Health Tips for Enneagram Type Two

Want to get healthier? Let your enneagram number be your guide. Inside I teach enneagram type two how to use their type for health. Getting outside of normal health benchmarks and learning how to live in health rather than for it! 
Health Tips for Enneagram Type Two | #podcast #enneagram #type2 #selfcare #health #healthtip
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getting healthy as an enneagram two

Two ’ sulfur you are a natural assistant – seeing people and feeling for people in a manner most can ’ thyroxine understand. You spend so much of your energy in response to how you can help make the world around you a more loving station. People are attracted to your heat and generosity to give and give. You live with a center to make good things happen for people, and you feel everything in the procedure .
Knowing this depth and the energy in which you give to others – you must stop and recognize yourself. But this is going to take work because it ’ s hard for two ’ s to ask for aid – to express that you excessively have feelings and problems of your own. But you must not mask yourself through staying busy and helping others .
The exploit international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate easy, but it is worth it – because in your filling and your healing you ’ ll have more to give. Inside nowadays ’ south podcast, we dive into how to make healthier changes for enneagram type two. We talk through the health benefits of processing your emotions, creating nourishing boundaries, and owning your space .
We ’ ve besides created a barren download for teaching you how to make health who you are through your enneagram issue. Download the guide, photographic print it off, and see how much it resonates with your life .


enneagram type 2 guide


how to get healthy – type 2’s

Two ’ s, you reside in the kernel trio. This means you will frequently associate diet and exercise with need to be loved and wanted .
You move through the world primarily through the lens of emotions – with a natural leaning to absorb the feelings of others. You live life in answer to others – how you can please them, impress them, or to how you compare with them .
then I wonder, what peace could come if you found a way to process your emotions ? What if you approached health as a mean of solitude ? A place of pillow in your identity, apart from the needs of others .
Two ’ south must learn ways to nurture your feelings alternatively of numb them or stuff them so that you can focus on health as a means to nurture you, sustain you, and bring you more joy. It ’ sulfur prison term to be gentle with yourself, listen to your needs, and engage in self-care activities that will sustain and heal you physically and mentally .
Two ’ s it ’ s fourth dimension to make a conscious choice to make health a priority. In healing you, there is more of you to give. You must learn to pay attention to your emotions and act on this awareness .

health strengths

Two ’ randomness you are special people. With the distinct ability to discern situations and the drive to help in any and every way, we are going to teach you how to help yourself, so you have more of you to give. Protecting your energy from unnecessary things and channeling it in the steering to bring you the most fulfillment and with the best health. here are some strengths you should rely on :

  • Ability to channel energy in specific directions.
  • Openness to trying new things. 
  • Highly people-oriented and social. 
  • View food and eating with positivity. 
  • Ability to accomplish tasks efficiently. 
  • Flexible
  • Perceptive and highly aware. 
  • Practical

health struggles

One of character two ’ s greatest health assets is their healthy opinion of food – however, as they say, your most significant asset can become your worst enemy, and that is what happens with two ’ s. But first, let ’ s count that as a winnings – two ’ s in health you have a great view of food, and it ’ s intended determination .
But in un-health, you tend to be the clear type to stuff your emotions with food. Taking food out of context, out of sexual love, and using it as a mean to suppress. It ’ mho time how to learn to deal with your emotions, set boundaries so you can take care of ourselves, leaving energy to care for everyone else .
It ’ s time to let your emotions out. You can merely stuff the pain, the hurt, the fear for so long before it comes erupting out. If you don ’ metric ton let it out, it will continue to follow you about.

Find places or people you can freely release your emotions. Make sure it is a safe and encourage space, where you fear no judgment — a place of openness and vulnerability without being enabled to continue stuffing .
As you let unnecessary hurts out, open yourself up to fill it with sleep together. not human love that will fail every single time, but go back to the one who called you Beloved and knit you absolutely together in your mothers womb. No human can satisfy what only Christ can. Fix your eyes on Jesus and let yourself survive loved .
Remember – you are not loved for what you do but because of who you are. 
Health Tips for Enneagram Type Two | #podcast #enneagram #type2 #selfcare #health #healthtip

practical steps

You are a proposer and shaker ! You are effective, flexible, and love to care – it ’ s time you twist that back onto yourself. When a two takes caution of their thinker, everything else seems to fall into stead. here are some practical steps or rhythms that you can choose to fill yourself up. Remember, these are precisely ideas and not the end all be all – what would be on your list ?

1. Practice daily solitude

Two ’ s need space, alone-time to process and think. Practicing solitude can be challenging because there is always a need to be met. But this is why it ’ s sol authoritative. Make sure you carve out casual space to be alone. It doesn ’ t have to be a lot of clock, but you may find the more prison term you give, the better you feel .

2. Make a gratitude list

It ’ second easy for two to become devour with needs that they forget the world is wide of good. One way to help unload a two of the emotions they carry for themselves and others is through gratitude. Start a simpleton checklist marking off equitable three things a day that you ’ ra grateful for. It ’ s a step that is easy to overlook but don ’ thymine skip this one .

3. Incorporate journaling

Feelings and more feelings are what the two needs to process. As I mentioned if a two can deal with their emotional stress, everything else frequently falls into place. Because with boundaries, a two is commodity at caring, evening for themselves. One of the best ways to deal with inhibit emotions is journaling. It doesn ’ t have to look like anything but solitude and pen to wallpaper. Writing anything and everything that comes to mind. Make it a casual rhythm .

4. Sit down and enjoy food

For deuce, food is viewed as love – or as any emotion. But it can besides be, in the wrong mentality, an work of shame. To overcome this, get back to who you are, making what you do an act of love – let food be that. Sit down at mealtimes and enjoy it. Don ’ thyroxine let yourself get excessively busy to miss this .

5. Practice daily self-care

Two ’ s are ill-famed for skipping self-care and viewing it as selfish. But as we learned in this post, self-care is anything but selfish — it ’ s the way to help more people. sometimes you need the childlike admonisher to take a daily shower, let yourself buy clothes you feel confident in and even get your nails done from meter to fourth dimension. It is okay and good to take wish of yourself .

want more tips

Want more tips ? Download this FREE health template for enneagram type two. It ’ mho worth print, understand, and completing it !


enneagram type 2 guide


do more planning

I mean, do I need to tell one ’ second to do more planning ? Given you love a utilitarian check-list – I think the Nourished Planner could be precisely what any enneagram type one needs. A place to not merely list-make but to do it within boundaries .
A place to develop routines and rhythms that fit who you are – for filling rather than fixing .
Inside the Nourished Planner, you will be graced with not good space to plan and fill your workweek – but space to dig abstruse and live true to who you are. Click here to get a Nourished Planner of your own.

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