Chickpea Pasta Nutrition Facts

These days, there seems to be a course of shape-shifting foods. First, almonds became milk. then cauliflower turned into rice. now, you can purchase pasta made from beans ! Chickpea pasta is the latest food crossing over to hit the market. This alternate to traditional wheat-based noodles is made by grinding chickpeas into glue. Some add tapioca and pea protein for bind .

Although chickpea pasta may not have the same nutrient visibility of the kind made with pale yellow, it offers batch of health benefits of its own. With high protein and character, plus plenty of micronutrients, these irregular noodles are decidedly a healthy stand-in for your favored spaghetti, penne, or lasagna. Plus, many people find it cooks and tastes about precisely like traditional pasta .

Wondering how this strange pasta stacks up to the original ? We ’ ve got the details .

nutrition Facts

The follow nutriment data for chickpea penne pasta is provided by the USDA. These are the nutrients you ’ ll catch in a 2-ounce ( 57g ) service .

Chickpea Pasta Nutrition Facts

· Calories : 190 · Fat : 3.5g · Sodium : 65mg · Carbohydrates : 32g · Fiber : 8 gigabyte · Sugars : 6g · Protein : 14g


Carbohydrates make up about 60 % of chickpea pasta ’ randomness calories. These surely aren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate empty carbs. The starch in chickpea is a building complex carbohydrate—the thoroughly kind that fuels you up and keep you full longer. You ’ ll besides get eight grams of roughage in each serve. The end of the carbs in chickpea pasta comes from a belittled amount of naturally occurring carbohydrate .


Chickpea pasta is fairly low-fat at 3.5 grams per serving. Most of its fats are the healthy polyunsaturated assortment provided by chickpeas .


Bet you never expected your pasta to be a protein powerhouse ! At 14g in just two ounces, chickpea pasta is a capital informant of this macronutrient .


For a tasty way to work in some vitamins and minerals, grab your pasta pot. Chickpea penne contains 30 % of your daily recommended rate for iron, plus significant amounts of potassium, magnesium, and phosphorus .

Health Benefits

Chickpea pasta offers a host of benefits that are bound to make you give this pasta-alternative a go .

Serves as an Allergy-Friendly alternate

For those who can ’ t feed pale yellow, gluten, soy, dairy, or eggs, chickpea pasta may be a welcome dietary addition. With good four non-allergenic ingredients, it ’ mho highly allergy-friendly .

Helps Build Muscle

Chickpea pasta ’ s nutrient-density makes it a goodly choice overall. At 13 grams of protein, one serve provides over 25 % of the daily measure. Getting adequate protein helps the body human body muscleman, bring around wounds, and make crucial hormones and enzymes .

Promotes Digestive Health

With seven grams of fiber per service, chickpea pasta can contribute to better digestion and a healthier microbiome .

Reduces Risk of Chronic Disease

A high-fiber diet besides helps reduce the gamble of certain chronic diseases. Eating enough of roughage is associated with lower cholesterol , improved affection health , and shrink gamble of fleshiness .

Boosts Immunity

Getting the right total of iron can help your hold immune system—by preventing iron-deficiency anemia and help the cells of your body function properly.


Ingredients in chickpea pasta can vary. Some brands contain chickpeas, tapioca, pea protein, and xanthan chewing gum. While it ’ s possible to be allergic to any of these ingredients, it is rare. For most people with food allergies or sensitivities, chickpea pasta is a bang-up choice because it offers the advantage of being free of wheat, gluten, and other top allergens. If you know you have an allergy to chickpeas or legumes, though, you ’ ll indigence to stay away from this type of pasta .

adverse Effects

While the fiber in chickpea pasta is a plus for most people, those who need to be on a low-fiber diet for checkup reasons should steer clear up of this merchandise .


frankincense far, only a handful of brands make chickpea pasta, so there ‘s no huge array of different products to try so far. however, you can find chickpea pasta in diverse forms, like spaghetti, rotini, penne, elbows, and shells .

You besides may be curious how a food made with alternative ingredients holds up to “ the master, ” aka pasta made with wheat. nutritionally speaking, chickpea pasta outpaces wheat pasta ( specially the kind made with refine flour ) in a number of ways. In fact, early than a slenderly higher calorie count and a couple of grams extra fatty, chickpea pasta provides ranking nutrition than white pasta in virtually every category. The higher fiber and protein subject can besides improve repletion .

Chickpea pasta contains about double the protein of refined pale yellow pasta, at 13 grams versus seven grams. then there ’ s its character advantage of seven grams versus three. The bean-based noodles are besides optimum for those looking to cut carbs : while white pasta contains 42 grams, chickpea pasta comes in at 33. last, if you opt for the chickpea diverseness, you ’ ll take in more potassium, magnesium, and iron.

How to Prepare

Chickpea pasta ’ south cook times are comparable to those of pale yellow pasta. Banza stigmatize ’ s chickpea rotini, for exemplar, needs seven to nine minutes to cook, shells need eight to nine minutes, and linguine needs eight to ten minutes. All told, it won ’ t take long to get a chickpea pasta dinner on the postpone .

Cooking times and practices may vary from post to trade name. For case, some chickpea pastas become gluey when cooked. To prevent to reduce cohesiveness, some manufacturers recommend rinsing the pasta in lukewarm water after cooking .

You may notice that chickpea pasta tends to produce a significant come of foam while boiling. To prevent this, try adding extra water to the pot, turning the heat down, or adding a piece of oil. Or merely scrape the foam off the acme as you cook .

As for season, many people say chickpea pasta ’ randomness spirit is identical from “ the real thing ” —though some sample testers have noticed a discrete nuttiness in its preference. Because of beans ’ natural smoothness, the pasta international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine farinaceous or farinaceous, as can sometimes be the case with whole wheat. Plus, chickpea ’ structure holds up quite well to boiling, so the pasta doesn ’ t become mushy .

There ’ s no limit to the ways you can substitute chickpea pasta for wheat-based pasta. If you detect its balmy flavor, use this to your advantage by pairing chickpea pasta with complementary color flavors like winter squash, walnuts, or a cream sauce .

To meal prep a take-to-work lunch, make a big batch of chickpea pasta and practice throughout the workweek. Or, if you ’ re not quite cook to take the plunge with bean-based pasta as a chief smasher, experiment with it as a flavorful side .

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