49 Genius Toast Recipes You Can Actually Make Yourself

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We love avocado crispen adenine much as Olivia Pope loves wine. Yes, that a lot ! It ’ second hard to imagine anything tastier—or easier : toast bread, smash on avocado, and shake on some strategic arms limitation talks ( and some chili flakes, if you ’ ra fancy ). But why stop there ? There ’ sulfur a hale worldly concern of toast opportunity out there. We ’ ve done the hard work and sought out some of the simplest-to-make yet bursting-with-flavor toasts out there. This number covers everything from a jazzed-up breakfast to a simple supper ( and dessert, of course ). Let ’ s raise a glaze and pledge to toast !


1. Fig Bruschetta

Figs + ricotta + balsamic = yum! share on Pinterest When figs pop up at the commercialize, make sure to snag them before they ’ re all gone. then walk ( or run ! ) home to make this madly good crispen coupling the gratifying fruit with a bit of ricotta. Roasting some of the figs with balsamic takes a little morsel of time, but it ’ ll taste about a million times better than any premade jamming .

2. Berry Bruschetta With Walnut Mint Pesto

Bruschetta normally gets topped with a zestful tomato salad, but it can besides go sweetness. This bite has a act of cream cheese, some spinach and mint pesto, and a few slices of strawberry. This is one goner that ’ second ampere good first thing in the dawn as it is for a late-night nosh .

3. Cinnamon Apple Toasts With Bourbon Syrup

Sweet apple compote escapes the confines of french crispen and stars on a crunchy slice of bread rather. not that there ’ randomness anything wrong with the classics, but a little grind from toasted bread is a courteous means to shake things improving. Griddling the toast in butter is decidedly a delicious affect, but using the good ol ’ toaster is fair arsenic good ( and less risk of burning ) .

4. Pear and Prosciutto Crostini With Goat Cheese

Prosciutto-wrapped fruit is an easy appetizer that satisfies a angelic and salty craving, sol why not put it on peak of baguet ? For a very easy dinner-party appetizer or an elegant lunch, a daub of capricorn cheese, a few slices of pear, and a ribbon of prosciutto are all you need to turn toast into something pretty fancy. Don ’ t have pear ? Apple, cantaloupe, or dried apricots are capital swaps .

5. Blueberry Almond Crostini

Sick of blueberries and yogurt for breakfast, but want something that ’ randomness precisely as agile ? These crostini mix the antioxidant-rich fruit with a drizzle of beloved, a bite of low-fat ricotta, and lemon nip for a topper that ’ s unexpectedly amazing. A concluding sprinkle of almonds ups the chrunchability. Any leftover blueberry topping can easily be recycled into a immediate dessert .

6. Peach Toast

Cinnamon crispen is a bang-up breakfast. Cinnamon pledge topped with juicy peaches and lemony crème fraiche is an incredible breakfast. The butter mix melts in concert in a saucepan before heading off to glaze the toast. Just add the peaches and crème fraiche, then excavate in. In summation to tasting like summer, peaches are a good generator of vitamins A and C, and they could help prevent cancer Intake of Specific Fruits and Vegetables in Relation to Risk of Estrogen Receptor-Negative Breast Cancer Among Postmenopausal Women. Fung, T.T., Chiuve, S.E., Willett, W.C., et alabama. Breast Cancer Research Treatment, 2013 Apr ; 138 ( 3 ) :925-30. ” > Intake of Specific Fruits and Vegetables in Relation to Risk of Estrogen Receptor-Negative Breast Cancer Among Postmenopausal Women. Fung, T.T., Chiuve, S.E., Willett, W.C., et aluminum. Breast Cancer Research Treatment, 2013 Apr ; 138 ( 3 ) :925-30..

7. Mango and Sweet Pepper Bruschetta

For a wholly new take on bruschetta, give this mango and capsicum topping a hear. The wrench on salsa pairs perfectly with crunchy slices of bread. With nothing more than fruit, veggies, and some seasonings, you can feel good about eating a pair of slices. The combination of peppers and mango packs a dangerous whack of vitamin C, and it couldn ’ t be any pretty .

8. Roasted Cranberry and Orange Crostini

grace has got to be one of the best holidays. Turkey, odoriferous potatoes, pie, and don ’ thyroxine forget the cranberries. There ’ second no reason that lemony fruit should only get to shine one day out of the year, though. Bring it to the casual with this crostini that ’ south dear anytime. The compote is nothing more than cranberries, orange, and sugar cooked down on the stave, so it ’ s impossible to mess up.


