The Guy’s Guide to Taking Care of Long Hair

A well-maintained mind of long haircloth can look fantastic on any guy. But, as you may guess, taking care of a long hairdo can be a moment of a job. This is particularly true for men who are more accustomed to taking concern of shorter hair, which tends to require a distribute less TLC. Because haircloth health starts at the roots, anterior to growing out your hair fully, it ‘s important that you begin taking care of it .

Like most anything, proper sustenance is critical to keeping your long hair’s-breadth in top condition. If you damage something like a dishwasher, it can broadly be fixed. If you scrape your branch, it will heal. Hair, on the other hand, normally ca n’t be fixed—it ‘s good protein with no blood provision, so it has no room to heal itself once damaged. The only real number way to make discredited hair appear less damaged is to cut the problem parts off, so proper worry is crucial .

Meet the Expert

  • Chase Kusero is a co-founder of IGK Hair Care.
  • Clariss Rubenstein is a professional hairstylist and a member of the R+Co Collective.

Read on to get some expert tips on how to best care for long hair for men.

Get a Proper Haircut

The right haircut will not entirely look best, but it will be the easiest ( and healthiest ) to maintain. “ Get a identical idle haircut, only cutting the condition with texture and not cutting the distance, so the hair appears to be un-cut, allowing the hair’s-breadth to hang natural and masculine, ” says IGK Hair Care co-founder Chase Kusero. Ask your stylist for help if you ca n’t narrow down a expression .

Find the Right Shampoo and Conditioner

” The right shampoo and conditioner have such an affect on how the hair behaves, specially considering men typically do less blow dry and style, ” says professional stylist Clariss Rubenstein .

prior to shampooing, make surely your hair’s-breadth is spare of tangles. Work the shampoo through your hair like you normally would, but keep in mind that it should take longer, reaching every strand .

Follow the lapp steps with conditioner, keeping in mind that most conditioners require two or three minutes to work their magic trick. Keep in mind while washing that too-hot water will strip beneficial oils from the hair and scalp. Having farseeing haircloth will make you want to shampoo and dash more frequently, even daily, but it ‘s not thoroughly for your haircloth. Kusero says to wash the haircloth entirely a copulate of times and a workweek, and “ only condition the ends, every other time, so the hair international relations and security network ’ t weighed down and looks thickly. ”

If you ‘ve been in the pool, use a leave-in conditioner and clarifying shampoo after your swim, as chlorine can take a price on the hair. We like Paul Mitchell Clarifying Shampoo Three ( $ 12 ) .

Invest in High-Quality Accessories

Before growing out your hair, make certain to have naturalistic goals and that the sustenance of long hair’s-breadth is going to be something that will fit in with your life style. You ‘ll need extra time in your grooming ritual to maintain your mane, and the correct tools can make all the difference .

Invest in a wide-tooth comb and a high-quality hairbrush with natural bristles to help detangle hair’s-breadth and to prevent breakage. If you intend to keep your hair in an updo, finding the right cloth-covered haircloth elastics is crucial : there ‘s a reason Scünchi ‘s No-Slip Hair Elastics ( $ 6 ) have been popular for then hanker. For a sporty alternative, we love Invisibobble ( $ 8 ), and for any formal gatherings, Slip ‘s Slipsilk ( $ 39 ) ties are perfective. Keep in mind that identical tight ponytails can cause a condition called traction alopecia, which is hair’s-breadth loss from pulling hair besides rigorous .

Be careful if Towel-Drying

If you have the prison term, the healthiest room to dry your hair is just to let it air-dry, styling a moment with your fingers if necessity. hush, towel drying can be a major induce of damage to mens ‘ hair when it ‘s long. This is largely because when vigorously rubbed with a towel, hairs can become tangled in the threads and break off. Rough drying may not only cause damage to the cuticle ( the shingle-like out level of the hair ), but frizziness and burst ends vitamin a well .

To prevent breakage when towel dry, shake out any surfeit water and stroke your hair in the commission it grows quite than rubbing it back and forth.

If you do notice some damage as a consequence of breakage, do n’t fret. Since the only real way to eliminate damaged hair is to cut off the damage, you should get your haircloth trimmed every six to eight weeks. however, make it clear to your barber or hairdresser that you entirely want enough hair removed to eliminate the disconnected ends—it ‘ll cost you a lot less .

Take Care When blow-dry

Living Proof restore instant protection

Living Proof

Restore Instant Protection



Blow dry is besides a coarse lawsuit of haircloth damage. If you must use a waste dry, apply a thermal style spray like Living Proof’s Restore Instant Protection to coat the hair and protect it from damage, use a wide-tooth comb to prevent draw, and always leave the hair slenderly damp .

And prior to hitting the hair with heat, use a product like R+Co. Bleu Ingenious Thickening Shampoo ( $ 59 ) and Conditioner ( $ 59 ), which Rubenstein says is capital “ for hair that needs volume — with or without a waste dry it gives flimsy hair’s-breadth some great lift. “

Keep Diet and Exercise in Mind

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ultimately, the condition of your hair tends to reflect the condition of your body. Stress, poor diet, smoke, and miss of sleep may all contribute to poor health and dull, lifeless looking haircloth. Although products can fix it a small, your hair’s-breadth health may come down to your body health, so eat well, drink lots of water, reduce your stress, and alive well. Both your body and hair will thank you for it .

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