{3 Ingredient!} Healthy Vanilla Banana Milkshake

Love milkshakes, but hate the calorie content ? then try my 3 ingredient healthy alternative ! The mystery to its creaminess lies in the freeze banana ! Try it and be amazed ! Vanilla Banana Milkshake I ’ ve been sitting on this recipe for a while…

OK… more than a while. More like a year. Vanilla Banana Milkshake I have been meaning to blog the recipe for ages, I pretty much lived on these milkshakes last Summer, they were good perfect for a hot Summer ’ south lunch. But, I didn ’ t have the right glasses… # foodbloggerproblems Vanilla Banana Milkshake I finally found said glasses survive week and knew that the first thing I ’ d photograph in them would be this milkshake. I first base saw a milkshake recipe with frozen banana as the base on Sally ’ s Baking Addiction last year. When I beginning tried them, it was honestly life change. Vanilla Banana Milkshake I ’ ll admit I love a milkshake. But I don ’ thyroxine love what all that internal-combustion engine cream does to my hips. Hello, I have cheeseparing jeans to fit into. even with stretch, they only go therefore far. thus, when I first froze an excessively advanced banana and then blitzed it up in the mixer, I was amazed at how like soft churn ice cream it was. And how arrant it was for the base of a milkshake ! If you haven ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate tried it however, you seriously need to ! ! Vanilla Banana Milkshake good look how creamy it is ! ! I ’ ve made all manner of spirit combinations over the stopping point year ; strawberry and banana, raspberry, blackberry… sometimes I want the other fruits to take pride of place and the banana basal is hush perfect as it ’ mho not excessively overpowering. other times, I want to mix Strawberries and Bananas and taste both, again frigid banana is the room ahead. It ’ s so versatile, with just a few ingredients you can have something which tastes like it should have so many more calories ! Vanilla Banana Milkshake I ’ m a sucker for a recipe which cuts calories, whilst not tasting like it ! Don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate know about you, but it kind of makes me feel like I beat the system. I feel like I should be feeling naughty, but I know that actually it ’ randomness healthy and I can enjoy it and know I won ’ triiodothyronine find huge tomorrow dawn ! ? evening though I make many variations of this recipe, ( more flavours coming to the web log soon ! ) my go to flavour is this Vanilla Banana Milkshake. You get the fresh taste of the banana, the cool, smooth, creamy texture and then barely a little pleasantness from the vanilla added to the mix. elementary, but ohio so good. I find myself going back to this again and again when I want a refreshingly cool lunch. so, grab some bananas ; freeze them, blitz them up with some milk and vanilla and be converted to delectable milkshakes you can drink all Summer retentive ! Enjoyed this post ? Sign up to my hebdomadally newsletter to ensure you never miss a post !




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Healthy Vanilla Banana Milkshake

Love milkshakes, but hate the calorie contentedness ? then try my 3 ingredient goodly option ! The secret to its creaminess lies in the frozen banana ! Try it and be amazed !

Prep Time



Total Time





large or 2 small glasses


  • 2 metier bananas, sliced and freeze. ( The ripe the better ! )
  • 1 cup milk, I used plane
  • 4 tsp vanilla educe


  1. rate all ingredients into a food processor and safety blitz until placid and creamy .
  2. Be certain to give it a commodity safety blitz ( 45 seconds – 1 infinitesimal ) even if all the banana chunks have gone, mixing for longer makes it creamier .
  3. Pour into glasses and serve immediately .

Recipe Notes

Recipe by Annie of Annie ‘s Noms

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