This Is What Happens When You Eat Breakfast Cereal — Eat This Not That

Breakfast has a reputation for being labeled “ the most important meal of the day, ” and if there ‘s one meal that is a morning staple, it ‘s breakfast cereal. A stadium of cold grain is flying and easy to make, as it fair needs two ingredients, and it does have a sort of nostalgic charm to it. But what precisely is happening to your body as you eat that bowl of breakfast cereal ? Well, it ‘s not angstrom innocent as you may think. Before you decide to turn on some Saturday dawn cartoons and down a huge bowl of breakfast cereal for honest-to-god time ‘s sake, we decided to do the research and uncovered what eating breakfast cereal can do to your overall health. And if you ‘re actually looking to make the best meal choices, here are The 7 Healthiest Foods to Eat correct now.


You could be raising your blood pressure.

eating cereal It ‘s no secret that tons of cereals are actually sugar bombs, as they ‘re loaded up with that annoying added sugar. If you happen to eat this type of breakfast cereal, your rake boodle levels will rise, just to then cursorily crash not besides retentive after. And this bad newsworthiness for your heart, as a study published in the journal Open Heart found that sugar consumption may just be worse for your watch than salt ! See, excessively a lot sugar besides leads to higher insulin levels, which can cause increase blood pressure .


You could end up eating more.

Man eating cereal Most common breakfast cereals are examples of processed foods, and processed foods tend to have a higher glycemic index. These types of foods have been linked to increased hunger and gluttony. And that ‘s not all. Breakfast cereals ( the faulty types, at least ! ) are frequently barren of fiber, and this critical alimentary is significant, as it keeps you full and satisfied. not long after you have this meal, you ‘ll be in the kitchen again. This leads us to…


You could gain weight.

six bowls of different kids' cereals with spoons and glass of milk Granted, you ‘re not going to instantly see five pounds added on to your body after one bowl of breakfast grain. But if this is what you ‘re eating every day, then you could start to pack on the pounds or conflict to lose weight unit if that ‘s your finish. not only will you eat more as you ‘re restless, but you ‘ll likely end up craving more of the stuff ( thanks to all that carbohydrate ), and the cycle of eating “ junk ” foods continues.

And good then you know, here are the science-backed way to curb your sweetness tooth in 14 days .


You could experience brain fog.

brain fog If your breakfast grain of option is a sugary option, then you ‘re loading up on the dessert gorge and missing out on nutrients. This can be rough on your brain. Yes, you read that correct ! Sugar very has a lot of downsides, and that includes impacting your memory skills. Your sugar and insulin levels are rising and crash, which one discipline found can lead to a abridge memory. not the best way to kickstart your sidereal day, after all .


You could be impacting your life span.

porridge It ‘s not all sentence and gloom, though. There is besides hot breakfast cereal to consider, such as porridge. Porridge is a whole grain and one sketch found that a diet full-bodied in hale grains is associated with a lower risk of developing cardiovascular disease, character 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and overall, you could live longer.

so a hanker as you ‘re choosing to eat a breakfast grain that is detached of add carbohydrate and so far filled with fiber and hale grains, then you ‘re on the right track !

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