8 Foods That Give You an Afternoon Energy Boost That AREN’T a Cup of Coffee

You know the feel. Your shoulders sag forward, your eyelids are heavier than paperweights, you ‘ve read and reread the lapp sentence seven times in a row…it ‘s the fear 3 post meridiem slump, and your options for a quick pickup feel few and far between. Impromptu headstand ? You ‘re frightening your officemates. Car nap ? Try not to get fired. alternatively, you slug another cup of caffeine, lone to find yourself tossing and turning at midnight, the cycle beginning again the follow day. ( Find out 5 other things that make you tired, here. )
Put down the coffee pot. There are other capital options for an instant energy upgrade, says Keri Gans, Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist and writer of The Small Change Diet—they just take a bit of know-how and plan ahead .
The keystone to beating the awful good afternoon slump, Gans says, is being prepared with healthy snacks on-hand, specifically, foods with carbs for quick energy, and that are gamey in fiber, protein, and/or healthy fats to provide longer-lasting energy, without the jolt of caffeine .
“ A distribute of times, when we ‘re crashing in the middle of the day, we ‘re merely hungry, ” says Gans. “ What you need is carbs, that ‘s the bottom cable. then, protein and fatty keep you satiated longer, so it ‘s a win-win. ”

clearly out some space in your desk drawer or position electric refrigerator for these 8 snacks that pack a true energy punch :
A fresh piece of fruit + a serving of almonds. “ It ‘s perfect : healthy, with immediate energy, and so portable, ” says Gans. And, you ‘ll be pleased to hear that Gans chuckles at the impression that we should steer clear of certain kinds of fruit. “ The carbs and sugar in yield is lifelike, ” she says. Oranges, banana, grapes—they ‘re all delightful and fair game .
Roasted edamame. Peeking in her own cabinets, Gans spots this favored energy-boosting food— ” it ‘s very high in roughage and very eminent in protein. ” To make this balmy, chewy bite, simply dissolve frozen shelled edamame beans, pass with olive oil, ocean salt and black pepper, and ridicule on a bake sheet at 375°F for 30 to 40 minutes, stirring every 10 minutes until the beans begin to dark and crisp up. Gans recommends a ¼ cup serve .
Baked black bean or lentil chips + The Laughing Cow spreadable cheese wedges. “ It sounds eldritch, but cheese and chips is a great jazz band for department of energy, ” says Gans. “ barely smear it on ! ” The bake chips are packed with protein and fiber, and The Laughing Cow Light spreadable wedges boast 7 flavors and 35 calories each. Try the Light Queso Fresco & Chipotle spirit. “ Spicy can wake you up ! ” says Gans. For more foods packed with roughage, check out this list of 15 healthy high-fiber foods that make you feel full and satisfy .
Low-fat chocolate milk. “ You could be dragging because you ‘re dehydrated, ” says Gans. “ sometimes, something cold and freshen is all you need. ” Gans buys Organic Valley ‘s individual drinks ; “ I love them as a pickup. ” For more aid in the hydration department, decidedly check out these 10 ways to drink more water .
Greek yogurt + fresh berries. Go for the low-fat, not non-fat, version of this go-to bite, Gans offers. “ You want that little bite of fatness for energy with staying baron. ”

Grapefruit wedges + cottage cheese. Again, choose for the healthy fats from low-fat ( 2 % milkfat ) bungalow cheese ( Gans likes the 90-calorie Breakstone translation ). Pair a hearty scoop with grapefruit wedges for an moment pickup, courtesy of the protein in the bungalow cheese, grapefruit ‘s natural carbs, and the olfactory property of citrus that immediately awakens your senses .
KIND bars. “ They ‘re broken in sugar, high in character, and easy to take along with you, ” says Gans. “ I love the Dark Chocolate Sea Salt, and a modern one, the Dark Chocolate Mocha Almond. ” You had us at dark cocoa !
Yasso Frozen Greek Yogurt Bars. You ca n’t go wrong with a sugared treat that besides fights the urge to doze off under your desk. Gans digs the Mint Chocolate Chip Yasso bars—the minty taste wakes up your senses, and you ‘ll get an energy boost from 13g of sugar ( a draw of it coming naturally from the lactose, she says ), and staying ability from 6g of protein, but all with only 100 calories. Prefer Peanut Butter Cup or 80-calorie Mango ? Lucky for you, there are presently 11 flavor choices .
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