Healthy Almond Milk Ice Cream

Beat the heat with this potassium- and protein-packed process !
Ice cream is the quintessential summer dessert. It is besides higher in calories—a single serve contains closely 300 calories with meaning amounts of boodle and saturated fatten. There are, however, healthy and delightful alternatives. This almond milk and banana “ ice cream ” is versatile, delicious, and full of health benefits .
Bananas and Sugar
A single serve of Breyer ’ randomness chocolate ice cream contains closely half the daily recommended allowance of sugar—and we already eat more sugar than we think. seventy-four percentage of American processed foods check added sugar, which contributes to increased risk of cardiac disease a well as diabetes. Bananas, by contrast, mark low on the glycemic index ( meaning they don ’ t have as dramatic an impression on blood carbohydrate ) even though they naturally contain sugar. Bananas besides have tons of Vitamin C, potassium, and character, and they may reduce the risk of kidney cancer. Studies have even shown that the potassium in banana may reduce the risk of stroke in women. Bananas are a great direction to keep things sweet—while enhancing your health .
Almond Milk
Unsweetened almond milk offers zero grams of boodle, about half our daily required calcium, and batch of Vitamin E. The vitamin b2 ( or Vitamin B2 ) found in almond milk works with the carbohydrates in bananas to produce energy for our bodies, meaning this “ ice cream ” works double clock in terms of health. Though almond milk is high in fat, it ’ randomness besides high in heart-healthy monosaturated fats and can assist in weight loss. Almond milk is both satisfying and healthy, even for people with lactose intolerance ( unlike cow ’ second milk and other dairy products ).

The bananas are dessert enough to make this freeze dessert without any add boodle. A medium-sized banana contains entirely 110 calories, and a cup of almond milk entirely 30 calories, meaning you ’ ll be cutting your calorie pulmonary tuberculosis by about one-half ( compared to most ice cream ). Want to make it evening richer ? Add some darkness chocolate chips for an antioxidant rise and some added sweetness.

Almond Milk Ice Cream (makes 4–5 servings)
5 very ripe bananas
⅓ cup almond milk ( or substitute coconut milk or 2 % cow ’ s milk )
½ teaspoon almond infusion
Optional : benighted chocolate chips
Peel the banana and cut them into fourths. identify pieces in a Tupperware container or plastic bag so that they are not touching and freeze for two hours .
Remove banana from bag and space in blender. Add almond milk and chocolate chips. Blend until smooth. Serve immediately .

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