The 25 Top Healthy Food Blogs of 2017

Posted on Mar 01, 2017 by Amber Merton


The Best of the Best Healthy Food Blogs

healthy feed is weighing heavily on the minds of many as 2017 gets afoot. We have searched the far reaches of the World Wide Web to find outstanding healthy food blogs to help you meet your healthy feed goals, and get the results you ’ re searching for .
Whether your goals are to lose weight, corrode fitter, or address certain dietary issues or deficiencies, we believe these 25 health food blogs can help you make healthier, mindful, and delectable food choices in 2017 and beyond. We hope you ’ ll match !

*Our apologies in advance for not having a head shot for each author of a top healthy food blog (yet). We do our very best to show respect for these fine people by not posting their images without establishing contact with them first for their permission. Further images will appear as the permissions do smile emoji .

Oh She Glows: Glow from the Inside Out

If better skin is your goal, you can ’ metric ton go incorrect with the Oh She Glows : radiance from the Inside Out web log, which features vegan dishes that help you bring your best incandescence from the inside out. many of the recipes, in summation to being meat- and dairy-free, are besides free of soy, gluten, and processed ingredients – making them excellent choices for people with sealed food allergies and sensitivities .
Some of her healthy recipes, which are in the number of 500 and growing, include vegan banana bread, summer gleam Buddha bowl, and a number of plant-based make-ahead deep-freeze meals made with new parents in mind, but works for interfering parents excessively !
The blog was created by Angela Liddon, who besides has The Oh She Glows Cookbook and Oh She Glows Every Day for sale, in addition to the many fun and release recipes she features on her web site .

Angela is also active on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Google Plus, so be sure to connect with her to find out any other great nuggets of wisdom and healthy eating insight she might have to share.

Sarah Britton

My New Roots

Sarah Britton started My New Roots in October 2007. Since then she has shared her own experiences as she experiments in the kitchen, exploring her love for wholly foods. She offers recipes and food ideas that focus on plant-based eat and shares her discoveries with her readers. She believes that food plays a vital character in health, and practices a holistic nutrition philosophy .
Sarah is a holistic dietician and Certified Nutritional Practitioner ( CNP ). For those unfamiliar with holistic nutrition it involves incorporating forcible, environmental, apparitional, and aroused balance in all aspects of your biography. This includes dietary and life style choices – her web log is designed to help you make dietary and food choices that promote your overall health and happiness. Among recipes from Sarah are recipes for coconut black rice breakfast pudding, chickpea tortilla nacho, cream of broccoli and cashew soup, and butternut squash lasagna .

You can stay connected with Sarah and My New Roots and get some of her best recipes by following her on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Andie Mitchell

Andie Mitchell – Recipes Inspiration Life

Anyone concerned in eating to lose weight will find enough of fortunate nuggets of accuracy and wisdom on the versatile pages of the Andie Mitchell blog. here, Andie details her own 135-pound burden loss travel, and discusses the importance of embracing wholly, unprocessed foods, and learning to add more vegetables, fruits, and natural foods that offer vital energy into your diet .
Andie Mitchell is besides a New York Times best-selling writer with two books available : eat in the Middle and It was Me All Along .
The big thing that sets Andie Mitchell ’ s blog apart from early weight loss blogs is that it besides addresses maintenance rather than helping you reach your system of weights passing goals and then leaving you to flounder in the wilderness about how to maintain your hard-won results. You ’ ll learn a wide range of healthy recipes made with whole foods, containing as few ingredients as potential, like broccoli salad with apricots and pecans, tuna avocado crispen with tomato, and balsamic chicken salad with apples and white cheddar .

Follow Andie Mitchell on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Google Plus to keep up with her latest insights and amazing weight loss-friendly recipes.

