The 14 Best Organic Mattress Protectors

Sharing is caring ! We spend over 200,000 hours of our lives asleep. Spending that much time in seam leads to inevitable wear, tear, and spills on a mattress, which a mattress defender can importantly reduce. Mattress protectors are a lot easier to maintain, specially compared to the fuss of attempting to clean your actual mattress. Of class, not all mattress protectors are made the same. Organic mattress protectors are the healthiest option for you and your family !

Toxins in Mattress Protectors 

These are the common toxins found in mattress protectors on the shelves today. By avoiding these materials and buying eco-friendly mattress protectors, you are making your home healthy angstrom well as protecting the ground .

Synthetic Materials

Most mattress protectors are made with synthetic materials like vinyl, polyester, rayon, etc. These synthetic materials are made from dodo fuels like petroleum, which contains toxins that can negatively affect your health over time.

These toxins are linked to health problems like kidney and liver damage, cancer, and hormonal disturbance .


Vinyl is normally found in mattress protectors to keep them water-repellent. Vinyl contains extreme levels of chlorine and phthalates. Avoid vinyl mattress protectors for you and your children ( this is common in children ’ second mattress protectors ) .
vulnerability to these chemicals has been linked to cancer and other health problems, particularly in children .

PFCs and Formaldehyde

traditional mattress protectors are much made with Perfluorinated Chemicals or PFCs and Formaldehyde. PFCs make fibers urine and creaseproof, and Formaldehyde is used to prevent mildewing during ship .
PFCs are the lapp chemicals used to make Teflon, and both PFCs and Formaldehyde have been linked to kidney disease and cancer .


Cotton sounds like a fantastic natural fiber. however, 20 % of the world ’ second pesticides are used on cotton crops, and those pesticides stick around retentive after the mattress protectors have made their means to your home .
Besides, the pesticides used on cotton crops are harmful to our environment equally well as the farmers .

Non-Certified Organic Cotton

Non-certified organic cotton is besides found in many mattress protectors. even though “ organic cotton ” sounds absolutely healthy, it doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate mean coarse chemicals aren ’ metric ton used in fabricate .
You may see some cotton labeled organic, meaning it was grown without pesticides. however, without a GOTS or Oeko-Tex certification, the cotton is silent manufactured with toxic dyes and harsh chemicals. Avoid any organic cotton without a GOTS or Oeko-Tex documentation .

Bamboo or Eucalyptus

Some mattress protectors are made with bamboo or eucalyptus. While these options may sound eco-friendly, it takes a chemically intensive serve to create functional fibers from either substance .
The harsh chemicals used in the refine process include sodium hydroxide, carbon disulfide, and multiple bleaching agent baths to get to the concluding product. This can lead to skin discomfort, tire, headache, and boldness damage .
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What to Look for in Organic Mattress Protectors

The healthiest organic mattress protectors on the market are made with certified organic cotton and wool .
With certify organic cotton, you can ensure the cotton used to make your organic mattress protectors are dislodge from pesticides from the field and harsh chemicals in the manufacture action. Look for these certifications .


GOTS Certification : The GOTS documentation ensures your mattress protectors are non-toxic from originate to finish .
It ’ south essential to keep an center out for labels that say “ GOTS organic cotton, ” Which means lone the cotton used is GOTS certified, and the finishes could be toxic .
Again, be leery of any labels that claim 100 % organic cotton without a authentication because the manufacture march can lead to hundreds of chemicals and toxins in your organic cotton mattress defender .


Oeko-Tex Certification : The Oeko-Tex certificate prevents over 100 chemicals from being used in manufacturing mattress protectors .
Oeko-Tex does not require the fibers to be organic, so you can have synthetic fibers or ceremonious cotton labeled with the Oeko-Tex certificate. read descriptions carefully to make certain you are buying an constituent Oeko-Tex certified mattress defender .

The Best Organic Mattress Protectors 

These are the best organic and non-toxic mattress protectors to keep your go to bed healthy and houseclean !
NBM Approved non-toxic products

Holy Lamb Organics

Holy Lamb Organics offers an eco wool moisture barrier that will keep your mattresses scavenge and allergen-free. These organic raincoat mattress protectors are made without chemicals or harsh additives so that you can rest easy .
While eco wool international relations and security network ’ t certified constituent, it comes from little sustainable farms. evening though washing eco wool takes a bit of care, it ’ mho great for waterproofing, and you don ’ t have to wash it arsenic much as certified organic cotton !
This is what my family uses. It works bang-up for leaks, and we love it !
Starting Price: $ 199.00
two organic mattress protectors on  a bed


