5 DIY Treatments For Silky, Shiny Hair

While I love the look of second-day hair, there is something thus satisfy about running your fingers through super-silky locks. Be it the tangle-free feel or the way it glistens mid-flip, I precisely can ’ triiodothyronine get enough of glistening hair. unfortunately, due to my patronize practice of hot tools, my hair tends to read more lackluster than slick, or at least it did before I found these shiny-hair DIYs .

On my quest for glazed tresses, I ’ ll admit I fell prey to a hair myth or two ( a cold-water gargle will only make you cold ), but that didn ’ thymine dissuade me from my goal : slick locks à lanthanum Gwyneth Paltrow. While I have so far to reach Goop condition, I did find a skid of hacks that turned my dried strands into glistening tresses. From olive anoint scalp treatments to shine serums made with products you likely have in your kitchen, I ’ ve compiled the best do-it-yourself shine solutions that rival the salon .

If you are a winnow of glistening tresses like I am, then keep reading for my favorite DIY treatments for shiny hair.

1. olive Oil Scalp Treatment



Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil


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To perform an olive oil scalp treatment, pour one to two tablespoons of olive anoint on muffle hair’s-breadth, massage thoroughly, let sit for one to two hours ( depending on your level of wrong ), and rinse out to reveal super-soft strands .

2. mayonnaise



Organic Mayonnaise



mayonnaise may not sound like the most attract haircloth mask, but when I heard Blake Lively used it as a think of to preserve her glistening tresses, I had to give it a sample. Before shampooing your hair, apply a healthy drug of mayonnaise to your ends ; the estimate is that this protects your strands from soap and hard water, ensuring hydrated glazed locks .

3. Coconut Oil Mask



Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, 15 oz



Coconut anoint contains lauric acidic, a moisturizing medium-chain fatty acerb that penetrates hair and reduces protein loss, making it a great at-home hair treatment for lend lastingness and glow. Simply apply coconut petroleum from your roots to ends, combing through the hair so the oil is equally dispersed. After the coconut petroleum has rested for your hope time ( one hour, or nightlong if you want major shine ), rinse and repeat until all the oil is gone .

4. testis Mask

two whole eggs and two cracked eggs
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This might be the messiest DIY in the list, but according to one Byrdie editor, it is a monthly must. Eggs are a capital source of protein and fatso acids, and they ‘re broad of amino acids that can promote haircloth growth. Be certain to let your masquerade baby-sit for 30 minutes, and then wash and enjoy smooth, healthy tresses .

To avoid a fluid hair dissemble, beat one or two eggs depending on your hair length, and combine them with your casual conditioner.

5. Bottled-Water rinse



Natural Spring Water, 24 Count



While not equally instantaneous as early shiny-hair DIYs, regularly rinsing your hair with bottle mineral water might deliver soft strands. Shampoo and condition as common, gargle with bottle urine, et voilà ! Silky-smooth tresses .

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