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What Makes a Healthy Brain

extensive research involving numerous studies have explored what individuals can do to maintain, or even increase, brain volume and function. Primarily these include diet, exercise, rest, activities that stimulate the reason, controlling risk factors for chronic disease, and emotional attachments . Diet A late study by A. Smyth ( 2015 ), published in Neurology, looked […]

Keeping Your Mouth Healthy After Wisdom Teeth Extraction : Linda K. Westmoreland , DDS: Cosmetic & General Dentistry

Though the name may imply a certain vent of importance, wisdom teeth aren ’ t constantly good for oral health. Your third fix of molars, which normally appear between ages 17-21, don ’ metric ton always grow incorrectly because there ’ south just not adequate room in your mouth. And even if your wisdom teeth […]

Borderline Personality Disorder and Relationships: How to Make It Work

How borderline personality disorder can affect relationships People with boundary line personality disorderliness ( BPD ) much have rocky relationships, both romanticist and platonic. quixotic relationships present a singular set of challenges for people with BPD and for their partners. Symptoms of BPD can cause constant changes in emotions. For exemplar, a person with BPD […]