Deliciously Ella

lusciously Ella is a web log that was created on a travel to address health needs of Ella Mills ( Woodward ) who had been diagnosed with a condition called Tachycardia Syndrome. The symptoms and side effects and the illness and the medications she was taking had a devastatingly veto impact on her biography, and she decided to take action with diet and life style changes to help herself .
deliciously Ella is the floor of her travel to better health through goodly food and she shares her victory and setbacks along the manner. She is passionate about helping others by sharing her experiences and offers great and tasty recipes, like cocoa orange truffles, fresh potato brownies, and loaded Mexican vogue potato skins – to whet your appetite .
Ella besides has several books available, including Deliciously Ella with Friends, Deliciously Ella, Smoothies and Juices, Deliciously Ella Every Day, and Deliciously Ella .

Follow Deliciously Ella on social media at Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Nom Nom Paleo

One list you will hear a lot in the diet universe is paleo. This way of eat is one that looks to the past for diet guidance, and eliminates many processed foods like cereal, sugarcoat, pasta, and pre-packaged foods. Nom Nom Paleo offers recipes that are rich people in natural, dateless foods like meat, pisces, nuts, vegetables, and seeds. But, these recipes don ’ thyroxine look like your ancestors nuts and berries .
Nom Nom Paleo is written by Michelle Tam who has been called the “ Martha Stewart of Paleo ” by the New York Times creating recipes The Kitchn refers to as “ constantly popping with season. ”
In addition to blogging at Nom Nom Paleo, Michelle has penned the cookbook Nom Nom Paleo Food for Humans. Recipe offerings on Michelle ’ s blog include decelerate cooker gripe bone broth, slow cooker kalua bull, bacon wrapped pineapple, meat loaf muffins, and oven-baked fresh potato fries. All Michelle ’ randomness recipes keep paleo principles of eating front man and center, and involve no process ingredients .

Visit Michelle Tam and Nom Nom Paleo on social media at Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Google Plus to learn more about Paleo, and get fast access to new recipes as they arrive.

Sarah Forte

Sprouted Kitchen

Sprouted Kitchen operates under the precede that freshest ingredients are always beneficial. Sara Forte offers seasonal worker recipes in her approach to cooking that provide the best spirit and greatest versatility. Her concentrate is on using whole grains, healthy fats, and natural boodle alternatives in accession to the freshest possible fruits and vegetables in all her recipes. She besides suggests that readers make their own alterations for tastes, preference, and individual health or dietary needs .
Unlike many healthy food blogs, Sprouted Kitchen happens to offer a accomplished department devoted to chocolate that includes delectable options like almond date truffles, brown butter cupcake brownies, chocolate cupcakes with cocoa mascarpone frost, and insignificant butter cereal balls .
When it comes to outstanding meals, you won ’ thymine be disappointed with Sprouted Kitchen either. You ’ ll find a wide assortment of soups and vegetable dishes, like cauliflower and embrown rice gratin. You will besides find recipes for dishes like grilled halibut sandwiches with cayenne coleslaw and lemongrass bean curd bowl .

With so many great choices you will have little trouble finding excellent meal choices for even your pickiest eaters. Learn more about the flavorful selections and ingredients used at Sprouted Kitchen by following on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Russ Crandall

The Domestic Man

If you ’ re looking for healthy foods that are gluten-free and paleo-friendly, look no further than The Domestic Man. Russ Crandall is the originator behind The Domestic man and he has created a food web log based on his own experiences changing his diet due to dangerous health issues in 2010. In addition to sharing a raw recipe with web log readers every Tuesday, Crandall besides has three cookbooks : The Ancestral mesa : Paleo Recipes for a traditional Life, The Safe Starch Cookbook, and Paleo Takeout : restaurant Favorites without the Junk .
Read through The Domestic Man web log to find recipes for delicious foods that include garlic smashed potatoes, curried gripe grizzle, smothered pork chops, and chicken soup with kale. All these recipes are made with healthy ingredients and most of them are prepared without serve ingredients that offer so many negative health side effects .

Follow The Domestic Man on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Google Plus to get instant notification when new recipes are released, and to learn some interesting facts about food along the way.