Naturpedic organic mattress protectors are made with GOTS certified organic cotton. It has an ultra-thin GOTS-approved polyurethane barrier in the center between the two layers of organic cotton .
Their sizes range from duplicate to California king and will keep your mattress dry and clean !
Starting Price: $ 109.00
Naturepedic organic mattress protector undone on the corner of the mattress

Soaring Heart

Soaring Heart offers organic cotton mattress protectors that are GOTS certified and easily washable .
Soaring Heart besides sells Holy Lamb Organics eco-wool mattress protectors and the Coyuchi organic cotton mattress defender .
Starting Price: $ 70.00
Discount Code: 5 % off using code Natural Baby Mama ( exclude furniture )
organic cotton mattress protectors sitting on a grey sheet


Coyuchi makes GOTS certified organic cotton mattress protectors .
The size rate spans from twin to California king, and it comes with two-inch quilt squares for maximal quilt !
Starting Price: $ 126.40
Coyuchi organic cotton mattress protector shown on a mattress with a pillow and comforter, all in white.


Lifekind has several organic mattress protectors – everything from GOTS certified cotton to organic flannel to organic wool .
They offer a kind of organic, waterproof options that will fit your needs. Lifekind is known for its high-quality organic mattresses and bed .
Starting Price: $ 79.00

Magnolia Organics

Magnolia Organics has GOTS-certified organic rainproof mattress protectors .
Their mattress defender is amply encased with a slide fastener. It is besides well washable .
Starting Price: $ 29.95
natural colored organic waterproof mattress protector on a bed

My Green Mattress 

The organic GOTS-certified waterproof mattress protectors from My Green Mattress come with two layers of GOTS-certified organic cotton and a breathable polyurethane moisture barrier .
These mattress protectors are sewn by pass in Illinois .
Discount code: Use code NBM for – 15 % off Accessories .
Starting Price: $ 59.00
GOTS certified organic mattress protector on a mattress with the corner rolled up onto the bed


The GOTS certified organic mattress protectors from Avacado are made to protect your mattress and your health from harmful toxins .
They offer an extensive size range and optimum comfort with multiple layers of certify organic cotton .
Starting price : $ 89.00
white GOTS certified organic cotton mattress protector folded on a bed with a beige ribbon around it


Happsy provides nontoxic, GOTS organic waterproof mattress protectors for a compass of mattress sizes .
This mattress defender is complete with a non-toxic water-repellent liner to keep your mattress dry and fairly .
Starting Price: $ 79.00
non-toxic mattress protector on a bed with the corner turned down


PlushBeds makes GOTS organic waterproof mattress protectors, but it does have a polyurethane bottom to keep it water-repellent .
They offer size ranging from twin to king to split king .
Starting Price: $ 102.00
GOTS certified organic mattress protector with water droplets beading on the mattress.


Saatva has GOTS certified organic raincoat mattress protectors, complete with a comfortable quilted top .
Made with GOTS certified organic cotton, Saatva ’ s mattress defender will keep your mattress clean and your bed healthy !
Starting Price: $ 135.00
two organic waterproof mattress protectors sitting on top of a mattress.

Whisper Organics 

Whisper Organics offers a GOTS certified mattress defender .
It has a 300 thread count and a quilt top for extra comfort .
Starting Price: $ 107.99
quilted non-toxic mattress protector on a bed

Gotcha Covered 

The GOTS-certified organic waterproof mattress protectors from Gotcha Covered are designed to be “ undetectable ” below a fitted sheet .
This choice does come with a polyurethane back for water immunity .
Starting Price: $ 83.00
GOTS certified organic eco-friendly mattress protector in it's bad next to a bed.

White Lotus Home

White Lotus Home makes GOTS certified organic raincoat mattress protectors free from pesticides and flame retardants .
This defender is made with a thick weave to ensure your mattress stays protected !
Starting Price: $ 139.00
unzipped corner of a white organic waterproof mattress protector on a bed
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Final Thoughts on Organic Mattress Protectors

Ensuring your bed is toxin-free can be submerge, particularly with all of the information floating around on-line. You can avoid toxic chemicals and pesticides in your space by ensuring your bed uses natural fibers like eco-wool or certified organic cotton along with the GOTS or Oeko-Tex documentation .
Protecting your mattress is deoxyadenosine monophosphate childlike as looking for a certify constituent mattress defender. I hope you were able to find one that fits your needs in this list !
It can be overwhelming to find in truth safe products ; I have created my Amazon Storefront for vet non-toxic mattress protectors and early non-toxic populate products .

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