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Natural Solutions guides and inspires you to make conscious choices about your health, your family ’ s health, your community, and our global. About Natural Solutions
Natural Solutions : Vibrant Health, Balanced Living ( once Alternative Medicine ) magazine has been the believe voice in natural health since 1994. Our content reflects our readers ’ commitment to healthy, natural know. In every issue, we highlight health information pertaining to all aspects of our lives—food, beauty, family, pets, base, and beyond. About InnoVision Health Media
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alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine
Integrative Medicine : A clinician ’ s Journal
Advances in Mind-Body Medicine Writers Guidelines
Natural Solutions works with the top health writers in the state to develop research-backed content that emphasizes practical solutions and gives readers the information they need to better concern for themselves and the satellite. Our readers are understanding and passionate about improving their health and the quality of their lives. In each return, we offer the latest news on herb and supplements, natural beauty products, healing foods, and natural family products—plus up-to-date research in the fields of complemental medicine and alternative therapies.
We focus on information that will help our readers take charge of their own wellbeing. Each article must be grounded in some kind of authority—citing studies, where applicable, and interviewing experts in the field—but it besides must give our readers virtual advice. They want to know what the information means for them, how it fits into their life style and how it can inform the choices they make about their health. Writers concern in submitting report ideas are encouraged to cautiously examine the magazine before sending their queries. Please submit your estimate to [email protected] with a brief explanation of why you think your narrative would be a suit for Natural Solutions, and attach three published clips. Please note that we do not accept unsolicited manuscripts. Although we try to respond to every report pitch, we receive hundreds of emails daily, and you may not receive a timely reaction. Our editors will contact you if they are matter to in pursuing a report. here are the sections we are presently accepting pitches for .


These newsy, front-of-book and back-of-book sections are the best place to pitch Natural Solutions because we are always looking for innovative ideas. Health Matters and Simple Solutions highlight the latest research studies, trends, tips, and concern merchandise finds in unretentive, easy-to-digest articles of 50 to 200 words. Each subsection in Health Matters focuses on a detail topic—food, self-care, smasher, pet health, families, balance, and the environment. simpleton Solutions stories should always contain accomplishable solutions to common conditions or health issues.


Highlights ways food can support your health and ways it can be used as an option therapy for particular conditions. holocene topics have included gluten-free diets, using an elimination diet to address allergies and food intolerance, and eating to ease diabetes. note that we work with entirely experience recipe developers. Stories in this department roll from 800 to 1,200 words .


This department looks at the latest trends in natural smasher, present the purest and most effective products available, and provides solutions to promote healthy skin and hair’s-breadth. The editors closely take product labels and identify the not-so-clean—and sometimes toxic—ingredients found in so many cosmetics. Stories in this department roll from 800 to 1,200 words .


Highlights option therapies for coarse conditions such as insomnia, headaches, high blood pressure, and more. Includes a sub-section called “ Alternative Medicine Cabinet ” that focuses on nutritional supplements for a particular condition. Stories in this department range from 500 to 1,200 words .


Our mind-body-spirit part explores practical ways to strengthen the body, clarify the beware, and open the heart. Through personal essays and inspirational stories, this section explores pursuits and practices that can help our readers stay in physical and emotional balance. Topics have included techniques to avoid injuring yourself during your yoga practice, how one subscriber lost slant with Pilates, living through a disassociate, and managing stress. Stories in this department are approximately 1,200 words.


Features generally cover specific conditions ( cancer, pain, anxiety, autism ), fact-finding topics, action plans ( 10 steps to a healthy back, 9 ways to ease insomnia ), and the lifelike life style ( stick to New Year ’ second resolutions, detox the correct way, k your home ). Features run between 1,200 and 2,000 words .

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