How Much Chocolate Can You Eat for Health Benefits?

How often can you eat chocolate?

Daily consumption of chocolate will not harm a healthy person, it all depends on the dose and musical composition. The most utilitarian cocoa is piercingly, it contains at least 60 % cocoa. Cocoa beans are rich in dietary character and magnesium, therefore, it promotes the release of endorphins and serotonin, which are necessary to combat try. therefore, flush a little slice of dark chocolate helps to calm down and feel better. Remember to be careful : cocoa contains caffeine that increases blood blackmail, and 40 grams of dark cocoa equates to a impregnable cup of chocolate. It makes sense that milk chocolate bars and candies are well avoided before go to bed. They are loaded with sugar and fats, which can negatively affect tooth enamel and increase the risk of cardiovascular disease .

Am I going to get better from chocolate?
There is a myth that you ca n’t get better from dark chocolate, but this is not wholly true. Nutritionists say that in order to lose weight unit, you need to spend more calories than you consume. Ate more than the daily allowance – plus on the scales. Ate the norm in a normal way of life – the slant stands distillery. Ate less with the same activeness – lost weight unit. It works with chocolate just like with any other food, so yes, you can get fat from cocoa if you eat it in overindulgence.

How to eat chocolate correctly?

Nutritionists recommend consuming chocolate frequently, in small portions. The daily allowance for adult men and women without health problems is 30-50 grams of dark cocoa every day. With high physical effort, an increase in the norm by 1.5 times is allowed. Doctors recommend eating milk and white chocolate – no more than 20 grams per day. You can eat chocolate at any time, the main thing is not to eat a kilogram at a time. Spread the banish over multiple meals, serving as a goodly dessert. In the dawn, fats and carbohydrates are good absorbed ; in the afternoon, chocolate improves the production of hemoglobin. And in the evening a piece of chocolate will cheer you up and help you forget about worries.
Important: all of the above tips merely apply to classic tiles. cocoa with additives such as nuts and raisins, of run, healthy, but surely more high-calorie classics. And crisp caramel and praline will decidedly reflect on your visualize.

As for flannel cocoa, this doubtful treat is decidedly not worth indulging in. It is made from cocoa butter with the addition of milk powder, a large measure of boodle and vanillin. In the composing there is no cocoa liquor utilitarian for human health, and much vegetable fats that are harmful to our body are besides added .
This is the character when chocolate is actually bad !

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