Delicious, but not Dangerous: How to Make Healthy Choices at Qdoba

form has sprung…according to the calendar, at least. It may not feel like spring quite yet, but it is right around the recess ; which besides means that summer is right around the recess. Did person say beach season ? Yikes ! Your new class ’ sulfur resolution of losing slant and eating healthier are credibly long gone, and you ’ re back at square one. That sucks, right ? Well, not so much .
We are glad to boast a assortment of healthy and delicious options to help you stay on track. Below is a tilt of some of our darling ways to cut calories and fat, while adding fiber and protein to your front-runner entrée .
Enjoy a greaser salad bowl with chicken, bean corn salsa, nonfat picante ranch dressing and pico de gallo for lone 310 calories .
A healthier option than flour tortillas, whole wheat tortillas are lower in carbs and calories, and higher in fiber, protein and iron. Or, try your burrito in a bowl for the healthiest choice !

Our hot adobo brown rice is only 170 calories per serve is lower in carbs and higher in character than our coriander lime white rice .
Our leanest meat on the menu for alone 160 calories per service, plus 19g of protein .
Add some semblance and flavor to your entrée with fajita veggies for only 30 calories per service .
Add any ( or all ) of our salsa – all five are nonfat !
If you ’ re ready to make a change, or want to see how your meal stacks up, check out our on-line nutriment calculator. See how evening small changes can make a big difference when trying to make healthy choices.

now that you know what to look for, explore our full moon menu to see all of your available options .
You can also make healthy choices with your QDOBA Catering orders.  You can select your favored rice, beans, proteins, and add-ons to customize the perfective healthy spread for your provide personal or occupation event. Make certain order plenty of lettuce so your guests can make salads ! Explore our full cater menu to see what works for you .
And because everyone loves a good success report, let ’ s meet Bill .

In 2012, Bill found himself at his heaviest system of weights of 250 pounds. He knew something needed to change. So he joined a gymnasium but didn ’ t see much change until a year by and by when he found out he was diabetic. This was when he knew something big had to change. So he continued to exercise and changed his eating habits. This led him right to our front doorway, where we welcomed him with open arms. Bill was able to make modest changes and see a big remainder. today, Bill maintains a healthy system of weights and is known as “ chicken greaser ridicule ” to the staff at his local anesthetic Qdoba.

Woohoo ! You look great, Bill !
Happy healthy [and delicious] eating! 

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