29. Smoked Trout Toast With Marinated Cucumbers

share on Pinterest No disrespect to smoked salmon, but smoked trout wholly steals the picture in this toast. A dim-witted marinade onion and pickle mix offers a hit of acerb that tastes phenomenal with the smoky fish and rich false cream. It ’ randomness one of the easiest, and most sophisticate meals you ’ ll eat all week. That ’ s right, toast can be advanced !

30. Simple Salmon on Toast

A bagel mounded with fume pink-orange and cream cheese makes a bang-up occasional treat. For a healthier way to enjoy the lapp flavors, this dim-witted toast is a capital lunch. The protein will keep you full and ready to absolutely kill it at the gymnasium .

31. White Anchovy Toast With Pickled Fennel and Apple

elegant food doesn ’ metric ton have to be crabbed, and this pledge is a prime case. The pickle apple and fennel mix takes equitable a few minutes, and you can finish it while the boodle toasts. then fair assemble. While any anchovies will work here, we vote for the white ones because then you can tell your friends that you had boquerones on your crispen .

32. Greek Shrimp Bruschetta

Garlicky prawn pasta makes a big dinner, but who wants to wait for that pot of water to boil ? Replacing the noodles with some crunchy crostini is just as tasty and decidedly easier. here, sautéed prawn gets loads of season from olives, tomatoes, flannel wine, and crimson pepper flakes. Dinner doesn ’ thymine get much bare .

33. Smoked Mackerel Toast With Horseradish and Salted Cucumber

Want something hearty but not heavy for lunch ? This mackerel pledge is arrant. The smoky pisces gets some kick from a mustard and horseradish sauce, plus some freshness from cucumber. It ’ s a great way to work more mackerel, which is rich in B vitamins, into your pisces lineup. Though the recipe calls for sodium carbonate bread, any kind of loaf of bread will work .

34. Simple Sardine Toasts

Sardines might seem like crude, greasy fish, but that ’ s only half truthful. They ’ re a bit oily, but they ’ ve got tons of vitamin B12 to promote heart health and D for goodly bones. Mashing those little swimmers with lemon and mustard makes a very flavorful toast dispersed that ’ sulfur besides satisfying .


44. Chocolate Almond Butter S’mores Toast

share on Pinterest You don ’ t need a campfire for this ooey-gooey dessert. An easy chocolate spread is made from cocoa powder, almond butter, and almond milk. Toasted marshmallows and a scatter of whole wheat flour cracker crumb completes the party. It ’ sulfur finger-licking comforting .

45. Nutella Tartine

Nutella tastes great on equitable about everything, particularly a spoon, but this recipe might be the best use so far. Toasted brioche with orange marmalade gets a drizzle of the chocolaty gap and a sprinkle of hazelnuts for a super easy take on toast. Who says dessert has to be fussy ?

46. Chocolate Ricotta, Berry, and Coconut Crostini

Ricotta normally only gets to see the odoriferous side of things in cannoli, which is a real number dishonor. The creamy texture pairs absolutely with cocoa and fruit, and this recipe proves it. Mix some chocolate scatter with the cheese, and then spread it on toasted bread. acme with berries and coconut for treat that ’ second every bit equally beautiful as one of those cannoli but a distribute less solve.

47. Mexican Hot Chocolate Toast

Consider this a way sassier version of cinnamon toast. A sweet and blue concoction of boodle, cocoa powder, cinnamon, and cayenne makes this one regale you ’ ll make again and again. The recipe calls for challah, but whole wheat makes is a more sanitary choice. top with some yield salsa for even more season .

48. Strawberry Basil Chocolate Mascarpone Crostini

A creamy melted chocolate chip and mascarpone mix makes a rich bread spread. Strawberries add blue bouquet, and the basil is that clandestine component that takes something effective and makes it great. It ’ south fantastic for dessert, but we besides like it as an afternoon nosh when a sweet tooth starts to ache .

49. Banana and Nutella Dessert Bruschetta

Dessert doesn ’ thyroxine constantly have to be a super-rich brownie or slice of cake. This five-ingredient crispen gets precisely adequate cocoa good from Nutella and a act of natural sweetness from sliced banana. Sprinkle on some peanuts for salty crunch… and possibly some sprinkles besides .

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