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Kimmie M, Monroe NC
September 29, 2021
Thank you for giving my feet and biography back ! ! ! I know that sounds dramatic but I have suffered with bunions and constant annoyance and discomfort in barely walking. These socks gave me the relief I have been dreaming of ! ! ! so grateful and I will recommend to all I know who needs the same easing ! !

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Anastasia B, North Hollywood CA
September 5, 2018
I ‘ve had perturb with my foot for 3 year. Wearing your fantastic My-happy feet keeps all in order the add bonus is, like a beneficial man, they are lovely to look at i have the motley one even wear them away besides as depart of realignment is going barefooted
Genevie D, Fallbrook CA
October 29, 2017
Hi there ! I just wanted to let you know that your socks have changed my life ! I ‘ve dealt with atrocious foot trouble so bad it keeps me up at night. After wearing your socks, the trouble is about wholly gone. Thank you ! Thank you ! Thank you !
Eleanore S, Green Bay WI
August 18, 2017
I precisely wanted to thank you so much for responding to my request. I love them and surely feel they have made a definite dispute to my to alignment – I am a Cushing ‘s Syndrome patient and my toes have been hard to separate before I found your solution to my problem – I will guarantee you that I will endorse your My-HAPPY FEET to anyone that may need them .
Colleen L, Vernonia OR
March 17, 2017
I LOVE these socks. I ’ ve never bought anything that says ‘ it ’ ll help with your pain ’ but these socks caught my eye. I have lots of pain in my feet and these socks help a great batch .
Nicole R, Manchester NH
February 17, 2017
I good want to tell you that I love my-happy feet. They are literally “ happy feet ” now. They have changed my life, quite literally. I run and have plantar fasciitis. The easing that these bring me is improbable and I thank you from the very tip of my toes .
Holly S, Silver Creek GA
January 10, 2017
Love my socks ! They are everything I thought they ‘d be. Thank you indeed much !
Tamara R, Blunt Hills NY
September 26, 2016
hello ! I have been using my socks for about 10 days immediately. I have badly arthritis in my big toe and am an amateur competitive ballroom dancer. My feet hurt all the time ! I ca n’t believe how much better my feet feel after only 10 days. It did take me several days to build up to overnight wear and there is still a little discomfort, but I am enchant with my results. I was surprised that after lone a few days I could feel some stretch in my feet and toes. My conserve keeps asking me when I ‘m ordering him a pair. I will be ordering for him and several family members for Christmas ! I ‘m so beaming I decided to try these ! thank you for making my feet feel dependable !
Pam B, Clearwater Florida
September 15, 2016
I am using them every sidereal day and now started the all night wearing. I am a PE teacher and on my feet all day. I am already feel improvement. They are the BEST ! ! !
Sara C. Phoenix AZ
August 25, 2016
I bought these socks for my boyfriend who has mild CP. He loves the socks and was sleeping in them after a couple days. I think they are helping his pace american samoa well as overall comfort. I would recommend them for anyone who has foot issues. They are well-made and worth the price .
Trisha N. Enterprise MS
August 6, 2016
I fair want to tell you that I ADORE my socks ! ! ! I ‘m a base runner, and a Corporate HR Director, so I ‘m very baffling on my feet. I now look forward to kicking back and putting my socks on EVERY NIGHT ! ! The tension is gone and my feet feel great ! You make a fantastic merchandise ! !
Fances F. Mississauga Ontario Canada
August 5, 2016
The alignment socks helped me with my alignment — both feet are straight and face forward — & I can walk normally. Thanks .
Joy W. Buffalo NY
June 28, 2016

I can not thank you adequate for these socks ! WHAT A dispute ! I came family from a 15 hour event sidereal day to discover mine had arrived. My feet were afflictive from the day but I put the socks on for 15 minutes ( as per instructions ) and not alone was I able to sleep comfortably, but my feet did n’t have about the come of residual tenderness the future day. I wear them every night after my dance classes and can actually feel them realigning my feet. I ca n’t imagine finishing my days without them anymore !

Michelle L. Osakis MN
May 5, 2016
My feet are so happy since I started wearing my socks to bed 3 nights ago. I have NO foot annoyance for the first time in respective months. I am wearing a pair of shoes today that I have never been able to wear without annoyance. Thank you .
Julie R. Virginia Beach VA
May 1, 2016
I LOVE my socks ! Wearing them today to help my recovery from a heck of a 50K chase run. Love them so a lot I bought them for my family this by Christmas. fantastic product .
Carol K. Mayfield Heights, OH
February 5, 2016
I was given a pair of your socks by my daughter. She knew that my feet would occasionally hurt. But what she did n’t know was that I would wake up in the middle of the night when my toes would fall asleep so ill that I could n’t feel if they were still there. I would have to pull my foot out of the bed and massage it to get the feeling back .

After a few of weeks of wearing your socks in the evenings before bed, I realized that I was nobelium long waking up with that sensation .

