Ways To Exercise That Won’t Make You A Sad Mopey Bitch | Healthy Living for Hot Messes

Ways To Exercise That Won’t Make You A Sad Mopey Bitch | Healthy Living for Hot Messes

Mandi Em Mandi Em Jul 30, 2019·5 min learn

exercise is one of those things that ’ s supposed to be “ good for us ” but seems like a real annoyance in the american samoa. Almost all forms of use involve some form of movement which is like, strictly against my life philosophy of trying to finely straddle that razor thin agate line between remaining sedentary everlastingly and somehow not degenerating entirely. drill is supposed to lift temper, make you feel bettor, and increase your department of energy. These were the selling points that got me when I was younger and led me to sign up for multiple gymnasium that I would go to once and pay for indefinitely. I wouldn ’ metric ton be surprised if we found out the entire inaugural worldly concern economy was being held up wholly by money that is flowing into gymnasium. now, I ’ thousand sure there ’ sulfur gon na be some Crossfit Kathy that ’ s thinking “ Well I go to the gymnasium and I LOVE it ”, and to her I would give a earnest little golf clap before patting her on her lusciously toned bottom and sending her the sleep together outta here. This guide own ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate for you, ti.

When I started trying to get my crap together health-wise after my second baby was born, I began walking and actually started to enjoy exercise. I know it sounds brainsick but the more exert I did, the more I enjoyed it. Although I ’ m still not the rather bitch that ’ s gon na be whipping around kettlebells or doing yoga in the park for shits and giggles, I realized that exercise made me feel pretty radian. My energy was better, my head was clearer, and I must say that getting not getting winded while washing my hair in the shower was a huge bonus. # fitfam amirite ?

What that experience taught me was that not all exercise is created equal.

chiefly, a huge barrier to my enjoyment of drill was thinking that I had to do that shit at a gymnasium, sadly pedaling a stationary motorcycle while reading a Cosmo from 2012 and watching silent episodes of House Hunters.

What I ’ ve learned since is that there are a variety of other things you can do that can end up being far more enjoyable, relax, and sustainable for your everyday liveliness .

Check out the following ideas of exercise you can do that wont make you a sad miserable bastard begging for the sweet release of death


Walking is top on the number because it actually is the easiest crap you can do. You can walk to the shop. You can walk to the parking lot. You can walk over there and bitchslap Karen. Walking is a legit form of exercise that can be combined with other tasks ( see : running errands, and bitchslapping folks ) and you don ’ t need any fancy overpriced equipment to do it. walk-to is besides big because it is broken affect and can be modified depending on ability. I was very much not an active person and had some issues with pain in my joints from fibromyalgia which affected my mobility. I started walking in a very casual manner, and finally worked my way up to jogging. overall my joints felt better because I was strengthening the muscles, and the first clock I jogged I actually wanted to cry because I never thought I would see the day. walk is largely underestimate, but she in truth is that backbite when it comes to simple, fit your life style exert .

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