Curd during Pregnancy: Health Benefits & Precautions

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yogurt is a healthy nosh to eat during pregnancy. It is packed with vital nutrients such as calcium and protein, which is great, as protein requirement is very high during pregnancy. yogurt is considered healthy, ampere long as it is made out of pasteurized milk and consumed within the termination dates. Read further to learn more about the benefits of yogurt during pregnancy .

Nutritional Value of Yoghurt

Since yogurt is made out of milk, it has the like nutritional respect of milk. Given below is the nutrition from a serve of yogurt. The share values indicate how much of the recommend dietary consumption a serve has. nutritional data per 100gms of yogurt .
Total Fat
Dietary Fiber
Saturated Fat
Trans Fat
Vitamin A
Vitamin C
Total Carbs
Calories from Fat

Is Yoghurt Safe for Pregnant Women ?

yogurt can be made with both pasteurised and naked milk. Women frequently wonder if yogurt is good for pregnancy. The answer is ‘ yes ’, a long as it is made out of pasteurize milk .

Benefits of Eating Yoghurt During Pregnancy

here are nine benefits of eating yogurt during pregnancy :

1. Improves Digestion

yogurt is full of useful bacteria that are needed by the body to maintain the health of the intestines. It besides improves the overall digestion of food and the assimilation of nutrition by the digestive tract. It contains probiotic bacteria that help in good digestion .

2. Cools the Body

Anytime you eat something hot, add a little yogurt along with your food. It reduces the effects of blue foods and avoids sourness and heartburn. It ’ south common to have a crave for blue foods during pregnancy, so it is always a adept mind to have yoghurt on the side .

3. Rich in Calcium

yogurt is wide of calcium and three servings a day is enough to meet half the daily recommended dietary intake. calcium is authoritative in the constitution of bones and teeth of the fetus, and it plays an authoritative character in a range of other bodily functions. calcium is important for Vitamin D assimilation in the body a well .

4. Improves Immunity

It fights stomach upsets and infections due to the presence of good bacteria. yogurt increases the population of probiotics that restore the intestine ’ mho bacteria flora and ease any diseases while improving digestion .
Fresh yoghurt

5. Help Prevent High Blood Pressure

eminent blood pressure is a coarse hazard during pregnancy, which can have negative effects on both the beget and the baby. Yoghurt intake is known to calm down the torso and lower blood pressure. It besides decreases cholesterol levels and is good for the heart .

6. Eases Stress and Anxiety

anxiety is coarse during pregnancy, and there are many pregnant females who have stress. Yoghurt is a calming food that is healthy and a great substitute for early quilt desserts such as ice creams and cake .

7. Fights Dry Skin and Pigmentation

hormonal changes and imbalances during pregnancy can lead to mismatched skin shade and dry spots for many women. Yoghurt, which is full-bodied in Vitamin E, can keep the skin healthy and prevent pigmentation .

8. Maintains Body Weight

Although weight addition is seen as a healthy sign of pregnancy, excessive weight can pose a trouble. Yoghurt prevents the increase of the stress hormone, hydrocortisone, in the body, which can cause weight advance in both the mother and the pamper in the long-run.

9. Good for Muscles

yogurt is full-bodied in protein, which is crucial for muscle growth. calcium is besides needed for proper contraction of muscleman fibres, and therefore, yogurt is capital for maintaining muscle health .

probiotic Yoghurt in Pregnancy

Our intestines contain hundreds of unlike types of probiotic bacteria that are critical to maintaining the proper serve of our digestive arrangement. During pregnancy, the ability to digest drops, which increases the risk of constipation. Since yogurt is deep in probiotics, it is highly utilitarian for the health of the digestive nerve pathway .

What Types of Yoghurt Are Good to Consume ?

Any yogurt that is made out of pasteurize milk is beneficial and dependable to consume. Many of the commercially available ones use all-natural ingredients and are made out of pasteurize low-fat milk. Those types are ideal .
Yoghurt with fresh berries on it

How much Yoghurt Should Pregnant Women Eat in a Day ?

To get all the necessity nutrients from yogurt, it ’ south good adequate to eat about 600 grams of yogurt a day. Divided into three servings of 200 grams each .

Types of Yoghurt to Be Avoided in pregnancy

There are two types of yogurt that are to be avoided during pregnancy. The first base being yogurt made out of naked, unpasteurized milk. Since it carries the risk of disease such as listeria, it should be avoided. The moment to avoid is full-fat yogurt, as it can lead to unhealthy weight acquire .

Is Flavoured Yoghurt Safe to Eat ?

There is no harm in eating season yogurt in general. If it is low-sugar, low-fat and contains natural ingredients, there is no reason to not eat season yogurt. But if you are concerned about slant profit or add chemicals, you can get creative and add your own spirit to yoghurt. Adding berries, newly fruit, honey, or a natural sweetening to your own home-made yogurt is ideal .

Things to Remember

  • yogurt made out of pasteurize milk is a beneficial accession to your diet, as it can supply batch of vital nutrients .
  • Low-fat yogurt is better and to cut down on unnecessary burden acquire, it is best to avoid yogurt that has excessively much sugar .
  • If you want to avoid season yogurt, make your own using fruits and natural sweeteners .

Healthy and Tasty Smoothie Recipe Using Yoghurt

Smoothies are a delicious way to get your fill of nutrients per day. The best region is, you can add whatever ingredients you prefer, ranging from unlike nuts, dry fruits, fruits, and tied leafy vegetables, to suit your tastes and nutritional requirements. here is an easy, so far tasty smoothie recipe to get you started .


  • ½ cup yogurt
  • 1 cup strawberries
  • ½ banana
  • 4-5 almonds
  • 2 tsp flax seeds
  • 2 tsp pumpkin seeds
  • ½ tsp vanilla extract
  • Pasteurised milk ( if required )

How to Make:

  • Put the flax seeds and pumpkin seeds in a blender and blend until you get a very well powderize .
  • Add the yogurt, vanilla excerpt, and almonds, and blend until fluent
  • Add the bananas and strawberries and far blend until you get a smoothie consistency. Add milk if required .
  • Serve with a few slices of strawberry on top .

yogurt can be a highly nutritional and safe summation to a fraught woman ’ second diet. sol, eat it plain or whip up some delicious yogurt concoctions, and enjoy !

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