Oil Less Fryer. Healthy and Tasty!

With people growing more conscious every day about their diet there are some sort of foods and cooking methods which are being put on the spot light for being unhealthy and yet highly popular. Fast food is a capital model, and big brand such as McDonalls or Burger King have disclosed a whole batch about their recipes recently in order to try and clear their effigy and meet the food quality standards that newfangled generations are looking for .
Fried food is another big category which is being strongly questioned, as an excessive consumption of fried products is known to increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, diabetes cancer and obesity.
This switch in mentality towards a healthier diet is what has been pushing drawing card brands in kitchen gadgets to invest in research and come up with newly ways to cook our food. Because tastier food equitable international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine adequate anymore, we now besides want it to be healthier.
One of the most promising cooking gadgets that has come out in the past few years to fulfill this need is without a doubt the oil less fryer, which can deliver fried food containing up to 80% less oil than traditional deep fried food!
The invention of the anoint less fryer is footing break because it promises a healthier diet without actually having to change your diet habits. Fried food is a big function of cooking in many different places, from japanese tempura to American chicken wings, fried food is a part of many cultures and there for it was going to be incredibly unmanageable to remove from our dining tables, even when we know it was bad for our health. nowadays that might not be necessary any more since petroleum less fryers offers us the choice to keep cooking our traditional recipes with the lapp capital smack and texture but only a fraction of the ingredients that aren ’ thymine dependable four our bodies.

How is an Air Fryer healthy?

You might be asking yourself, why are air fried foods healthier than traditional deep fried food ?
well there are a set of studies that show how ingesting excessively much vegetable oils can be harmful for us, and deep fried foods are one of the independent sources of vegetable oils in our diet, which makes fried food potentially harmful for our health .
Hot atmosphere fryers, or anoint less fryers as we call them, can achieve the like fried food taste and texture with merely a divide of the oil that traditional deep fry requires, and they do this in two ways .
First the hot air moving at very high speeds will crisp the outside of your food achieving that crispiness that fried food is known for. But not only that. This same hot air will also pulls the little oil required away from the food and deposits it at the bottom of the frying pan. So not only does the food go in with a fraction of the oil you would need for deep frying but also much of that oil is removed from your food while it is cooked in the hot air fryer.
The consequence is the same preference and texture of the delectable traditionally abstruse fried food without the extra calories and fats that can be potentially harmful .

Oil less fryer beats traditional frying… in everything!

now we sure don ’ thymine want to take the manufacturer ’ south son for it. We already know they ’ ve put their market dollars to work into convincing us their newly car is the very best and can do anything we want. so let’s take a look at an independent study conducted by Shaker, M. Arafat and published by the Journal of Food and Nutrition Sciences.
The study, conducted under the strictest scientific procedures, was meant to determinate two things:

  1. Whether food cooked with an oil less fryer was healthier than food that was traditionally fried and
  2. Whether people could tell the difference between food that was cooked one way or the other.

The experiment was done with french fries and 20 test subjects. The results are simply astonishing, the petroleum less fry french fries beat traditional french fries in good health and besides in 7 out of the 8 subjective aspects they were tested for !
First the study determined that French fries made with the oil less fryer had absolved considerably less oil than the ones that had been traditionally fried. No surprise so far .

“ The salute results that the oil uptake was lower under air-frying positive that this technique can be considered as a healthy one ” – Shaker, M. Arafat

Next the study asked 20 volunteers to evaluate the two types of French fries based on 8 different criteria : taste, Appearance, Color, Smell, Crispiness, Hardness, Oiliness and Overall adoption .
The results which are represented in the table below speak for themselves. Oil less fired French fries beat traditional French fries in taste, color, smell, crispiness, hardness, oiliness and overall acceptance, and were only surpassed by a very tight margin in appearance .

After looking at the results from this discipline it ’ south clear that oil barren fry it ’ s not only healthier than traditional bass frying, but it will besides make for some delectable food which will look, spirit, feel and smack precisely arsenic good as the fried food you ’ ve been having sol far, if not better !

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