Tired Of Birthday Cakes? Here Are Four Stunning Alternatives

Forget birthday cakes. Nowadays, people are looking for instagram-worthy treats that are anything but traditional .
“ While this drift is particularly popular among millennials as social media continues to take concentrate, but more than ever, people good want a unique and epicurean know that ’ mho beautiful and unexpected, ” said Zheng Bing Ren—Sous Chef at MR CHOW in Beverly Hills .

From sushi-esque desserts to hideous yield platters, here are four fun options to consider.

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# 1 : dessert SUSHI
There ’ s something about sushi desserts ( that ’ s gratifying treats looking like sushi ) that reminds one of the aesthetic juke foods in japanese restaurants. possibly because they ’ re trying to look like something they ’ ra not. And while that could be intriguing in and of itself, the bang-up thing about these sushi-esque treats is that you can actually eat them. Rest assured, this will be a conversation starter .

WHERE TO FIND THEM : Cupcake Sushi and Casa Marina ( A Waldorf Astoria Resort ) in Key West, Florida, and Entice Lounge in Toronto .

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Why drink your cocktails when you can eat them ? In line with one of this year ’ south hot dessert trends— Frozecco and Frosé —these delightful iced treats could be anything from bibulous ice pops and snow cones to spiked ice cream ice-cream sundae. Serve them with tons of toppings—sprinkles, fresh fruits, you name it—and there you have it : an Instagrammable here and now .

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WHERE TO FIND THEM : Graziano ’ mho at multiple locations in Florida ( frost cream-infused cocktail ), Omni Frisco Hotel in Texas ( bibulous snow cones ), SnöBar Frozen Cocktails in Los Angeles, Tipsy Scoop in New York City ( spiked ice cream ), WET deck at W South Beach, Florida ( bibulous internal-combustion engine start ) .

W South Beach
# 3 : mini confection
For those of you who actually love cake but lack the discipline to exercise dowry operate, here ’ s an alternative that may serve you well. You can go bite-size with literally everything, then build a beautiful birthday display out of them. Besides showering people with a snack bar of treats, put together a bedspread with the like bantam confections ( just mini donuts, chocolates, frosting pops or cookies ) —the repeat makes for a stronger persona !

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WHERE TO FIND THEM : Neiman Marcus ( belgian chocolate-covered miniskirt donuts and crispy bites ) and Deer Path Inn in Lake Forest, Ilinois ( Made-to-order mini sweet spread ) .

Deer Path Inn
# 4 : extraordinary FRUIT PLATTERS
There ’ south so much to love about a beautiful fruit display. It ’ s naturally colorful, healthy and can cater to pretty much everyone whether they ’ re vegan or gluten-intolerant. extremely versatile in both presentation and readiness, you can go raw, whip up a ice-cream sundae of exotic fruits and water ice, or in MR CHOW ’ south casing, soak the fresh oranges in Grand Marnier and roll everything out in a Christofle dessert streetcar .

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WHERE TO FIND THEM : MR CHOW ( Grand Marnier oranges ) and ZUMA in Miami ( exotic fruit ice-cream sundae ) .

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