Healthy Restaurants Near Metro Detroit

Are you a Metro Detroit resident looking for more alimentary choices when you enjoy a meal on the town ? If you ’ re a food-lover trying to be healthy or consume smaller share sizes, you can still enjoy those lunches and dinners out without the guilt of overindulgence. How ? By eating at restaurants offering fitter options and smaller assign sizes of delightful, still-tempting dishes. If you ’ re wondering where you can find a healthy restaurant in Dearborn, MI, we ’ re here to help. here are the four best places to eat healthy in Dearborn and nearby Metro Detroit .

1. Sprout House

Located in Gross Pointe Park and serving as both a little cafe and a newly foods grocery store store, this healthy restaurant takes natural ingredients and flavorful food to the next level. Offering a variety of unique menu items to get customers excited about being goodly, Sprout House provides all kinds of fresh food ingredients for your own cook. They besides have a few charm in-house creations, like the smoke avocado sandwich, homemade Thai peanut soup and many early fresh, natural picks to keep you on track with your healthy eat goals .

2. Chive Kitchen

Hoping to get adventurous with your healthy food choices ? Specializing in vegan food with a variety of singular, advanced influences for satisfying meal options that trade the fry food and red meat for fitter options, Chive Kitchen gives you full spirit and fewer calories with vegan comfort food options inspired by Californian, western european and portuguese cuisine.

Visit Chive Kitchen in Farmington to satisfy your cravings with healthier alternatives that are just as tasty.

3. Cacao Tree Cafe

If you want to go healthy all the way and add some beautiful color to your meal options while you ’ re at it, a free-and-easy stop for natural, goodly options is Cacao Tree Cafe, located in Royal Oak, MI. In summation to offering newly, healthy food options like quesadillas, burritos and General Tso ’ s lettuce wraps with heart-healthy nut kernel rather than saturated fat-packed entrees, the cafe serves clean juice with superfood ingredients and soothing smoothies to cleanse your palate.

4. TRIA Restaurant

With an upscale, casual environment and a menu of uniquely-prepared seasonal worker cuisine, TRIA – Inspired American Cuisine is one of the best places to eat healthy in Metro Detroit. Featuring an master menu of high-quality dishes built around the sphere ’ s local, sustainable food sources, TRIA delivers you bracing, flavorful, seasonal worker dishes made lone from the best ingredients. Our menu offers something for everyone and all tastes, whatever your dietary goals or restrictions — we even provide small-plate part sizes to help you with your health endeavors. In accession, our fantastic do is made merely from the freshest, healthiest, highest-quality fruits, vegetables and meats from local sources. sol, you can enjoy your dawn, afternoon or evening eating out without the guilt of diverging from your healthy diet plan. Make a reservation at TRIA today — it just might become your newfangled favorite restaurant for healthy food options in Dearborn, MI .

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