8 Tips To Keep Your Kidneys Clean As A Whistle

Tips To Keep Your Kidneys Clean
8 Tips To Keep Your Kidneys Clean As A Whistle
Kidneys are our body ’ second trickle plants. They work hard every day to cleanse our bodies of toxins and wastes. Shaped like the beans and situated on each side of the backbone trench in the abdominal area, kidneys are one of the critical organs responsible for keeping us healthy .
Every hour a kidney can filter two gallons of blood, and our entire body ’ s blood circulates through the kidneys 12 times every hour .
Kidneys play many vital roles but the main functions include removing the toxins and excess water from the blood, helping in controlling the blood pressure and producing crimson blood cells to keep the bones healthy.

Why should we take care of your kidneys?
many kidney diseases are called silent killers and people find out about them after they ’ ve already started affecting the health. It ’ s a good habit to make a casual routine that helps in taking care of the kidneys and keeping them fit and disease free .
Let ’ s take a expect at 8 such tips to keep kidneys healthy
Tip 1 – Active Lifestyle and Exercising
drill, ramble on or walk and stretch exercises help in reducing blood pressure and chronic kidney diseases caused by it .
Tip 2 – Extra care if there’s Diabetes too
Diabetes patients are more prone to developing kidney related diseases. damage caused to the kidneys can be reduced by keeping the rake boodle degree in command, by eating healthy food and taking diabetes medicate .
Blood test like Serum Creatinine and eGFR can be performed regularly from the best nephrology hospitals in your area to keep a discipline on kidney ’ s health .
 Tip 3 – Keeping the blood pressure in control

high Blood imperativeness is immediately linked with kidney damage. With an always increasing population of patients with High Blood Pressure and Diabetes, who have to take medicine for a life, it ’ south very authoritative to take supernumerary care of the kidneys through life style and dietary changes, regular checkups and stress free life .
Tip 4 – Healthy bite with healthy diet
By eating healthy and less greasy food, keeping a close watch on salt consumption per day that does not exceed 5 to 6 grams, and keeping away from processed fast food by choosing healthier food options like pilfer, apple, garlic and onion etc, we can ensure out kidneys stay healthy .
Tip 5 – Taking in a lot of fluids
Kidneys filter our blood, and they need sufficient sum of water system every day for doing that efficaciously. Drink at least 2 to 3 litres of urine for proper flush of toxins and helping the kidneys clear out sodium and urea. Patients with kidney stones are besides advised to drink sufficient urine to reduce the hazard of forming new stones. besides it ’ s important to keep in thinker that over consumption of fluids may not be beneficial and is not recommended .
 Tip 6 – Say no to smoking and drinking
smoking is responsible for temper of the blood vessels which increase blood pressure and besides slow down the blood flow to the kidney. This affects the proper officiate of kidney. fume can increase the chances of kidney cancer by 50 %. Drinking alcohol besides causes a lot of stress on kidneys and gorge drink can lead to acute kidney failure .
Tip 7 – Limit intake of Medicines and Pills

many health conditions require us to take medicines for long periods of prison term. Pain killers if taken for long durations can cause kidney damage. It is constantly wise to consult a repair to know the long term effects of medicines on your kidney and tips to reduce them .
Tip 8 – Lifestyle changes
Patients with diabetes, high blood pressure and fleshiness should take animation altering decisions that show long term benefit for the kidneys. Every day habits and regular checkups are the best room to keep your kidneys fit .

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