Amie Valpone

The Healthy Apple: How to Detox Your Food and Your Life

The Healthy Apple is more than a healthy food web log, though it does focus a carnival sum of space to information about eating for your health, including foods that detoxify the body, fight ignition, boost unsusceptibility, and promote overall good health. The Healthy Apple is the inspiration of Amie Valpone, who understands the fight you face to find balance in life and in the food you prepare for your family. She is the author of consume clean : the 21-Day plan to Detox, Fight Inflammation, and Reset Your body .
Amie uses a clean feed philosophy in the recipes she shares with her readers. Among her recipes you will besides find notations for dishes that are gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, vegan, vegetarian, sugar-free, etc. ) to help those with food allergies or sensitivities to well identify which foods will work for their dietary needs. She offers many recipes including some concern selections, like on-the-go snacks, condiments, seafood, side dishes, and more. Some recipes you might want to try from The Healthy Apple include : quinoa bowl with basil tomato sauce, roasted squash salad with creamy almond drizzle, and quinoa taco .

Consider following The Healthy Apple on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Google Plus to learn more about changing your life and your health by changing your diet.

Anjali Shah

The Picky Eater

What in truth makes The Picky Eater perfect is the fact that these recipes work for people who don ’ thyroxine require special diets – or do not go lightly into the opinion of eating healthy foods. They offer great season that even husbands and kids will love while being deceptively healthy at the same time. Her recipes are a sort of fusion between whole, organic, fresh foods and deep-dish trash food sensibilities. In Anjali ’ south blog, you will find a nice selection of fun, flavorful, “ debris ” foods that are actually healthy !
The theme that healthy food can taste dear is alien to many people who have been raised on processed foods, but The Picky Eater bridges the gap by offering delicious and healthy versions of everyday favorites, like chocolate elf oatmeal, pumpkin proto-indo european oatmeal, 7-layer bean dip, baked oven fries, Mediterranean style panini, Greek nacho, margarita pizza, macaroni and cheese, tight-fitting piquant spaghetti with garlic, parmesan, and veggies, and more. These don ’ t even include the many desserts available for The Picky Eater .

Follow Anjali Shah on social media at Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Google Plus to get updates when new recipes are revealed, and to learn more about transforming junk foods into healthier options.

The Minimalist Baker

The problem with healthy foods, for many people, is that you find what looks like a delicious recipe and then need to rob a bank to go buy the 25 ingredients it takes to make these delicious and alimentary dishes. not alone are these dishes expensive to make, but they are besides cumbersome, making it easy to make mistakes, leave something out, or add something twice .
Dana at Minimalist Baker understands your trouble. healthy recipes at the Minimalist Baker contain 10 or fewer ingredients, are prepared in one stadium or pot, and require less than 30 minutes of prep-time .
additionally, most recipes at Minimalist Baker are plant-based and gluten-free recipes. You will besides find some recipes that are egg-free and dairy-free, besides. Best of all, new recipes are posted every three days, making it easy to find something new and delicious to try, including some of these beauties : 30-minute chocolate donuts, vegan potato salad, no bake petabit & j energy bites, vegan pumpkin roll, and peanut butter cup cookies to get you off to a great startle .
There is more to Minimalist Baker than sweets, though. You will find enough of foods that are perfect for everyday cook on this impressive web log – all of which are bare to prepare and estimable for you to eat .

Follow Minimalist Baker on social media at Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter for fast updates when new recipes arrive.

Kath Eats Real Food

Written by Registered Dietician, Kath, Kath Eats Real Food focuses on eating healthy – initially as separate of her personal efforts to lose burden. She besides has a personal blog that focuses entirely on oatmeal. In addition to recipes and nutrition information and guidance, Kath besides offers instructional video to help explain versatile ideas and topics .
Kath has been blogging about food and nutriment since 2006, and has developed quite a solicitation of recipes during that time. initially, she blogged three times per day – for each meal of the day. She has recently switched formats so that she doesn ’ thymine update quite as frequently but even lavishes her readers with good food, alimentary insights, and quite a few glimpses into her personal animation and family. She besides has a morsel of a passion for wine, which she discusses frequently in her web log .
You will find a huge assortment among the recipes offered at Kath Eats Real Food ( besides referred to as KERF ). This includes dishes like : Mediterranean Pita Pocket Sandwich, Spiced-up Soufflé, Whole Wheat Blueberry Cobbler Muffins, Bacon Cheese Bean Burgers, Mole Coconut Burgers, and indeed many more delightful food items that are all made with actual ingredients .