What an amazing intersection .
Rachel B. San Francisco CA
January 1, 2016
Although I have n’t worn my socks overnight yet, I swear that my toes are already better aligned ! Thank you so much for creating this product !

happy New class !
June 3,2015
Capsulitis of the Second Toe, Inter-metatarsal Neuromas. I was diagnosed with these when I got in to see the chiropodist. I started using these socks though when I started to feel the pain. My mother sent me a pair a farseeing time ago and said they were for foot health basically. I tried them then and did n’t see the full profit till now. I was having foot pain so bad walk at work was atrocious. I granted was in the begin stages after X-rays of my new diagnosis, but after wearing these shock for a week I felt back to normal. By the fourth dimension I saw my doctor I had no pain. now wearing the socks were irritating at first but, 30min,1hr, 3hr, up all night, the pain became less. I know wear then a couple times a workweek and have n’t had the annoyance common sense. I angstrom well wear orthotics inserts in my shoes deoxyadenosine monophosphate well ampere prescribed as well .
Thanks again, Eric
Shari Doedel‎
May 21,2015
I ‘ve had arthritic arthritis for a hanker fourth dimension nowadays and have had the common bone damage in my feet – dropped cross arch with resulting malleus toes, big toe valgas and dislocated mtp joints. All big fun and sometimes a piece excessively afflictive to walk – I surely never walk unsheathed infantry. I first found My-Happy Feet about 5 years ago and am just on my 2nd pair. I wear holes in them at the ball of my foot within a few months, but the best part of the windsock – the toe separate – never wears, so I just patch the underfoot. There are some days when these socks are the only thing that assistant my feet feel reasonable again. It was a good day when I found your socks. I was at a seminar last nox talking about arthritis and feet and told everyone there about your socks. You can expect some more orders. Thank-you My-Happy foot from us rheumatoids .
Laura Marie Cole
April 22, 2015
I ‘ve tried your conjunction socks arsenic well as a knock off trade name and found my my-happy feet to be far superior ! Thanks for what you do !
Jill – Washington
January 22, 2015
Oh my. I looove these. I have had them less than 24 hours and I can not get enough. My spouse thinks I ‘m crazy as I am crafting commercials espousing the wonders. I just immediately caught myself ‘watching the grass grow ‘ in that I just sat and was mesmerized and entertained by what was happening.

During my after dinner walk for which I took them off, I could silent feel results in unfold, relax feet. Yet, I secretly could n’t wait to get home to put them on again.

These truly do make my feet and me happy. weirdly enough.

I want to gift these to my clients, my friends, my family, and random people passing by.

I am a believer.

Thank you,
Jill Brandsborg
Maria – Ontario, Canada
January 9, 2015
What a great product ! The first time I put on the socks I felt a change, At first, I could n’t do the full moon 15 minutes, but it is getting better. After I remove the socks my toes feel relaxed and aligned Thank You My-Happy metrical foot !
The muscles in my feet are highly taut, and flush daily stretching was not adequate ( how much clock time does anyone have to sit with their fingers between their toes ? ). These socks are amazing because they give the same amount of stretch, but without any effort or time expending on my partially. Since wearing them I feel that my feet have become more flexible. I besides love the sensation of increased circulation in my feet after I take them off, deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as the fact that I can actually see space between all of my toes !

besides, customer service is excellent. I had a size issue with my beginning couple and after I contacted them, they immediately sent me out another pair unblock of charge. I would not hesitate to rate from them again.
There are a few things I would change, though. First, the sizing seems off, at least for the motley copulate that I ordered. According to the size chart I should be a medium ( I wear a women ‘s size 9 ) but when I pulled on the medium the heel area ended up on the back of my ankle. I then tried a little, which fit absolutely.

Second, I have short little finger toes and find that the partition between the fourth and fifth toe works it ‘s way out when walking around. It stays in all right when I ‘m not moving, but it would be big if this divider was shorter. finally, please make a thin sock for warmly upwind ! These are nice and thick and great for cool weather, but I ca n’t imagine wearing them when it gets hot this summer .
These socks are the best ! I have tried many other bunion and hammer toe products and nothing worked until I found these socks. I have been sleeping in them every night for many years and my toe alignment has improved significantly. I have bunions and my toes used to overlap, but now they are separated, straighter and more elastic. Your feet will feel good soon after you start wearing these socks, but if you continue to wear them systematically you will not lone feel the remainder, you will besides see the dispute ! These socks are amazing ! !
Sharon S – Canada
“ not lone are these socks well conceived and of quality construction, this company ‘s customer service is second base to none.

What sets these socks apart from products such as yoga sandals and gelatin toe spacers is that they can be worn in go to bed. Dancers, practitioners of yoga and Pilates, you can stand on your toes in these ! My first gear match were besides big, but were heartily and promptly exchanged. The new socks are a better burst, and can in any case be moulded slenderly to accommodate differences in infantry form.

This is a good intersection backed by big military service .
Loisirene – Independence, OH
August 1, 2013
Being a base runner, one looks for products to help one ’ second feet, toes feel good clairvoyance. after long training runs. These socks were great. My toes felt better aligned after a few wearings. I do agree with others stmts. to take one ’ randomness time in wearing them with spacers in full between toes. overall, good product .
Janis – Waltham, MA
My feet have never felt better. I have bunions and stand a fortune during the day. It is a pleasure to get home put on my foot conjunction socks and find relief. I sleep with them besides and what a remainder it makes when I wake up. My feet feel refreshed and the pain lessened. I have purchased other foot products but this one is THE BEST and WORTH THE MONEY, which is not expensive at all .
Kathy – Waimea, HI
I think these sock are going to change my life. My feet feel indeed much better since I wear these every day. entirely problem is I need another couple so I can wash the first gear copulate.
I only gave it 4 stars because I think the socks are excessively ardent. It is getting to be summer and it is hard to wear such warm socks in the summer. But otherwise they are fantastic !

Be sure to follow the directions and start wearing them lento. I tried to move faster and hurt my feet .
Jester P – Huntington Beach, CA
I purchased these for my girlfriend. She uses them every night. She suffers from less pain through out the day now.

Karl – Vancouver, WA
I have suffered from chronic trouble related to foot problems for years. This product has provided fantastic relief.I have suffered from chronic trouble related to foot problems for years. This merchandise has provided fantastic relief .

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