Taking care of our body from the inside out

For obvious reasons, we are used to taking concern of the external parts of our body, such as the silhouette, skin and hair, and yet we forget to care about our body internally. curiously, the state of our inner health will reflect on our external part of the body. Of course, we can look wonderfully good from the outside even if we are not enjoying from inner health. The priority should be to take worry of ourselves from the inside out .
We have spoken with Dr. Helena Rutllant, internist and nutriment specialist, to explain the basic guidelines to start taking wish of ourselves comprehensively .

– As we said, we are more used to take care of ourselves from the outside than the inside. Would you say that is the general dynamic of today’s society?

I would say not anymore. For some years now, we believed in the concept of external and visible care, but nowadays, this concept encompasses a more holistic vision. The real entail of taking concern of yourself is caring about your own wellbeing, specially about your health .

– Why should we take care of ourselves comprehensively?

Because we must understand ourselves as a whole. We do not work in parts, from a biochemical chemical reaction at the intracellular charge to a bowel movement by our locomotive system or the influence of an emotion to the secretion of hormones by any of our endo / exocrine gland glands.

This is what I said about the holistic concept, constantly looking for benefits at a systemic charge. Solving a symptom is not treating the cause, it is temporarily masking what occupies us .

– What are the basic pillars to start pampering our body?

Above all, we have to think that when we want to start taking care of ourselves, we must first deference and understand our own body and needs. That is the fundamental column. When we talk about basic pillars, food, respite, use, etc. come to everyone ’ s mind. I would like to go deep and expand these concepts .
presently, there is a concept that is increasingly gain importance and encompasses what I have mentioned before, chronobiology. It is a discipline of physiology that studies biological rhythm and is involved in specialties equally authoritative as endocrinology, neurophysiology, sleep science, etc .
external stimuli such as sunlight, food or exercise, have an consequence on the CNS ( our central clock ) that will influence organs and tissues ( our peripheral clocks ) and both on circadian rhythm, which will affect such significant processes as the immune response, our soundbox temperature, the officiate of our endocrine glands and our metabolism, the rest – wake bicycle, our digestive system, our behavior, tied our cellular physiology. All this we should apply to self-awareness, since self-knowledge and self-control are the key tools to achieve our goals .
We know what mindfulness is, but we should besides know what mindfoodness or conscious eat is : a science that helps us to relate in a healthy way with food. This self-knowledge will allow us to adjust our diet to our torso needs. The strategy to find comfortable with has to be vitamin a personalized as potential .

– What should we do if we want to maintain an optimal state of health?

At first, we should identify our stressors, everything that is toxic to us, those acquired habits that do not add value to our health and, once known, try to modify or eliminate them.

– Lately there is a lot of information about oral sunscreen, what can you tell me about this? Does it really work?

Sun is essential for life, it has numerous positive effects for the organism, for case, it facilitates synthesis of vitamin D, improves our climate since it has an antidepressant and psychostimulatory effect, it has anti-inflammatory and anti-infective properties, etc. . however, ultraviolet radiation from the sun ( UVA and UVB ) besides has negative effects and I think it is significant to learn about it .
Oral sunscreen is a way of photoprotection which does not combat the sunday or block its rays, since its mechanism of natural process is focused on avoiding or minimizing the harmful effects that solar radiation has. There are some active ingredients such as grapefruit or rosemary that, orally and in concert with the correct use of topical sunscreens, will help protect our peel more safely and effectively. The serve would be to protect the peel from oxidative damage, from lipid abasement, proteins and DNA of cellular structures. Long history short, role of oral sunscreen is more related with protection at cellular level.
Oral sunscreen reinforces topical sunscreen to achieve total body protection, since the systemic route reaches the entire exposed body surface including the mucous membrane. consequently, it is a complement to topical sunscreen, not a substitute .
oral sunscreen can be of great avail in risk population groups, such as people with sun sensitive bark, people who are taking some type of photosensitizing medicine, those that are prone to develop sunspots, people with vitiligo, Rosacea, lupus, etc .
The practice of sunscreen allows you to enjoy healthier and more protect skin, both from oxidation, inflammatory processes and photoageing, which alter both elastin and collagen fibres but do not protect the bark as much at the superficial level.

– Does it really work?

There are studies on the benefits of many of these active ingredients. It is authoritative to know how and to whom they are indicated, since depending on what the problem is for each person, we must personally advise when and how to take this type of addendum like OlioVita Sun in rate to optimize the results. Thus, for model, if a person who lives in a cheery area and suffers from sun allergy may be a campaigner to take the treatment every other calendar month during the fall and winter and in the spring and summer take it day by day .
If we think about situations of elongated sun exposure, try to start the treatment at least 1 month before as prophylaxis and training in order to obtain a more undifferentiated and last tan .
During sunlight exposure our cutaneous carotenoid level can even be reduced by half, therefore, prolonged and frequent exposures in clock will require to recharge our reserves in order to enjoy an optimum solution. It is important to know taking oral sunscreen as OlioVita Sun, at least 60 minutes before sun exposure will allow us to increase the contribution of these active ingredients in our soundbox .

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