Visit Kath on Social Media and stay up to date with her latest recipes by following on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Kate Taylor

Cookie and Kate

Kate adores cooking and always has. She specially loves preparing goodly foods to partake with good companies. Cookie is her rock regular buddy for cooking and many more adventures. in concert, they create recipes that are fun, flavorful, and healthy.

The recipes on Cookie and Kate are vegetarian recipes as she prefers to not cook kernel. She believes in wholly foods, and chooses locally sourced foods that are in season whenever possible for her menu planning and food homework .
Her purpose in creating Cookie and Kate was to celebrate good food and the nutriment it provides the body. Some of the great recipes you ’ ll find at Cookie and Kate include : whole grain pumpkin spiciness waffles, caramelized sweet potato, crimson pepper, and feta frittata, pesto pasta salad, roasted veggie enchilada casserole, roasted butternut squash risotto, and broccoli rabe and black bean quesadillas .

Follow Kate (and her trusted sidekick Cookie) on their next culinary adventures through social media at Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Google Plus.

The Year in Food

Created by Kimberley Hasselbrink, The year in Food offers visitors respective snapshots of Kimberley ’ s travel to discover creative fudge and ways to incorporate seasonal fruits and vegetables into her diet daily. She believes that food, like anything in life, is all about the moment. Her recipes and ideas much focus on cook at the moment of acme freshness and during the heart of seasonality for fruits and vegetables in her recipes.
Some of the recipes you ’ ll find featured on The class in Food include campfire barbecued salmon taco, grilled pink-orange greaser salad, lentil and bean soup, crop greaser, Cajun spiced odoriferous potato burgers, grilled roasted wimp, cranberry carrot bum, squash pasta with yogurt, peas, and chili, chickpea pasta with parsley pesto, rhubarb strawberry chia pudding, winter pasta with cauliflower and Brussels sprouts, and campfire frittata .
In accession to her web log, which offers many perplex and delicious recipes, Kimberley has besides written the bible, vibrant food : Celebrating the Ingredients, Recipes, and Colors of Each Season .

Visit The Year in Food on social media at Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter to learn more about the newest recipes, explore Kimberley’s beautiful photography or just to figure out something healthy and delicious to prepare for dinner.

101 Cookbooks

The 101 Cookbooks blog dates back to 2003 when Heidi Swanson had a goal of sorting through her enormous collection of cookbooks. As the web log evolved, Heidi ’ s lurch focused on whole foods that are natural and alimentary. For more than 10 years, the 101 Cookbooks web log has been bringing beautiful food and nutritional insights to kitchens and tables around the world. During that clock, Heidi has gathered together a formidable collection of recipes of her own, and she ’ second sharing those recipes and her insights about them with her readers .
You can choose to explore these recipes by categories, ingredients, or even by season. Heidi tied offers a few cookbook recommendations along the way excessively .
The one class you don ’ thymine want to miss is Heidi ’ south Favorites, which includes dishes like the luminizing beauty bowl, pickled turmeric eggs, broccoli cheddar soup, pineapple rice, antique blueberry cake, buckwheat cheese straws, immunity soup, potato chowder, lemongrass turmeric curry paste, carrot coat, asparagus stir-fry, japanese pizza, cashew curry, winter salad, and kombucha vacation punch .

Following Heidi on social media will help you stay on top of any new recipes and developments. She can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Green Kitchen Stories

If you ’ re quick to embrace a bare way of eat, Green Kitchen Stories is a capital station to begin. The focus is on vegetarian food prepared with natural ingredients, thoroughly fats, unharmed grains, fruits, and vegetables .
This blog tells stories about the people behind it, David and Louise, and their quest for healthy vegetarian recipes, organic products, and unharmed food – not to mention about the green wall in their kitchen. They represent a combination of culinary passions between the two of them. David is a vegetarian with a passion for baking and Louise is focused on preparing healthy foods for the kin that are tasty, simple, and healthy .
They presently have two books available in english : greens Kitchen Travels and The green Kitchen. You will find many outstanding recipes like banana granola, spinach muffins, gluten-free nut crackers, lemon spell boodle, acai bowl, blueberry coconut superintendent smoothie, one frame butternut and cabbage stew, summer pasta with crush tomatoes, peaches & mozzarella, vacation stuffed pumpkin, Korean lettuce wraps with Kimchi, chestnut tart with oyster mushrooms, cinnamon roasted vegetables, Portobello and smasher burger, vegetarian mini pizza, broccoli pesto, and many more amazing vegetarian and healthy dishes .

