How to Measure Waist Circumference for Health

waist circumference is the measurement taken around the abdomen at the level of the navel ( belly button ). Health experts normally use waist measurement to screen patients for potential weight-related health problems. While a helpful tool, waist size is just one indicator that may point to sealed health conditions, and it is not used to singularly diagnose any conditions or diseases .

While health experts and physicians may use this method acting in-office, you can besides measure your own shank circumference at dwelling .

What Waist Circumference Tells Us

Measuring the size of your waist can help you understand your risk for certain weight-related health conditions. shank circumference alone can not indicate that you have a medical condition or that you ‘ll develop one in the future, but it can help you and your healthcare provider to determine where fat is located on your soundbox and if that torso fat may cause health problems for you in the future .

According to the National Institutes of Health ( NIH ), if more fat is located around your waist quite than around your hips, you are at higher gamble for conditions including heart disease and type 2 diabetes. You can use your waist measurement to calculate your waist-hip proportion ( WHR ), which provides another screening instrument for weight-related disease risk .

Your healthcare supplier may besides use a consistency bulk index ( BMI ) measurement as a health index. however, a 2019 report concluded that both hip-adjusted waist circumference and waist-to-height proportion were stronger indicators of health and potential health conditions than BMI .

How to Measure Your waist

To measure shank circumference correctly, you should use a elastic videotape measuring stick that is not elastic ( i.e., the tape measuring stick should not stretch when you are taking the measurement ). You should besides remove any bulky invest that can add padding around your abdomen.

Follow these steps to measure your shank :

  1. Stand up to get an accurate waist measurement.
  2. Wrap the tape measure around the widest part of your stomach, across your belly button. The tape measure should rest gently on your skin.
  3. Once the tape measure is positioned correctly, breathe in gently and then take the measurement on the exhale.

Take the measurement three times to make certain you get a reproducible result. Holding the tape excessively tight so that it digs into your human body or holding it besides loosely so that it droops will cause you to get an faulty result .

Check Your Health hazard

To find out how your shank circumference measures up, use this graph to see if your shank measurement indicates that you are at an increased gamble for disease. individual circumstances may vary, therefore seek the advice of a doctor to determine future steps.

If your waist measurement is greater than the numbers indicated below, your risk for weight-related health problems may be increased. For Asians, the shank circumference recommendation may need to be lower. A 2019 study done on 209 taiwanese men and 318 taiwanese women found that increase insulin resistance is observed when waist circumferences are greater than 29 inches for women and 32.5 inches for men .

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