Muscle mass percentage: Benefits and how to calculate it

Maintaining a healthy percentage of muscle mass has respective benefits, such as reducing the hazard of age-related muscle loss. There are assorted ways to estimate this percentage. In this article, we describe what muscle batch percentage is, why it can be utilitarian to know, and how to calculate it.


a woman standing on body fat scale to measure muscle mass percentage share on PinterestA body fat scale can help a person determine their muscle mass percentage. Muscle mass refers to the amount of easy muscleman tissue in the body. early major components of the body include fat, cram, and water. Muscles chiefly help with movement, maintaining pose, and supporting bodily functions. There are three main types of muscleman :

  • smooth muscle, which is in the internal organs
  • cardiac muscle, the muscle of the heart
  • skeletal muscle, which exists throughout the body

The body ’ s collective muscle tissue constitutes its muscle mass. however, in most context, the term “ muscleman mass ” specifically refers to bony muscle. This is the only type of muscle that a person can voluntarily operate. bony muscle plays a key character in movement. For exemplar, bending the weapon up requires the bicep muscleman to narrow and the triceps to relax.

Exercising the skeletal muscles in assorted ways can increase the body ’ south mobility, remainder, and strength. Keeping the skeletal muscles healthy is important for casual functioning. This may be particularly authoritative for older adults. Learn more about the different muscle types here .

How to calculate it

It is potential to determine how much of a person ’ south body is made up of muscle, fat, and other components. The most accurate ways involve expensive aesculapian equipment. For exercise, it is possible to calculate brawn mass share from an MRI scan. however, it is besides potential to estimate brawn multitude share at home. While many on-line calculators and tools claim to do this, it is unclear whether any of these methods are accurate. Most trust on calculating body fat percentage. Subtracting this share from 100 will leave the percentage of lean body bulk. While tilt body batch includes muscle multitude, it besides includes bone and early components of the torso. There are several ways to determine body fat share at dwelling. For exemplar, a person can use a body fat scale, which calculates the come of adipose tissue by sending an electrical current through the body. The United States Navy recommend a different method acting, which involves measuring the circumferences of diverse soundbox parts. These add up to a certain value, and different values and heights represent assorted body fat percentages.

Why is it useful?

Muscle bulk share can be an indicator of health. Over fourth dimension, muscle multitude naturally declines, and this decrease, called sarcopenia, can make everyday activities such as walk or climbing the stairs more difficult.

The percentage of muscle mass varies between people. It will depend on several factors, including fitness, body size, and sex. There are presently no particular guidelines for what a healthy or normal muscle mass share should be. But a goodly body fatty percentage is a useful indicator of overall body typography. According to the American College of Sports Medicine, goodly torso fat percentages are :

Age20–2930–3940–4950–5960 –69 70-79Very lean4.2–6.4 12.5–14.99.5–13.011.1–14.912.0–16.1 13.6–15.5 Excellent7.9–10.512.5–14.915.0–17.517.0–19.418.1–20.2 17.5– 20.2 Good11.5–14.815.9–18.418.5–20.820.2–22.321.0–23.0 21.1–22.9 Fair15.8–18.619.2–21.621.4–23.523.0–24.923.6–25.6 23.6–25.2 Poor19.8–23.322.4–25.124.2–26.625.6–28.126.4–28.8 25.7–28.0 Very poor25.1– 33.7 26.4–34.4 27.7–35.2 29.2–36.4 29.8– 37.2 29.3–37.3 Women
Age20–2930–3940–4950–5960 –69 70 –79 Very lean11.4–14.111.0–13.811.7–15.213.8–16.913.8–17.713.7–16.4 Excellent15.2–16.115.5–16.516.8–18.219.1–20.820.1–22.018.8–21.2 Good16.8–20.017.5–21.019.5–23.622.3–26.623.2–27.522.6–26.3 Fair20.7–23.522.0–24.824.6–27.427.4–30.028.3–30.827.1–30.0 Poor24.4–28.625.8–29.628.3–31.930.7–33.831.5–34.430.9–33.6 Very poor 30.9–38.4 31.4–39.0 33.4–39.0 34.9–39.8 35.4–40.3 35.0–40.0

Muscle mass benefits

Maintaining a healthy muscleman mass will help older adults counter sarcopenia and stay mobile. It can besides help with maintaining a goodly system of weights, as a higher percentage of brawn mass reflects a lower share of body fat. In addition, there are assorted overall benefits to keeping the muscles strong and goodly, such as reducing the hazard of injury. besides, forms of exercise that build brawn can besides increase bone concentration. exert that increases muscle mass may besides have genial health benefits. For case, clinical trials have found that resistance trail can improve symptoms of depression.

How to build muscle mass

resistance training, or strength aim, increases muscle mass. It involves pushing or pulling to counter resistor from the consistency ’ s own system of weights, a electric resistance band, or another exert joyride. Countering resistance places strain on the muscles, forming bantam tears in the muscles ’ fibers. The body then heals these tears and adapts to strengthen the muscles. With repeat, this process leads to an increase in muscleman mass. It is normally necessary to gradually increase the come of resistance over clock in order to keep the muscles adapting. It is crucial to take every precaution to avoid injuries during these workouts, particularly for older adults. It may help to follow a certain diet, such as one that involves a high protein inhalation. Learn more about build brawn bulk through exert.


“ Muscle multitude ” refers, jointly, to the body ’ sulfur muscleman tissue. sometimes, people use the terminus to refer to the bony muscle only.

Calculating the percentage of muscleman bulk can help a person monitor or uphold health, and attention to muscle mass becomes more significant as adult age. While it is unmanageable to calculate muscle mass precisely without specialist equipment, a person can start to estimate the digit by calculating their body fat percentage, then subtracting the number from 100 .

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