You can follow The Green Kitchen on Facebook and Instagram so that you are always up to date with the latest information and recipes.

Anne Mauney

Fannetastic Food

healthy feed is a way of life for Anne, a register dietician in Washington, D.C. who shares her passion for healthy corrode on the pages of Fannetastic Food. Her business is in helping you live a healthy, happier biography without counting calories. She has a Masters of Public Health degree in Nutrition and shares a wide scope of health tips, fitness and running information, and amazing recipes on the pages of her web log. Many of the recipes are gluten-free ; some are vegan. One of the capital things is that she offers recipes for substantial people .
Some of her popular recipes include : chicken and white bean chili soup, carrot cake muffins, Greek lamb burgers, goodly chicken enchilada, Mexican chicken casserole, Mexican lasagna, salmon with lemon mustard dill sauce, savory dress granola bars, strawberry scones, smoked salmon and dill envelop, beans and rice salad, spiced mashed sweet potatoes, easy coconut dress, Mexican brown rice casserole, chicken and vegetable pasta, and tied a few perfect finishes like zucchini brad frost cream, and no bake blueberry custard proto-indo european .

Follow Anne and her many adventures in the kitchen and out on social media with Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Google Plus.

Olives for Dinner

Erin shares her love of photography and vegan cooking in Olives for Dinner. The blog is beautifully done and filled with not only great recipes for Vegans, but besides great insights on why Erin believes vegan eating put people on the pathway to lives that are happy and healthy. She shares recipes for appetizers, breakfast and brunch items, desserts, entrees, and vegetable side dishes proving that eating healthy can be tasty, beautiful, and fun. She seems to have a rage for building complex spirit combinations, and offers a broad variety show of recipes .
Some of the great recipes you ’ ll find at Olives for Dinner include vegan grilled cheese with smoky tomato soup, red quinoa and sweetness potato croquettes, sleep together slam cauliflower, gochujang and peanut butter broccoli, broccoli tots with curry catsup, crisp vegan prawn toast, loaded baked potato hash brown waffle, dessert potato and rosemary beignets, roasted ginger and coconut shrimp, crisp kung pao brussels sprouts, seared king oyster mushrooms and a homemade teriyaki glaze .

Learn more about enjoyable vegan recipes by following Erin on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, and where she shares insights about recipes and her photography with her followers and fans.

Lynn Terry

Low Carb Traveling

People looking for ways to eat healthier to lose weight who are concern in a low carbohydrate diets will find low Carb Traveling to be a great plaza to start. not merely does Lynn partake many recipes with her readers, but she besides offers outstanding insights on how to kick start weight personnel casualty with a ketogenic or gloomy carb diet and how to break weight loss stalls that occur along the way. One thing Lynn does that is slightly alone is share her personal daily food diaries including the nutritional macro from her meals .
Lynn offers a diverseness of abject carb recipes on her blog including some that might feel a short like cheating while you are on a diet. Some of her most popular recipes are for fry squash, low carb peanut butter cookies, blimp balls, low carb garlic tall mallow sticks, low carb boodle, bum parmesan cauliflower broil, low carb brownies, and more .
Because Lynn is a patronize traveler she besides shares her travel feel and broken carb food options that are healthy for weight passing while dining out. Lynn believes in low carb meals that are healthy to eat and easy to prepare .

Follow Lynn’s travel and low carb experience on social media, too, on Facebook and Twitter.

