around the earth – it ‘s a digital platform that provides users with access to supportive on-line communities and groups. on-line communities are a big way for people to hold themselves accountable and seek motivation from likeminded individuals. Group chats can offer support for fitness, cooking and book recommendations.

15. Streaks 

streaks Streaks is a disturbance list that helps you form good habits, and an essential app to hold you accountable to all your goals. The app allows you to track up to twelve tasks you want to complete each day and the finish is to build a streak of straight days. Whether it is going for a political campaign, reading a chapter of a bible, or quitting smoking – Streaks can help you keep lead of these tasks.

16. Drinkaware

drinkaware nowadays there is constantly an excuse for drink. From a celebration to a commiseration and even a quick catchup, a glass of foam is never far away, correct ? That ‘s why the free Drinkaware app is a way to make sure you stay on acme of your health when it comes to drinking. The app comes with trackers and tools such as the unit & calorie calculator and the alcohol self-assessment tool so you can review your drink patterns, set goals and become more aware of the units you are consuming. The app can besides record the money spent on alcohol – consider yourself warned.

17. The ECG App

ecg-app The Apple Watch is adequate to of generating an ECG similar to a single-lead electrocardiogram. This enlightening data will be mechanically stored in the Health app on your iPhone and can be shared as a PDF with your doctor of the church. Find out more here.

18. Wakeout!

wakeout exercise is fair arsenic good for the mind as it is the body, but sometimes finding the time to workout can seem future to impossible. fortunately, Wakeout has you covered with a library of over 300 spare exercises which can be done in 30-second chunks in the places where you spend most of your clock time. Whether you ‘re kicking back on the sofa, working 9 to 5 in front man of a laptop or, travelling from point A to B, you ‘ll be able to work out on the go. It ‘s so important to find the time to look after yourself, and with Wakeout you can last put yourself beginning !

19. Yoga Studio: Mind & Body 

yoga-mind-body There truly is something for everyone on this app. Making yoga far more accessible, you ‘ll find general classes for beginners, prenatal classes for anticipant mums, vitamin a well as classes to combat genial health and back trouble. There ‘s even a Desk Series you can do during a much-needed break from all those Zoom meetings and conference calls.


tv-fit TRUCONNECT by TV.FIT is a health and fitness residential district app that encourages a holistic approach, with a concentrate on behavioral change. not lone can you tap into hundreds of exercise programmes, some led by your darling celebrities ( from Gemma Atkinson to Helen Flanagan and Jessica Wright ), but you ’ ll have access to mental health and life style e-books created by Dr Chris Williams, one of just a few whose work is prescribed by the NHS, vitamin a well as behavioral change content from leading doctors. All the apps ’ programs are fully adaptable, with the theme being to provide something for everyone.

21. Calm

calm-app Calm is a creature designed to help with your sleep, meditation and liberalization. Recommended by top psychologists and mental health experts, the app vows to reduce stress by offering guide meditations, breathing programs, stretching exercises, and relaxing music. The highlight is undoubtedly the celeb-fronted Sleep Stories, a collection of bedtime stories read by a-list celebrities including Harry Styles and Stephen Fry, guaranteed to lull you into a deep and restful sleep.

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