Charlie Mace

The Kitchen Shed

The Kitchen Shed is a UK based web log all about clean eat. On the pages of The Kitchen Shed you will find valuable resources to help you get started, a houseclean eat shop list, meal plans – including plans that are vegetarian and gluten-free, and many, many great recipes. Charlie is the originator behind The Kitchen Shed, and she is presently a beauty therapist studying to be a dietician .
There are many fantastic recipes available on The Kitchen Shed, including recipes for things like avocado egg salad, bacon and egg proto-indo european, gripe chili ( organic ), gripe and boodle meatballs, brown rice breakfast bowl, turkey burgers, grandma bread, butternut squash and blimp bake, gluten detached brownies, vegan embrown rice pasta carbonara, tall mallow pita pizza, carrot and coriander soup, dense cooker Cajun chicken, cauliflower chat up, chicken and spinach curry, hummus and chickpea salad, kale and stuffing frittata cups, vegetable lasagna, chicken and broccoli lasagna, lentil salad, egg fried cauliflower rice, testis baked dessert potatoes, Mexican meat loaf, pot roast, pancakes, and even pecan pie bars .

Follow The Kitchen Shed and Charlie on social media at Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google Plus.

Everyday Maven

Alyssa at Everyday Maven lives in the Pacific Northwest, and shares her passion for real food recipes with her readers. The recipes you ’ ll find on Everyday Maven are delicious, goodly to eat, and not excessively complex to prepare. Most importantly, she begins with real food, and works to avoid foods that are excessively processed or that contain preservatives and artificial ingredients. Many of the recipes you ’ ll find at Everyday Maven are besides gluten free making the locate a capital place to go for people interested in a gluten free life style .
You will find many great recipes to share with your family at Everyday Maven – whether you ’ ra cook for small push or a large gain, there is sure to be something that will be just right, such as sesame chicken frying pan with spinach and onions, turmeric cauliflower rice with coconut, low carb salmon nicoise salad, paleo breakfast casserole with broccoli rabe, wimp sausage, and shallots, shrimp and broccoli touch fry in ginger sauce, dull cooker chicken fajita soup, paleo cocoa mug cake, dense cooker chocolate cranberry clusters with hawaiian pink salt, paleo chicken toilet proto-indo european, labor wimp picadillo, and slow cooker blimp and peppers .

Alyssa offers a variety of flavors in her foods and food preparation methods giving you many crock pot or slow cooker meals for easy preparation. Follow Everyday Maven on social media at Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Eat Yourself Skinny

Kelly uses her heat for food and fitness to help show readers that cook and eating goodly food can be both playfulness and easy. Her blog, Eat Yourself Skinny, offers a across-the-board crop of specialization recipes including many that are gluten-free, clean eat, paleo, vegetarian, dairy-free, gloomy carb, and vegan. In addition to recipes from breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you will find recipes for delicious, healthy snacks, beverages, and desserts at Eat Yourself Skinny .
Some of the snacks you will find include things like goodly zucchini bread, sweet and piquant sugared potato fries, vanilla almond oatmeal with blueberries, eggnog mocha mug cake, quinoa mini gorge peppers, spaghetti squash boats with hot blimp, zucchini noodles with creamy avocado pesto, healthy cauliflower fried rice, scraggy pumpkin chump cake, stuffed vegetable pizza rolls, tilapia greaser with spill the beans mango salsa, blue runt with coriander and birdlime, slow cooker butternut squash and farro chili, lentil and angelic potato fret, detox immune-boosting chicken soup, egg white and avocado salad, sesame chicken, banana breakfast muffins, and perfectly roasted broccoli and sweet potatoes .

Follow Kelly on social media at Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter to keep up with her latest recipes and adventures.

The Lean Green Bean

Written by Lindsay Livingston, a register dietician in Columbus, Ohio, The Lean Green Bean focuses on ease and balance. The meals and snacks are filled with goodly fats and complex carbs, tend proteins, fruits, and vegetables. The Lean Green Bean focuses on a diverseness of topics related to eating and living healthy, including healthy recipes, exercise information and discussions, tips for raw moms, and nutriment information as Lindsay seeks to prove that eat and living a healthier life style doesn ’ triiodothyronine have to be expensive or excessively complicated .
You will find many healthy, fun, and easy recipes to follow at the Lean Green Bean including recipes for adust pumpkin donuts with cinnamon glaze, pork and egg breakfast pizza, apple cinnamon breakfast bars, slow cooker honey garlic chicken thighs, crockpot chicken alfredo, white chicken chili, moment pot beef stew, broccoli pesto pasta salad, easy smoked salmon dip, cranberry meatballs, easy spinach balls, lentil overemotional joes, bbq pulled pork barrel stuffed sugared potatoes, easy tuna melts, and more .

Follow Lindsay on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter for fast access to her latest recipes and insights.

Domesticate Me!

Serena Wolf, generator of Domesticate Me, graduated Le Cordon Bleu cooking school in 2011. Since then she has worked as a private chef, culinary teacher, and as a recipe developer. It is blogging that has become her rage. On the pages of her blog she offers exciting and delightful clean eating recipes to share with her readers .
Among the many exciting recipes you ’ ll discover on her web log are foods like Brown rice jambalaya with prawn, chicken sausage, and bell peppers ; superfood stir-fry, one skilled braised chicken thighs with spinach and white beans, stuffed poblano quinoa bake, Thai curried butternut squash soup, roasted butternut squash tostada with hummus, caramelize onions, and capricorn cheese ; turkey un-fried rice, and two potato gratin with herbs and goat cheese .

Follow Serena on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google Plus to keep up with the newest recipes she adds to her collection.

The Full Helping

At The Full Helping, Gina, who has struggled with anorexia and a search for balance and health, offers healthy vegan recipes. She believes that eating full and doing good are closely linked and works hard to be a better neighbor to the animals that populate our satellite. She seeks to incorporate a sense of playfulness and determination in her recipes, and while the overall meals are healthy, she understands that there doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate constantly need to be a nutritional determination for every unmarried ingredient. Her web log besides serves as a classify of evolutionary journey from her struggles with an eating disorder and an unhealthy kinship with food to one that embraces food and celebrates it .
Some of the recipes you ’ ll receive at The Full Helping include delicious dishes like vegan split pea soup with smoky tempeh croutons, loaded garlic kale potatoes, Moroccan millet and roasted carrot pilaf, oh-so-simple french lentil soup, elementary vegan cornbread sage farce, vegan pumpkin cocoa marble loaf of bread, curried lentil vegetable cakes, sweet potato breakfast bowl with savory granola, easy lemon capsicum tempeh and vegetable pasta bowl, white bean artichoke kale-sadillas with green herb dipping sauce, and many more .

Follow Gina on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter to keep up with her newest Vegan dishes and to learn more about Gina’s culinary evolution.

Lexi’s Kitchen

Lexi ’ randomness Kitchen is a paleo-friendly blog that offers an categorization of gluten-free and dairy-free recipes as well. Alexis Kornblum Davidson ( Lexi of Lexi ’ s Kitchen ) besides has a cookbook available : Lexi ’ sulfur Clean Kitchen .
In summation to a fantastic collection of rid recipes, Lexi offers meal plans on her web log that offers five meals per week along with a shop tilt of the ingredients you will need. When searching her recipes, you can choose certain keys for things like nut free, vegan, paleo, gluten-free, egg-free, dairy-free, and 30 minutes or less. This helps you refine your focus if you have limited dietary needs or restrictions – or time constraints .
One of the concern thing about Lexi ’ south Kitchen is that you can search according to many different types of recipes. One recipe subheading that many men can get on circuit board with is the “ Game Day Eats ” category that offers matter to dishes like the slow cooker baked potato barricade, testis axial rotation stadium, decelerate cooker carne Asada – big over a plate of nacho, pizza stuffed peppers, white chicken chili, greaser salad, and buffalo chicken dip .

Follow Lexi’s Kitchen on social media so you’ll be one of the first to see new recipes as they are revealed: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

well that ’ s a wind folk music ! We hope you have found some genuine food for think among these pages, and more than a few blogs you ’ ll want to return to much in your own quest for a happy, healthier life style – including your diet.

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